Title: Slips, Trips, And Falls
Author: smithar
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Bones
Pairing: Brennan/Booth, Booth/Camille
Summary: He doesn't mean for his words to come out like that, but they do, and then he's thinking things that he wishes he wouldn't.
Notes: Takes place right at the end of the S2 episode Truth In The Lye, so spoilers for that. Short and sweet :) This time my stuff has been betaed ZOMG!


He didn't mean for the words to come out like that. He was trying to explain how things were with Rebecca, honestly. But then the words had taken a life of their own, a secret meaning that he hoped she wouldn't understand through the haze of relentless logic and practicality that surrounded her. Some people you just weren't meant to sleep with and he could deal with that. He could deal with how that fact stood between them and what could possibly be.

But then she had to go be all understanding and supportive, saying she'd help him out every time he thought he would slip. And there was something in the way she said it, the look in her eyes and the slight smile on her lips, something that made him wonder if she had figured out the secret meaning to his words. How had they ended up standing so close to each other, smiling and feeling the tension wrap around them? Another one of those moments where time seemed to expand and surround them in a bubble; Booth looked at his partner with a strange twist in his stomach and thought about how Bones wanted to help him when he slipped. But he was already slipping and falling and looking at her with a different perspective-

Squints, he decided, had horrific timing.

He backed away from his partner ever so slightly, half-listening to Angela and Jack arguing. He was valiantly struggling to erase the image of Brennan in bed with him, tangled in his sheets as he pulled her close and kissed her, hand travelling down the soft curves of her body, hearing her moan-

"By the way, Booth, Cam told me you were back with your ex!" Angela grinned beautifically.

"Cam, huh?" Booth glanced sidelong at Brennan, who looked rather vindicated. Yeah, concentrate on her looking vindicated, as opposed to what you were just thinking of, Seeley. I don't need this. I can't deal with this. Some people you really shouldn't sleep with... Then an idea came to him. "Is she in her office?"

The affirmative given, he marched out of Brennan's office to find Camille. He was slipping, alright. Too bad it would be the wrong arms he was slipping into tonight.