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Title: Every Word

"We meant every word" – a quote from J'onn J'onzz during the episode, "Secret Society"

A small summary: This story is set during the episode "Secret Society" where the Justice League faces serious internal friction, constantly fighting and bickering amongst one another and Gorilla Grodd sets up a team of villains to exploit the League's falling out.

Again, the perspective changes with –VvV-

Chapter 1, Everything's Changed, by Lonestar

"Everything's changed, except for the way I feel about you…"

Diana's perspective…

The past few weeks had been some of the most unusual since I had joined the Justice League – helping to battle a supernatural menace, being taken over by an evil snake spirit encapsulated in a gemstone known as the Black Heart, and continuing my secret relationship with Bruce Wayne, otherwise known as the Batman to our fellow Justice Leaguers. Somehow, the last possessed the greatest ability to disconcert me, to truly change my view of the world each moment that we managed to spend together.

Not, of course, that we had thus far managed to find an amazing amount of time to spend together. Our last two missions, Batman had chosen not to get involved, being too preoccupied with other matters in Gotham City and none of us could fault him for that. At least, not really. I understood that Gotham came first in priorities, over the League, but I also saw Batman as a fundamental part of the group, the unofficial leader in many capacities. How could he turn his back on us when we so desperately needed him?

Nevertheless, we had persevered, saving the world is whatever manner we could, with or without Batman, although I had sorely missed his presence. Since the night that we had first said that we loved one another, I had seen him all of twice, not including our weekly Justice League meetings.

That night, he had walked me to his bedroom, and being the perfect gentleman, he had let me wear a pair of his pajamas, silk of course, in a shade of midnight blue. I had made my way to the bathroom in order to change and emerged, with only silk guarding my skin from his eyes. Although, I have to admit, it was certainly more than I normally wore around him; my uniform wasn't for the apprehensive or insecure. The pajamas had been only slightly long – Bruce and I were rather close in height – and the slide of the silk had made me feel luscious, extremely feminine and ready to conquer the world. Or in this case, ready to make sure that my playboy was willing to spend the night at home.

With one look at me, he had dragged me into his arms, pummeling my lips with a merciless kiss, sweeping his hands up and down the sides of my body in taught strokes before finally releasing me. Both of us gasping for breath, he leaned down, resting his forehead along mine for long moments before giving me a sweet, soft kiss and leading me to his bed. That night, he had wrapped his arms around me and held me close throughout the few hours that we managed to steal together, wrapped in each other even in the confines of sleep and a king size bed. I had never felt more loved and appreciated.

Looking back on that night and the two that we had somehow pulled off since, I felt that things in the romantic sphere of my world were on target – going smoothly and I was pleased that thus far, our relationship had managed to survive going slowly, learning about one another and slowly adapting ourselves to this relationship and one another. The sensual and sexual tension that snared us every time that we were alone in each other's presence was steadily mounting, drawing to unparalleled proportions, the like of which I had never experienced and couldn't have imagined.

Thus far, the greatest difficultly we had encountered in our relationship was finding the time to actually have a relationship, especially without the other members of the team knowing about us. Although one of the members had found out fairly quickly, but his telepathic abilities had given him somewhat of a leg up on the other members of the League, at least in this sphere. Therefore, when I had seen J'onn during one of our weekly meetings looking askance at Bruce and me, orange eyes glowing, I had quickly determined that the Martian had figured out that something new, something different lay between us, and I had taken him aside after the meeting.

I had, of course, tried to get Bruce's attention during the meeting, to tell him that perhaps we both needed to stay and talk to J'onn, but, being Bruce, he had stalked out of the meeting as soon as it was deemed over, making his way quickly to the teleporter and avoiding the conversation entirely. A feat that I was less than surprised that he had managed to accomplish. Sometimes, it was impossible to take the Bat out of the man and when it came to his emotions, Bruce was not exactly the most open and talkative of individuals – more like a clam, and again, his escape artist mastery had served him well.

After the meeting had drawn to a close, I waited a few minutes in the conference room, trying to decide the best way to handle the conversation I had to have with J'onn. Upfront and forthright was the best way to handle it – I was more comfortable with the truth anyway and I would simply explain the circumstances that had led to our relationship and why that same relationship was still being kept under wraps.

Taking a deep breath, I had marched into the Monitor Womb of the Watchtower, intent on illuminating my still new relationship to the Martian Manhunter. Instead, I had taken one step into the room, red boots clicking on the floor, when he had turned and said to me –

"I understand, Diana."

I halted dead in my tracks and simply stared at him with a dumbfounded expression smeared across my face. How could he possibly understand?

"I understand what it is like to be in love and to not be ready to share that love with the world. You have excellent reasons for keeping this relationship to yourself, private from the media, the world, and even the team. I respect your wishes in this matter."

I couldn't even speak, I was so flabbergasted. I should have realized that J'onn would be more than understanding about the entire situation, just as the first to know about it, Alfred, had been entirely supportive, even encouraging. And I was overwhelmed by the sensations I could feel emanating from my teammate. I had been so sure that no one would empathize, that no one would defend Bruce's and my relationship, and I couldn't even begin to fathom, to put words to how grateful I was for J'onn to tell me that he understood.

A huge smile lit my face – it felt so good for someone to know, for one of the teammates to recognize the relationship budding between Bruce and me. I still felt that we had made the right decision in not telling the team at the inception, but somehow, a weight had fallen off of my chest, my shoulders were no longer so tired due to the knowledge that I had been forced to carry more or less alone. Bruce had never been one for telling anyone anything anyway, and even with Alfred, I assumed that Bruce had not had to say a word – that Alfred had simply recognized the situation for what it was and acted accordingly.

But now, everything had changed and I couldn't help but feel a little lighter at the thought. I pulled the slightly stunned Martian into a firm hug and after a moment, drew back, beaming from ear to ear with excitement, with knowing that I could finally talk to someone about the massive overhaul to what had been my overall dull, occasionally exciting life.

Letting him fall back into his seat, I sat in the chair next to him and began talking, opening up about everything that had happened to me in the last few weeks. I, of course, left out the part about figuring out Bruce's identity, although I had an idea that J'onn would have been one of the first to pick up on that secret. Still, I was taking no chances with the secret identity of the Batman, the Dark Knight and the vengeance behind Gotham.

For the next hour, while J'onn kept a sideways glance on potential and developing situations, I expounded on my relationship – on how Bruce and I had gone on the mission in Kasnia and how that had led to our recent declarations of love. I could hear the warmth and the affection creeping into my voice, but I simply couldn't prevent them – it was all part of the way that I felt about Bruce and I wasn't ashamed to let others know about it. I just wanted to solidify our relationship a little further before we somehow found the words to tell the others what lay between us.

J'onn, in between my explanations, somehow managed to fill the spaces, telling me that he understand the predicament that Batman and I were in, being part of a team and falling in love, not wanting others to worry about us in battle or think that we would only save or work with each other. In fact, he told me it was lovely that two members of his new family had made this type of connection, that we had acknowledged our feelings and were working to deepen them. I had the opinion that he was still a little surprised that Batman had managed to open up, that he had revealed his emotions and love for me. Truthfully, I was still a little surprised myself – the man was an enigma and a mystery and it was almost impossible to try to guess his reactions to anything, much less to a declaration of love.

At the end of our conversation, he had looked at me, serious as always, and had told me, "I wish the two of you every happiness, Diana. Please convey that to Batman as well." And then, with a small smile and what I thought might be a twinkle in his eye, he had returned my earlier hug with one of his own, a display of affection and of acceptance. And I took a moment to revel in it before giving him a small smile and returning to my room on the Watchtower, simply taking the time to bask in the glow of contentment before yet another mission called me away and back into danger.

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