Fox Among the Leaves.

Warning this story will contain harsh language, dark imagery, child abuse, (eventually) descriptive sexual acts, and sufficient violence/gore to keep up with EVA's uncensored fightseens… If you are under the age of 18 I suggest you do not read (like I can stop you… go ahead kiddies scar yourself all the cool kids are doing it!)

Welcome to my new fic of happiness and mindless slaughter. Just so you know this fic will be a tad… violent… ok extremely violent. Though it will have a rather intricate plot and several subplots, the right seens will be aggressive and gory in the extreme… As In I will commonly describe how our hero will be ripping his opponent's ribcage open before showing his claws through the still beating heart within. Relishing in the bath of their blood and their looks of utter terror as he massacres his enemies as if they were sheep being slaughtered. Or how he will grab hold of there heads watching with sadistic glee, as there eyes dart around in panic and recondition right before applying pressure and crushing there skulls like an over ripe melon… that sort of deal. (Shrugs) this story is mostly going to be around me venting all that lovely rage I have stored deep within the black pit that is my soul so keep the flames coming! (Snickers evilly) Anyway, this is a basic AU that starts up at around the same time the series dose though the point of divergence is much earlier. If you still wish to continue then enjoy. This is the prologue, I will be posting chap one soon enough… he he he…

As a side note I will be using English translations for techniques simply because of the shit load of original ones I will be using

Disclaimer: I own little… but if given the Naruto verse I promise to make manga versions of all my stories and higher a professional editor.

Of Demons and Death Gods.

The former third fire shadow of the leaves watched as a being of titanic proportions approached. Even now, with it barely in view he could feel it's killer intent… the Genin had all being evacuated, and at least three of the Chuunin guards in the area had already broken down from the intense murderous aura. The bulk of the forces still there would have to be evacuated soon as well; it was just too strong! Even those few of their shinobi that could weather the raw hate and rage of the beast could do nothing. Their jutsu barely harmed it at all, and any damage sustained was swiftly healed as if never marked… It was unstoppable.

A presence appeared behind him. He looked over into the blue eyes of his successor "There you are. Any luck at the front lines?" he already knew the answer, but the question had to be asked. The fourth Hokage had lead the majority of the attacks on there enemy, drawing back only when he was the last man standing or completely out of chakra, something that happened far to often for a shinobi of his caliber aganced such a foe.

"Perhaps…" he was weary, and the bags under his eyes suggested he had stayed up for several nights. "I think I have a way… But it will not be conventional in any sense of the word."

The former Hokage's eyes widened "An idea to beat such a beast? How is that possible? Even if we managed to strike a mortal blow it would simply reincarnate in a few days at most."

"A seal." Answered the fourth "I've always being good with them and I think I know just the one… a four part eight trigrams seal should hold it… for a time at least."

The third considered it before shaking his head "It would no work. Even with a living vessel it would only hold for as long as the host would live. An inanimate object would be shattered in moments… and this is assuming you can form such a seal. No mortal could make one; we lack the proper control. Only another demon could make such a thing."

The Yondiame smirked "I know. I'm not going to seal it away at all. I'm just going to seal parts of it away."

The elder man thought that one over, he didn't see were he was going with this… if it was only a partial seal then the demon would snap it himself shortly after it's placement, or if the demon died, then it would simply reincarnate once more unbound. "Explain."

The smirk held true "It's knowledge… the bulk of it's power, and a few of it's abilities, most importantly the ability to assume it's true form. If I can pull this off it will be stuck in it's human like one, appearing no older then a babe… he would be different, but he could grow among us, learn to understand us. The Kyuubi can not be slain, it's as eternal as the world itself, and we know that. But perhaps we can still defeat it. It's like you said to me long ago, the best way to beat an enemy is to make him your ally."

The 'Professor' raised both eyebrows in surprise "You propose that we attempt to trick the demon into becoming our protector? Into deceiving it into thinking he's human?"

"At first…" he sighed "The seal will fail with time. The only way it would contain him at all would to let it decay slowly over time. His power, his abilities, his memories would leak into him through time. I even designed a few safety measures to insure he's not killed in this state that would have the unfortunately side effect of weakening it further… but it's better then a full breach." He looked the old man dead in the eye "He would be raised as if he was one of our own. I am not foolish enough to believe that simply tricking it would do anything more then anger it, but perhaps if it can be made to understand us. To see the world as we do, though our eyes… it might grow sympathetic." He shrugged "It's a long shot, but it could work, There have being tales of Youkai siding with humans, or adopting them into there own families... It's even believed that the very bloodlines so many of our clans wield are generated from those barring traces of demonic blood is it not?" he looked out at the approaching beast "Worsed things worsed it buys us time."

"It could work…" the white haired man considered it. It was true that the rare demon or half demon would learn to live among humans. They tended to be the rare ones of there kind, and even then they tended to be somewhat recluse… but it did happen. Less then a century ago they had a snake demon within there midst, if not for the prejudice and fear he would have being the second Hokage, as it was he still had descendents there after he had married one of the members of the prestigious Hyuuga clan… "But how do you intend to seal it away in the first place?"

"I won't… But I will call on someone who can." the Yellow Flash of Kohona said grimily.

"What?" the old man didn't like the sound of this.

He sighed "No human could make such a seal fast enough to hold the Kyuubi. Only a demon can. We do have one jutsu that calls on a demon, or rather a god."

The senior shinobi looked at him "You no the price of using that contract." There was a nod "Theirs no way I can convince you of another way is there?" another nod

"I'm sorry old man. Looks like I'm cutting your retirement short… Look after him old man. He will be a demon yes, but an innocent. We will only get one chance at this." He grinned "So we better make this count."

Sighing the Sandiame sighed, as the man before him disappeared in his trademark flash of yellow. He turned his gaze to the approaching demon. The wind stopped, then shifted as a second flare of killing intent burst into existence, this less aggressive but more… eerie. A scream. An ear shattering, inhuman, scream. The demon was crying out in agony as the now visible figure of the towering death god lashed it's hand through the fourth binding it. There was a flare of yoki aganced Yoki as the two demons fought a battle of wills. But it was already too late. The fourths sacrifice had heightened Shinigami's power, and the demon was giving way. There was a flash of light and the form of the attacking demon started giving way, fading into energy. The power shrunk into a small orb that slowly fell to the earth.

They arrived moments after the orb landed, watching the crimson power pull away from a now human form. Red silted eyes looked up at them, before rounding and changing blue, as the last parts of the seal took hold.

An infants cries, the sound of Uzumaki Naruto's creation. The sound of the Kyuubi's Rebirth.

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