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Chapter 5: Mission

The mission was a simple one, one of the several trade routes between Kohona and it's surrounding farming community's had come under harassment of a roving band of highwaymen. Do to the long standing arrangement between the ninja village and the rural farmers, Kohona was obligated to take care of it probono. This resulted in a C class mission with only the minimum pay. A job normally taken by a chunin with a group of more 'experienced' genin for a little extra cash and practice.

Team seven was at the moment shadowing, a caravan of traders to accomplish there primary objective. Not the protection of the traders (though this was secondary goal) but the complete and utter annihilation of this band of thieves.

"Dobe reporting in, I don't see anything... I am kicking your ass for this Sasuke." spoke the only bond into his radio set.

"Fangirl reporting. No sign of enemy contact." the pinket chimed with some annoyance.

"Avenger checking in. Somethings a little off up ahead. Requesting permission to move in." stated the younger brunet of the teem with absolute smugness.

"That's a no go Avenger. Link up with Dobe and Fangirl before entering possible hostile zone." stated a relaxed voice from one of the two members actually traveling With the caravan itself. Suitably disguised of course.

The final less conventional member of Team seven finally added his share. "Lazy is right. I'll brake off and join you. Until then hold position."

A bit gruffed, the younger sharingan user never the less gave in. He had being well conditioned at this point to listen to his superior's orders. "Understood Creepy. Location is grid 24 by 32 elevation 16 by marker A." he stated.

"Roger." came the near unanimous reply as 'Creepy' broke off from the Caravan under the guise of entering one of the carts, and 'Dobe' and 'Fangirl' simply tree hopped to there teammates location while the young 'Avenger' waited.

He did not have to wait for long.

"Right Bastard, what do you have for us?" Grumbled Naruto. He hated it when Sasuke got one up on him, the Uchiha never hesitated to rub his face into it.

"Genjutsu." came the reply. His eyes flashing crimson in silent explanation.

Sakura was very quite in her response "Your sure?"

even as the Uchiha nodded Yamato narrowed his eyes "He's right. There are chakra signatures well above that of a bandit's out there. This mission just jumped to B rank." he stated. He considered something for a moment, then exhaled. "Unfortunately, were too deep to pull out. Any major chakra spike and we might be spotted. Everyone go to radio silence. We will have to catch them by surprise."

A shiver of excitement ran through the blond. A real battle. This was the type of thing he had trained so long and hard for. He managed to restrain himself however. Yes, keep a hold of those instincts, must be a good boy, yes...

(In hidden rain)

A man in black with a orange spiraling mask suddenly sneezed violently right while he was playing with his pots and pan's. The short moment he lost total control of his body he slipped and bashed his head on the table. A loud ringing echoing out from the pot on his head.

"Madara-sama!" exclaimed a Pein in shock and fear as 'eccentric' leader fell to the ground in a heap.

The masked man rubbed his head "Oweee.... Tobi has a headache..."

Pein blinked, "Madara-sama?" he knew that the ancient Uchiha had a few issues, it was to be expected with immortality. But wasn't he carrying this cover identity a little far?

"Madara-sama? Who is that Leader-sempai?" blinked the masked man. He looked around. "I can't see anyone. Oh Oh! Is he invisible sempai!? Tobi wishes he could become invisible."

Rippling eyes blinked again in confusion, before a sudden, horrifying, realization occurred. "Oh this isn't good."

Tobi tilted his head "What's wrong? Did Tobi do something wrong?"

(Back with Team Seven)

Naruto grinned. The plan was simple, brutal, and just plain effective.

It was in essence, the old plan. Only now with the inclusion of him at center point!

Right well... rather he was going to be playing tank/psychological artillery again, but hey if you did something well right?

Roshi frowned slightly from his spot in the trees. He and his fellow 'missing' cloud-nin had being harassing Kohona supply lines for the last two months, looking to both weaken there chief rival's economics and to hopefully draw out some under prepared genin teems for the slaughter.

Despite the seeming logistics, the later was actually what warranted the risk of he and his chunin squad more then the former. The Chunin exams were rolling around, and every team of the low ranked nin they could cripple or else wise neutralize was one less that could participate. Considering the slight danger involved, and the multiple objectives, only a senior Genin team would be sent. It was to much a hassle for the rating to send anything more, and to much danger for a rookie teem to go.

Normally taking out such a group of Genin would not be worth the risk. But it was Kohona's rotation for the exam. And if they could box the host village down to a handful of contestants, then they could deal massive damage to there future sales.

There was reason to the fact that military commanders studied logistics just as hardly as they did tactics.

But something was wrong.

The convoy had reached the ambush point. In fact it has outright stopped dead. Wait, no that wasn't entirely true. One figure had broken off from it and was walking up the path. The figure in question was shortish, a blond, and currently wearing a bright orange kimono like some lord. The sheathed short sword added to this effect. He was walking right up to the ambush point eyes closed in a smile.

This was needless to say drawing considerable attention from the others. Those among them with a talent for it signaled a lack of any significant chakra prescience, but something about the kid was giving them the creeping horrors.

It was when he reached there that the source of those feelings, as bright blue eyes opened "Hi there!"

Immediately two of his men went were spilled onto the roar one the victim to a very intense fire jutsu, while the other had received the basic kunai to the spine. The first man was still screaming, rolling on the ground as his flesh and fat lit up like a candle, but the fire would not go out. The rest started to move when it suddenly hit them.


Wallow in dispare...

Maki, his partner of two years. A man who had fought everything from bandits to Nin... was the first to be introduced to the Kohona No Akuma. His screaming was Halted the moment he was impaled to a tree though a branch. Thrown from his split entrails like some perverse bolo. The Orange clad... THING... had appeared in front of him and ripped open his side like it was paper, grabbing a handful of intestines and swinging him around before the stretchable organs couldn't take the stress and snapped.

Now he was pinned to an oak, bleeding out gurgling on his own blood, impaled though the lung, eyes wide in shock and denial.

Suki got a much kinder fate. His former lover, simply took a claw to the face, the fierce backhand ripping off flesh, smashing through bone, and sending her half decapitated crops flying to the ground. He couldn't tell if it was a mercy that he didn't have to view the life drain from her eyes. This was hampered by the fact that she no longer HAD them.

The nausea was overtaking him. They had no chance. They were just going to be butchered! The lucky would be fast, the not so lucky...

Maki gave one final hacking cough of blood before stilling. He reached for his pouch, pulling a Kunai. Die fighting! Yes, he had to avenge his friends! If only he could just MOVE!


"And what were you going to do with that?"

Shaking, half frozen with fear he looked over into red slitted eyes. Out of the corner of his eyes realizing the flesh was cooking from his arm. The kunai half melted into his hand. He opened his mouth to scream.

Sakura shuttered as a whale of absolute terror/madness echoed over the engagement zone. She had fought against/with Naruto enough by now to be able to shrug off his aura of death, but it was worming it's way against her. This combined with the nervousness of her part of this act was sending shivers though her form.

She had the man tapped in the Genjutsu. She could feel the anchors holding root in his chakra system. It was... almost addictive what she could do now. She was directing his every movement. Not directly of course, but she was the one who dictated what he saw and heard. The reactions were easy to predict, from that point. So he danced a little dance for her, falling ever deeper into her trap. The agitation of his mind and chakra was only making it easer to dig deeper roots into them. She added another layer, smell, as she noted the smell of burnt human, blood, and death starting to creep up.

The man was now looking around wildly, terrified. Say what you would about Naruto's speed and strength, it was his aura that was the most deadly in her eyes. The ability to simply look at people and... brake them... for lack of a better term. It was something that terrified her... and something she secretly envied. Dropping down she approached the now standing man silently. And drew forth three kunai. She couldn't risk getting close. Not with how he was thrashing. And one hit would dispel the illusion.

Gulping down the growing bile, she lifted her hand, and threw with all her force.

The man jerked, staggering a step as reality half phased back into site around him.

Half because he couldn't see out of his left eye.

Drawing more projectiles she sent another set into the man's malled form. He was in shock. Weather from surprise or the chunk of steel half way shoved into his skull she wasn't sure. But he wouldn't go down! These were lethal blows! For a moment she flashed back to a time Naruto had accidentally impaled himself on a earth technique, and simply healed from it, she felt a flash of fear.

The man let out a whimpering yelp before he fell to the ground. His body twitching as it fought to survive it's fatal injury's, and failed.

It was only moments before he stilled entirely.

Sakura couldn't help it. She fell to her hands and knees and wretched.

The crimson wheels of the sharingan span as Sasuke ducked a thrown kunai. The woman in front of him was in a panic. No surprise, the dobe had that effect on people. He idly wondered how resistant Itachi would be to the Foxboy's effect's before flashing through jutsu. Golden white flames shot forth in a stream moment's later. The woman evaded, but in her panic did not cover herself fast enough. A kunai sunk into her skull and she fell like a puppet with it's stings cut.

Seemingly for no reason the Uchiha dodged to the side, flashing another jutsu set before unleashing a blindingly fast lighting bolt into the 'hidden' genjutsu user in a tree fifteen feet away.

It was his fifth kill of the day. Again he mused at how many of these pathetic nin were. Yamato had said there were ten. Sakura was sent to dispose of the group's spotter, while Yamato acted as general over site and back up if needed. Specifically for the Dobe.

Speaking of the Kitsune he looked over and spotted a site that would send many to the nearest toilet.

Naruto was crouched over Nin number ten, who was pinned to a three by his left claw, while his right simply scratched at his form. The strokes themselves were barely brushes, but the destructive yoki enveloping them was removing a layer of flesh with each swipe. His intestines were already split to the ground, sticky half decayed blood sprayed all over his lower half. The Youkai had a look of feral interest on his face. Like that of a cat looking down at a mouse.

"Yo Dobe snap out of it!" he yelled over as he glanced over at his finished kills. Forming a hand seal, a set of clones walked over for confirmation. Always a good idea as you never knew when a person was faking or had some sort of death man switch. Both looked up and shook there heads, dispelling into dirt.

Naruto looked up at the Uchiha, and blinked once or twice, human intelligence slowly seeping to the surface as his features regressed. He looked down at the body before him in shock, seemingly just realizing what had happened before backing away from it. "Sorry... thanks Sasuke, I kind lost it back there."

The prodigy 'humphed' at that. "Of course you did Dobe. And don't brake code. There might be one alive somewhere."

Naruto tilted his head "I don't think so. At the least I can't smell them."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow "You could smell someone over all this?" he waved a hand.

The blond grinned "Yep! It's easy! Sa-I mean Fangirl and Creepy are already headed here." He pointed out to the west. Sure enough moments later there forms were seen tree hoping over.

Sasuke again sneered slightly in annoyance. "Seems you have some use after all Dobe."

a growl was the response "Shut up Teme! I can kick your ass any day of the week!"

The Uchiha smirked "Yah, but at least I can control myself when I'm in a fight. Your nothing but an over grown mut."

The growl deepened.

"Not helping your case Dobe." he added as his teammate and 'tactical adviser' dropped down between them.

Sakura was looking shaken, something that again snapped Naruto out of it, though he sent a nonverbal 'this isn't over' to his rival before trying to comfort her. It helped that all the blood and gore was burnt away from him.

She still flinched however.

Kakashi looked up from his lounging spot. "Mah... I take it things went well then?" he asked. Looking up from his book.

Yamato dropped a pile of slashed forehead protectors. "Ether Cloud's become much more lax with there hunter nin or there up to there old tricks again." Yamato stated.

"Hum, the Hokage will want to look at that." he stated before giggling. "The team hold up?"

Yamato sighed as he sat down "Partly. Naruto's still an issue, but he's getting better. He can at least now snap out of it with a familiar voice. Sakura had it a bit rough with her first kill, and Sasuke... I'm actually mostly worried about him. He fought with great skill and ease. Half of those things are his. But at the same time, he was far to comfortable taking a life for a newbie."

Kakashi frowned behind his mask. "That could be a problem. Alright, when we get back I'll let the psyc boys take a look at him. He's a bit overdo anyway." he looked back down into his book turning the page. "Anything else?"

"Yah, we did our jobs to well. Anything below B rank is a waste. Even if there rookies. They cut though a oversized chunin squad like wheat at a harvest. It was actually frightening." he stated giving the impression of relaxation as he sat back to join his fellow Jonin.

Kakashi smirked "So we did good eh? Hokage will like that at least."

Yamato shook his head "I'm not sure about that. He asked us to make a team of skilled heavy combat experts."

Kakashi rose an eyebrow "And isn't that what we made?"

Yamato paused as he pulled out a flask "Perhaps."

The Lazy Jonin refocused once more on his favorite reading his favorite book "And what else could they be?"

"Killers." he stated. Sipping from the sweet water inside.

Kakashi shrugged "Well. Well all become them eventually."

The only response was a silent nod.

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