Title: One Good Question
Author: smitha
Pairing(s): none
Rating: G
Author's Note: Completely unedited fic, laden with incoherence and whatnot.
Spoilers: 2x09 - What Kate Did
Summary: Locke's inner dialogue on what he thinks of this newest members of the castaway tribe.

Locke wonders if he should, in fact, be threatened by Eko's presence. It's a good question, and Locke told Charlie as much when he asked, guitar hanging from his back. In actuality, Eko intrigued Locke greatly. Most of the other people on the island were open books; Locke could read their personalities simply by watching them walk across the beach or converse with their fellow castaways. But there was a curious divide between who Eko truly was and the person he presented to the world. It was only proper that Locke would respect this distance that Eko maintained, taking care not to figure the man out all at once but instead put him together, piece by piece, conversation by conversation. Every interaction between them was unpredictable and infused with a strange competitive camaraderie.

Locke fitted the newly complete orientation reel into the projector and knew that Eko was watching him. An odd thought passed through Locke's mind, that Eko had great potential as his new companion, someone to assist in his endeavours to unravel the mysteries of the Island, just as Boone had been. It would take some work on his part, Locke was sure, because Eko was a strong-willed man and nothing like Boone. Locke wondered if he was willing to sacrifice another companion to the Island.

Flipping the projector switch on, Locke gave a tight smile to Eko and sat down on the couch. It would be best if he concentrated on figuring out what the Island was all about before chosing his next partner.

Or maybe the Island would chose for him.