Chapter One: Intro: Harry's Discovery

Harry Potter rolled over restlessly in his bed for the millionth time that night. –Fine.-He mumbled. –I give up-

He sat up and swung out of bed. He padded across the room to the door and opened it slowly, sticking his head out into the hallway. He heaved a sigh of relief as his Uncle Vernon's snores erupted from the closed door down the hall. Dudley was off as some summer camp for overweight children and Aunt Petunia was staying at a hotel about five minutes away from the camp "just in case my Duddikins needs something". Harry mentally shook his head. At this rate, Dudley was going to be obese for the rest of his life.

He crept quietly out of his bedroom, shutting the door with a soft click behind him. He walked downstairs, wincing as the third step from the top creaked loudly. He froze for a second, but then relaxed as Uncle Vernon's snore continued to rumble through the house. When he got to the bottom of the stairs he tip toed to the back door and went out into the night air and onto the gigantic porch his uncle has built that summer.

Tonight was Harry's 16th birthday. At exactly 12:00am he would turn 16. He could still hear Hermione on the train home squealing excitedly in his ear while Ron was in the hall "talking" to Ginny about her "over-active" boy life (she had only had two boyfriends, Dean and Harry for one week but then they decided they were better off just as friends).


-Harry! Your birthday is this summer, isn't it Harry? You know what happens on a witch or wizards 16th birthday don't you?- Here Harry gave Hermione a look that said "Why the bloody hell would I know that?" and she rolled her eyes and continued – I read in Hogwarts, A History that witch or warlock becomes and mage on their sixteenth birthday, and they receive their inheritance, if they have one. Your inheritance is usually a power surge, and sometimes you come into veela, elemental, elf, vampire, or faery powers. It happens because people who have magical creatures in their family have an extra gene in their body when they're born which is activated on their 16th birthday.

End Flashback

So now here he was, too excited to sleep, even though he was exhausted from all the garden work he had done today, on Uncle Vernon's orders. Not that he minded doing garden work. Over the summer he had come to enjoy being outside. Not to mention it got him out of the house with his uncle. It was just that it was really tiring work.

He glanced at his glowing wristwatch impatiently. It said 11:54pm. He sighed and leaned against the porch railing. He didn't know why he was excited anyways. According to Sirius, his mom and dad hadn't had any special powers, they had just been exceptionally powerful people. But Hermione had said powers often skipped generations.

He looked at his watch again and it was 11:58pm. Two more minutes and he could go to bed. He yawned and took in a deep breath of the cool night air. He tilted his head back and let the breeze wash over his face and run through his hair. He loved the nighttime, when the stars came out and the air felt clean and crisp.

His watch beeped, telling him it was finally midnight. He waited for something to happen, but he felt the same as he always did, besides the fast that he was so tired. Oh well. He hadn't really been expecting anything anyway. He could at least check tomorrow morning to see what color his magic was. He was too tired right now. At sixteen, witches and wizards got their color of magic, which indicated how powerful they were. Black was the lowest, indicating either a very low level of magic, or a very high level of Dark magic. Red was the lowest on the color scale, and violet was the highest. White mages were very rare because they were all the colors combined. The most powerful mages ever written in history were almost unheard of. As far as Harry knew, if a person had, for example, blue magic, then they also had all the colors below it, like red, orange, yellow, green and blue itself, which would all show up when they used magic. To say someone had "blue" magic would be to say that his or her highest level was blue. But these mages, called Flame mages, had only one solid color, or if they were really powerful they had two solid colors swirled together. There were only five of these mages in history, and it was rumored that Dumbledore was the sixth two-color mage, also called Wildfire mages, after the first ever mage with two-color magic. The other four were the Four Founders of Hogwarts.

Harry yawned again. All of this remembering was making him even more tired. He might as well just go to bed. He went inside, making sure to make as little noise as possible.

As soon as he got upstairs he got into bed, and was about to take off his glasses when he realized his vision was blurry. He took his glasses off and it was clear again. He put them on once again, and it was still blurry. He started to take them off again when suddenly his sight went back to normal again. He took his glasses off for the second time and stared at them with a puzzled expression. –That was weird.-He thought.-I must be really tired or something.

And so, thinking he had imagined it, he put his glasses on the nightstand next to his bed and lay down. He was asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow.

What Harry didn't know, though, was that had anybody been out on the street looking at number 4 Privet Drive, they would have seen one window with a faint green glow coming from behind the curtain. But since nobody was out on the street, nobody saw it, and Harry slept on peacefully through the night.

When Harry woke up the next morning it was 11:00am, later than he usually slept, but then that was to be expected since he had been so tired the night before. He felt something on his forehead that said Uncle Vernon had gone for "walk" which really meant that he had gone to visit Dudley, and also explained why he hadn't come in to wake Harry like he usually did at 7am.

He sat up and automatically reached for his glasses. Just as he was putting them on, he realized that he could already see clearly. He slowly set his glasses down and got up to look in the mirror.