Chapter 19: Stuck with the Books

A History of the Fae Clans and the Blood-Gifts – by Aidan Crystal Light.

Immortal Humans: A New Race walks the Underground – Author Unknown.

Basic Laws of Magic: a young Immortal Human's Guide to Magic – by Aurinae Crystal Light.

Sarah perused the titles of the three books resting on the table near her chair. The golden lettering embossed on the front of the tooled leather covers shone under the glistering rays emitted by the crystalline Key. The books written by Fae and Immortal human members of the Crystal Light Clan would provide her with answers to some of her questions; but not all.

The young Immortal realized she would have to rely on the support of Aidan, Cassandra and Danan. Lady Auriga would assist when the demands on her time were not so great. For now, she had been left to her own devices. Sarah preferred it this way, her life had turned inexplicably upside down since the reappearance of Jareth.

Running fingers over the moonstones inset within her Clan bracelet, her thoughts began to wander. Mainly her thoughts were focused upon the adoption ceremony she would be involved in. So far, no one had imparted to her the role she was to play, or the rights and duties expected of her once her inception into the Crystal Light Clan reached completion.

She sighed. At least I have this immense Library to read through. Most of the books I won't understand. Those volumes must be written in the language of the Fae. I'll leave those alone for now.

Her gaze swept over the plethora of books spread out on the shelves within the cavernous Library. Those would have to occupy her for now, at least until one of the Fae she held a brief acquaintance with could provide her with answers to her myriad questions. For now, what answers she could find on her own, would have to be found within the mass of books, scrolls, chronicles and diaries buried within the depths of Lady Auriga's personal Library.

Pushing her tall and lean frame out of the comfortable chair, she tugged the glowing Key close. Her level of control over her inborn powers was still rather weak. Until she could learn to craft a light-orb or be taught by an Adept on how to make one, the Key was her only light. Sitting alone within the gloom of the immense Library caused a slight trace of nerves fluttering within her stomach.

No-one had imparted to the young Immortal how she should occupy her time while she waited for either Lady Auriga or Cassandra to counsel her in the ways of her new Clan. Sarah reasoned that she probably would be taught what she was required to know while preparations for the Adoption Ceremony were underway. Putting aside that train of thought, Sarah reached for the small pile of books resting near her on the wooden table.

She picked up the book entitled: 'A History of the Fae Clans and the Blood Gifts – by Aidan Crystal Light.'

A rather large smile came to her when she saw Aidan had written this particular book. Perhaps he had meant to guide other young Immortals like herself, hence his reasoning for this book.

At least some of the questions I have will be answered. At first I thought Jareth was the only Fae in the Labyrinth. How wrong I was. The embossed leather of the handwritten book warmed against her skin. A faint hint of polish filtered through the still air.

Opening the front cover, the young woman was surprised to unearth the fact the book had been written in English, her native language. Most of the scrolls, diaries and tomes here had been penned in Faerun, the Common speech of the Fae race. Cassandra had assured the young Immortal she would be taught how to read, write and speak this. Sarah hoped so. During her travails of the Clan Keep, the Fae she now dwelled with conversed in this language, which so far, was a mystery to her still.

Opening the book she skimmed through the section detailing the history of the various Fae Clans who called the Underground world home. The myriad heraldic devices of the Fae Clans amazed her. Sliding fingers over the embossed pictures imprinted upon the smooth pages, she halted when she caught a glimpse of the Crystal Light's shield; an owl holding a perfect crystal sphere within its talons, the symbol for light behind it.

A thought came to her. Pushing up her right sleeve, she noted the same design upon the Clan Bracelet Cassandra gifted to upon the orders of her mother. Sarah ran fingers over the arranged silver patterned as ivy twining about her slender wrist. If she ever needed reminding of the fact her life had altered drastically beyond her control, the bracelet was that indication. She would never be able to return to the world of her birth. Deep within her soul, she knew this. Magic, whether she wished it to or not, had become part of her being and her life.

Returning her focus back to the book resting against her chest, she completely flipped past the history section of the book. Her gaze now lingered over the part of the book concerning the Blood-Gifts of the Fae. This part of the book interested her greatly. After observing the Sight of Cassandra in the dwarven village, she knew of that particular Gift. Intrigued by this, she found herself eager to learn more. Apparently there was more to Fae society than living amongst the Crystal Light Clan and its numerous members had shown her.

:O: Fae Blood-Gifts :O:

Dwelling with the Fae, especially the Crystal Light Clan, resided over by the gracious Lady Auriga has taught me alot concerning the way magic manifests within the Fae. I have noticed the existence of varied Talents manifested by the members of the Fae race.

:O: The Gift of Sight :O:

I am most familiar with the Sight wielded by those of the Clan who adopted me within their ranks. Lady Auriga is the absolute Ruler of those who are born with the Blood-Gift of Sight.

Auriga imparted to me those granted even a vestige of Sight are the guardians of all life Above and Underground. Their lives are dedicated to Order, the governance of the enigmatic flows of the Timeline. Using their capability to glimpse myriad futures, the Triple Goddess who granted them their Sight, also gave them a sacred duty.

To guide destiny until the humans living Aboveground can accept the existence of magic.

:O: The Gift of Healing :O:

The gift of Healing is prevalent amongst the Fae; the ability to mold blood, bone and rent flesh back together into a sense of normalcy. The most gifted of Fae Healers can literally sense the flows of soul energy and magic flowing within the confines of the body and manipulate them to heal even the most serious of injuries or to cure disease.

Considering that the Fae do not utilize the technology of the Aboveground humans, Healing is a prized Talent. Powerful Healers are rare, only being born once every generation. Amongst my people, we combine magical Healing with herbal knowledge and surgical techniques. We see merit in the techniques used by humans Aboveground.

:O: The Gift of Telepathy :O:

This particular Talent is very common amongst the Fae. All Fae possess a measure of telepathy; the ability to read, and merge with the thoughts of other beings. There are other Blood-Gifts branching from telepathy, the Gift of Empathy, the capability to read the emotions of others. Those who possess a vast measure of this Talent can rival those of a magical Adept. I have personally seen this Gift used by Fae and Immortal Humanity.

:O: The Gift of Motion :O:

There are differing branches of this Blood-Gift. Telekinesis, the ability to move objects with the power of the mind alone is also rather common amongst both Fae and Immortal Humanity. Those with the highest level of telekinesis can teleport themselves across vast distances. Psychokinesis, the ability to influence the unseen world at the cellular level is one I have seen wielded by Healers, but has been noted amongst Immortal Humanity.

Pyrokinesis and Cryokinesis are common as well. The abilities to freeze and set things alight with the power of the mind alone is both shared by the Fae and Immortal Humanity.

:O: Personal observations of Aidan Crystal Light :O:

These are only a few of the Blood-Gifts I have personally noted. As an Immortal Human, most of the Fae regard us as second class citizens. My research thus far, has been stunted. Until attitudes towards those of Immortal Humans change, I cannot investigate further. One thing I have noticed is the fact the Fae are immensely gifted in the Talents of magic. The results of them calling upon their magic is miraculous to behold, yet they choose to ignore the powers of other beings, like those of my brethren. Working together we could accomplish so much. Hopefully one day, this will occur.

Snapping the book closed, Sarah leaned back against the worn cushions There was much she had to learn about the world of the Fae. Sarah decided to 'borrow' this volume from the Library. Placing the book on the arm of the chair, she picked up 'Basic Laws of Magic.' After igniting radiance within the Crystal Key, the young Immortal Human knew she possessed the capacity to direct and control the forces of magic. She only required a willing individual to show her the way. Opening the book, she began to read the first page.


Standing within the shadowed entrance of the vast Library, cloaked by a spell of invisibility Auriga stood, a smile of approval upon her lips. Her future Clan-Daughter was proving to be a strong Immortal Human, not unlike another human fosterling she crossed paths with over two hundred years ago. Her natural born daughter and adopted Clan-Son seemed to have found a kindred spirit in the young Sarah Williams. Their love of books and knowledge would bind them together in a manner not unlike true siblings.

I have always wished for more children. If I cannot have more children of my blood, then I choose those whom I will to call son and daughter. Auriga didn't dismiss the invisibility shield she wove around herself to watch the progress of Sarah. My Sight imparts to me I will come to love her as I do Aiden and Cassandra.

Her smile widened into a full blown grin. Aiden's ego would need deflating after he won the bet her Clan placed on the trigger for Sarah's powers. Cleaning out the stables her Clan used to keep their Pegasus mounts seemed to be a good idea.

One with a great deal of merit. Now all she had to do was ensure someone took a tray of food and drink into the Library for Sarah. The fledgling Immortal would have her curiosity sated by the knowledge within the immense caverns of the Library. The Deeper Archives were as of yet unavailable to Sarah. She didn't possess enough finesse with her newly discovered gifts to be capable of awakening the ancient spells captured within the cores of Memory Crystals. That would come later. For now Auriga decided to leave Sarah to the care of her daughter, Vesuvius and Aiden. All three would assist Sarah Williams as she experienced the physical transformation.

If I remember correctly, there is a small suite of rooms located next to the Library. Auriga kept her footfalls soft and light. Even with the spell of invisibility that hid her from view, any physical movement could still betray her location. I will ask my daughter to assist me as Sarah learns of her new world.

The matriarch of the Crystal Light Light walked on silent feet out of the Library, leaving Sarah unaware she had been under scrutiny for a period of time. As Auriga walked through the passageway, she cancelled the spell. Summoning a measure of her power, she channelled a thread of it through the entirety of the castle until she sensed the thoughts of one particular individual she wished to contact; her daughter Cassandra.