The epilogue.

Time begins again.

Jack Harkness frowned, clicking on the communications link that popped up on his screen.


Hope you get this. I did a bit of jiggery-pokery, you know me. If you can find a way, keep in touch.



"John?" Confused, he opened the attachment. It was a picture scan of a newspaper article and he magnified the document so he could read it better.

Peter Tyler and Jacqueline Prentice Tyler are proud to

announce the marriage of their daughter

Rose Marion Tyler to Doctor John Smith, 31 May 2015.

The couple have five children, Jack Harkness Smith, 9,

Cathica Rose Smith, 6, Gwyneth Jacqueline Smith, 1 and

a set of twins on the way, as yet unnamed. They were married by

the magistrate in the bride's family garden, shortly after their 10th anniversary.

Hello, Jack, we love you. Love, the Doctor and Rose.

Jack laughed. It was about time they finally got their happy ending.