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Let the story begin!

"Are you sure you want to do this, Rosetta?" asked a blonde haired, brown eyed woman as she twitched nervously in her seat. She grabbed the hem of her pink gown as she looked at her friend urgently typing in commands into a data pad.

"Rebecca's got a point, Etta," said another woman with tan skin, jade eyes, and flowing brown hair, "It's your wedding day. You should be relaxing and letting Harriet do the work."

A woman with silky black hair and blue eyes stared at the two angrily.

"Melena, you know that Harriet isn't as capable as I am with this stuff. Besides, the fact that it's my wedding makes it more important that I check everything. I don't want her to ruin everything."

As Rosetta returned to her data pad, the other two glanced at each other with eyes twinkling with amusement. They both knew that Rosetta had a slightly arrogant streak when it came to Ancient technology. Melena was about to say something to Rebecca, but at that moment, there was a beep, and Rosetta turned to them and smiled with satisfaction.

"All systems are a go!" said Rosetta as she hurriedly sat in the copilot's seat. She tapped her earpiece.

"Hey, honey. You all right, Joseph?"

"Don't worry about me. But Isodore looks like he's gonna cry."

"You keep that up, Joseph, and I'll show you tears."

Rosetta rolled her eyes at her husband's usual antics and Isodore's oh-so-typical response. She decided to ignore them both and inform them about their status.

"Well, all systems are a go!" exclaimed Rosetta excitedly.

"That's great. See you at the wedding, hon!" exclaimed her fiancé on the other end.

Rosetta couldn't help contain a smirk as she heard Isodore say, "Look who's crying now."

"Shut up."

"Lads and lasses," exclaimed Rebecca, "can we stop with this childish bickering and get on with the excitement?"

"Right, Becky," replied Joseph.

"Ladies first," replied Rosetta.

"All right," said Rebecca as she nervously concentrated her energies on the Puddle Jumper's controls. The Puddle Jumper lifted, and with an excited smile, she dialed the Gate.

"Dr. Weir, we've got unscheduled gate activity."

Dr. Elizabeth Weir tiredly walked out of her office and into the Gate Room. She looked at the gate technician, who was staring at the screen in confusion.

"What is it?" asked Elizabeth as she leaned closer.

"It's…it's Dr. McKay's IDC, ma'am."

Elizabeth's eyes widened. She tapped her earpiece with one hand.

"Rodney, are you here?"

It took several seconds, but she finally got an answer from the irate scientist.

"Of course, Elizabeth. What makes you think I wasn't?"

Before she could reply to Rodney's incredulous question, she saw the gate technician struggling with the computer before him.

"Rodney, did you give your IDC out to anyone?" asked Elizabeth, keeping an eye on the gate technician.

"No, of course not. That goes against protocol."

"Ma'am, I can't raise the shield. Someone on the other side is opening it up."

Elizabeth put a hand over her forehead and rubbed it…hard. Someone was rewriting the macro that McKay had put into the Intergalactic Gate System. She only knew of two people who could do so: McKay, who was in Atlantis working on ANOTHER project that had nothing to do with the Intergalactic System, and Colonel Carter, who was in the SGC currently and wouldn't have done this without asking Elizabeth's express permission first. That left the Replicators.

"All right, I want you to get Colonel Sheppard and his team. I don't want to take any chances."

The Gate technician promptly nodded as Elizabeth hurriedly started to walk down the stairs to the Gate Room. She was about to call up the usual team of marines to stand by with their weapons in position when suddenly, she saw the front of a Puddle Jumper exiting the event horizon. With wide eyes, she watched as two Puddle Jumpers entered the Gate Room.

"Elizabeth? What's-?"

Elizabeth turned to see John, Rodney, Ronon, and Teyla standing behind her. John looked at the Puddle Jumper with a stunned look of surprise. Rodney stared at Elizabeth and pointed at her and the Jumper.

"I thought Lorne's team, which is the ONLY team that's off world right now, went to that planet by foot," said John.

"They did," said Rodney, whose eyes were wide with surprise.


They all turned to see three young women and two men walking out of the Puddle Jumpers, which had somehow landed in the now very small Gate Room. One of the young women ran towards Ronon, who immediately raised his blaster at her. The woman stopped abruptly in her tracks with her hands raised, staring at Ronon confusedly.

"Dad, it's me, Melena."

"Liar," growled Ronon harshly, "You're not Melena."

"Melena," said a man with tan skin and hazel eyes. He was slowly walking towards the young woman. Sheppard, sensing the tension between Ronon and the young woman, tried to talk some sense to the Satedan.

"Ronon," said Sheppard calmly, "lower your gun. No need to get all worked up."


Without warning, Ronon shot the woman.

"Ronon!" said Teyla as she glared at him.

Teyla was about to take the blaster away from him, but before anyone could react, there was a blur of black, and in seconds, the tan man and Ronon were on the floor, throwing punches. Neither, however, were doing a very good job at causing much harm to the other because both were successfully blocking the other's punches. Sheppard and Teyla and a man from the other group with fair skin, brown hair, and emerald eyes pulled their respective teammates off the floor.

"You bastard! What kind of a father are you, killing Melena like that!" screamed the tan man as he struggled to break free from the other man's grasp.

"She's NOT Melena!" screamed Ronon as he struggled to break free from Sheppard and Teyla's firm hold.

"Isodore, stop! She was just stunned!" said the blonde haired woman, who was holding Melena's wrist in her hand.

"I don't know what's going on, but you guys are acting as if you've never seen us before," said the fair man, who stared at Sheppard, Weir, and the others.

"Cause we haven't!" exclaimed Rodney incredulously as he stepped forward.

"Rodney?" asked the blonde haired woman incredulously as she stared at the man.

"Yes, that would be me," said Rodney irritably.

"No," whispered the fair man as he dropped the tan man's arm. The tan man let his arm fall to his side as he stared at Rodney in surprise.

"Oh no. Oh no, no, no, no, no."

Everyone, at that moment, turned to see the blacked haired woman with her hands over her mouth. Sheppard and the others looked at each other in confusion as the black haired woman walk towards Elizabeth.

"What year is this?"

Elizabeth, stunned at the question, stared at her curiously. It wasn't like the Atlantis crew had never met a person from the past or the future or an alternate dimension or…the list went on. The only problem was whether or not they were here for something good or something bad. Something in her gut, though, told her that these people meant no harm. She stared at the young woman before her.


The members of the other team looked on in surprise.

"Oh, no," said the blonde haired woman as she looked up at Elizabeth with wide eyes.

"Of course, it's an "Oh, no!" Rebecca!" screamed the black haired woman, "We've traveled back in time!"

"Wait a minute," said Rodney as he walked forward, "You're telling me that you guys are from the future?"

"Yeah, Uncle Rodney, we are," said the fair man who was still looking at Rodney in awe.

"So that means…Wait, did you, did you just call me Uncle Rodney!" asked Rodney as he whirled to look at the fair man.

"Well, you're not really my 'uncle' per se, but you know, you told me to call you that. You were, after all, a good friend of my parents over there," said the fair man as he nodded towards where John and Elizabeth were standing.

"Then?" said Teyla as she carefully eyed the entire group, realizing now, for the first time, how familiar some of them looked.

"Yeah, we're your sons and daughters."