Marti ran downstairs to where Casey and Derek were sitting with fake smiles on their face. Not that either one of them would ever admit it, but they rather enjoyed pretending to like each other. For Casey, it was a challenge- and Casey liked to say that she could overcome any challenge. For Derek, he just was happy that Nora and George wouldn't make him do something stupid with Casey to make them like each other- like team building exercises or put them on Dr. Phil.

"Hey Smerk! Hey Smasey!" Marti smiled.

"Hi Smarti," they said at the same time, both angry that they were in unison.

"Nora and Dad are mad at somebody, mad at somebody. Nora and Dad are mad at somebody, mad at somebody, mad at somebody," Marti sang.

Derek picked up Marti, placed her on his lap, and tickled her. "Who are they mad at? You? Wonderful Smarti!? I can't believe it!"

Marti laughed. "No, haha, they are mad at you too!"

Derek and Casey looked at her with scared looks.

"Oops, gotta go to a pink princess convention," Marti waved her wand and ran away.

"We're in trouble," Derek said to Casey.

"Duh, DER-EK! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out!" Casey rolled her eyes.

"Not boot camp, but maybe they could be camp counselors at a camp for foster kids to see how well they got it,"

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