A/N: I have no idea what I was thinking when I came up with this but hey... in this story the senshi are reincarnated as other male anime characters, I know I'm weird... I won't say who's who... expect that Chibi-Usa was reborn as Ash Ketchum. The anime are: Naruto, One Piece, Ranma 1/2 and Zatch Bell... the outer senshi (minus Pluto, who's the only not reincarnated) won't appear 'till later on...

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Hermes: But she does own me and Aeries...

New Lives

By Emma Iveli


Neo Queen Serenity had very little strength… she watched as the one great Crystal Tokyo fell all around her, he best friends… her protectors all died protecting her… her daughter died as well… all because of him… Jadeite had returned… he had sealed him… and his forces… however she knew that seal wouldn't last more 50 years… because of that she barely had any strength left… her husband had just giving his life… she knew her time was up… the 5 guardian cats, Luna, Artemis, Dianna and Dianna's two younger siblings as well as Sailor Pluto the only senshi to survive.

"Queen!" said Hermes, Luna and Artemis' 2nd child, a son, his fur was a dark navy blue, he always referred to her as "Queen" and his eyes were a light blue, not to be polite… it's just his way of talking, she hated at he always referred to her as that.

"Serenity!" said Aeries, Luna and Artemis's youngest daughter of their three children, her fur was a dark grey almost black with yellow eyes.

"Please don't…" said Luna holding back tears.

"I know I will…" said Neo Queen Serenity, "With the last of my strength I will do what my mother did… however I know this world has no future… Pluto…"

"Yes…" said Sailor Pluto with tears in her eyes.

"I would like you to send the others and my daughter to different dimensions… this way they can finally have truly normal lives… and before I go… I have one more thing to say…" said Neo Queen Serenity.

"What?" asked Artemis.

"They will be reborn as boys…" said Neo Queen Serenity.

There was an awkward silence…

"What…" said Sailor Pluto with her eyes bugging out.

"This will ensure normal lives for their world…" said Serenity.

"So you're saying that they will be reborn as boys…" said Luna.

"Yes… I sincerely doubt that due to the fact that the world will end soon they will be safe from Jadeite… but if he finds a way to attack them in their new worlds please you have to awaken them…" said Neo Queen Serenity.

She held up the Silver Crystal… a light came forth from, Pluto opened 5 gates of time, light went into each of the gates.

"Please… let them be safe…" said Neo Queen Serenity with her last breath then she… died.

The guardian cats didn't know whether to cry or sigh heavily…

"Do you think it was a good idea?" asked Hermes.

"What the meal thing… I'm not so sure…" said Luna.

"Well we won't know for a while… if Jadeite will strike again…" said Sailor Pluto, "I hope not… otherwise their lives will be rather… strange…"

Next Time: Pluto and the cats discover that Jadeite has been released and is searching for energy in the 5 dimensions that the Senshi has been reborn in... now the cats must find the reincarnated senshi... who are boys... Dianna who searched for Chibi-Usa's reincarnation has found him... a Pokemon Trainer named Ash Ketchum... how will he react when he has to transform into Neo Sailor Moon? Find out next time...