Title: Never Forget Who You Are 1

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: Manon & Morgan Jain Emery, who correct me where I gone wrong.

Rate: T

Summary: What happens if your best friend loses his memory? Will you stand behind him all the way or start to lose hope for him? And the big question is: Will Legolas remember anything at all, or will he be lost forever? But what evils are there, and why Legolas? You will need to find out.

Warning: Graphic violence/torture physically and mentally, OC's, angst. Character death.

Spoilers: Post ROTK. AU.

Disclaimer: I do not own J R R TOLKIEN's characters, but I do own Gimli's brother and more, the others that you do not recognize.

Author notes: Hope you love it, enjoy. Btw, i have 14 chapters ready and beta-ed, as long as you love me, i update soon.


Chapter one: Friendship, Happiness, and Chilly night

A day after the destruction of the ring…

They were on their way back from Mordor; they had guided the hobbits back to their home in the Shire and Gandalf the White was on his way to the Undying Lands. Before he vanished he asked Legolas to join him. Legolas glanced over at Aragorn and Gimli and finally said, 'that as far as the sea called him, he should stay with his brothers, as long as they lived, to be with them until their last breath'. At that statement, Gandalf vanished as the wind came, and from that moment on he was gone from their sight.

After they left the Shire, they rode quietly as the forest sang to Legolas. Legolas and Gimli shared the same horse and Aragorn rode on his horse alone. As Legolas heard the song that the forest sang to him he talked to his horse, Arod, and the horse halted and rested. Gimli and Aragorn looked over at Legolas as he took a long deep breath like he was swallowing all the air that surrounded them.

"Legolas, how do you feel?" Aragorn asked him with mirth in his words.

As Legolas heard Aragorn speak to him he knew that his best friend would start to tease him, so he glanced over at Gimli and saw from the look on Gimli's face that they were both thinking the same thing.

"Gimli, I gave you my word to explore the Glittering Caves. I think that the time has now come." Legolas said.

"And I gave you my word to ride with you into Fangorn. The time has come; Aragorn, choose for us please –which way should we go first?" Gimli looked at Aragorn, who stood like a tree with a suspicious smile on his face.

"Well Aragorn, where should we go first? To fulfill our promises that we said we would, or to spend as much time as we have left before we go to our homes together?" Gimli asked Aragorn, and proceeded to continue talking:" Oh, come on, Aragorn, do not stood there like a statue." Gimli smiled and glanced over at the elf.

"You're kidding me, right?" Aragorn looked over to the two, keeping his face impassive, but smiling inwardly.

"Come elvellon elf-friend let us make camp before the darkness falls," Legolas said to Gimli, who to him was like a brother.

"Aragorn, I am going to get us some branches to start a fire. I will be back as fast as I can. As for you Gimli, open the bag so we can see what hobbit-food tastes like. " After issuing his orders, Legolas took off before the other two could protest and say anything.

Aragorn and Gimli watched Legolas walk as peacefully as the sea; they heard his song, a song about happiness and friendship that lasts forever.

Legolas walked into the woods and Aragorn and Gimli prepared the camp.

In the meantime Aragorn said to Gimli, "As far as I know Gandalf, before he leaves Middle-Earth, will go to Rivendell to see the council and speak about our success."

"Are you telling me that Gandalf is staying in Middle-Earth for a while longer? So why did he ask Legolas to go with him?" Gimli asked Aragorn with a confused look.

"Because he wants to know if Legolas will leave this shore or stay with his friends, and I guess that Gandalf received a clear answer from Legolas about that," Aragorn said.

Aragorn looked around and saw several branches and began to make a fire with them, and he saw Gimli roll his eyes at him with a furious look on his face.

"Aragorn, what do you think you're doing?" Gimli asked, the fury clear in his tone.

"I want to feel warm this night, it is very chilly; come closer you will see I am shivering. If Legolas doesn't come shortly I will make a bigger fire," Aragorn said.

"If Legolas sees what you did, he will kill you for damaging his pride," Gimli replied.

They had not noticed that Legolas had, in fact, heard their conversation. They only noticed him when a bunch of branches fell to the ground and Legolas mounted his horse and started to ride away.

Gimli immediately understood why Legolas had done this and he shouted for Legolas to stop.

"Legolas wait! At least take me with you!" Gimli cried and saw Legolas halt his horse and stare over at him. Gimli continued, "You don't expect me to stay with that damn human, do you?" he said, his smile hidden within his beard.

Legolas then spoke to his horse and got down. He walked straight over to them and let the horse rest.

They saw Legolas walk strangely; his eyes staring at the ground, and his face wore an expression of anger and also shame.

"Aragorn, you still do not understand, do you?" Gimli snapped at him, the anger still present in both his face and voice.

"Legolas, forgive me if I've done anything wrong," Aragorn said, in a contrite tone.

"Aragorn," Legolas finally said without moving any closer," I said to you very clearly, so that even Gimli heard, that I'll get the branches to start a fire, and you… you didn't even wait for me. So tell me, do you think about me at all?" Legolas said, clearly angry.

Aragorn found himself staring at the ground after hearing Legolas' words. Suddenly he heard a loud laugh and saw Gimli laughing at him. Confused, he watched as Legolas came closer to him and begin to laugh as well.

They saw Aragorn staring at them with a confused look. Then he realized what was going on and swore his revenge.

"You two will pay for this, believe me," Aragorn said to them, with a large smile on his face.

"Now, let's build up the fire, because if the fighting did not kill me the cold certainly will!" Aragorn commented as they watched him continue to shiver.

"Gimli, take the branches on the ground and finish the fire that Aragorn started," Legolas said. Watching the stars drift slowly across the sky, he continued softly," I'll sing for you both to make you warm and your sleep peaceful. I will take the first watch and will wake you up Aragorn, don't worry." Legolas said softly as he watched the stars drift slowly across the sky.

After they fell asleep Legolas watched them all night long, a silent guardian against harm.

Aragorn woke at first light and saw Gimli still sleeping. A smile formed on his face and, as Gimli continued snoring, he took a pouch full of water and threw it over the dwarf. Gimli awoke as soon as the water hit his face and looked over at Aragorn in mock anger.

He looked around to see where Legolas was and saw him beside his horse, talking to it.

"I did not want to wake you on such a chilly night," said Legolas.

End of Chapter 1.