Title: Never Forget Who You Are 15

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: Tena

Rate: T

Summary: What happens if your best friend loses his memory? Will you stand behind him all the way or start to lose hope for him? And the big question is: Will Legolas remember anything at all, or will he be lost forever? But what evils are there, and why Legolas? You need to find out.

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Warning: Character Death. Violence. Angst.

Spoilers: AU.

Disclaimer: I do not own J R R TOLKIEN's character. I do own Gimli's brother.

Chapter 15: A Dwarf To Rule in Mirkwood?

"Who will rule us now?" Galdor asked, and added, "The prince is out there, and who will lead us?"

"I will lead you until then."

They looked at the shadow and notice the dwarf who stood there, his face was wet from tears.

"Who gave you permission to rule us?" Silinde asked in anger.

"King Thranduil, may he rest in peace," Gimli said, wiping away his tears.

"How dare he let a dwarf rule us?" Galdor did not know why his lord gave to dwarf the permission to rule them.

Gandalf dismounted his horse and walked to the guards.

Gandalf raised his arms to the guards. "Calm down all of you!"

Galdor did not feel that calm, and walked away angrily from Gimli. "How dare he give the dwarf leave to rule us?"

"Calm down, my friend," Gandalf spoke softly, and gently squeezed the guard's shoulders, but the guard did not realize that Gandalf wanted to give him support.

"I can not calm down…" Galdor said, and shook his head.

He still could not believe how his lord gave Gimli leave to rule. He did not know what happen and yet he did not want the dwarf to rule them no matter what his lord ordered.


Mordor in the same time…

Legolas closed his eyes, as he waited for his death; waited to die.



The orcs started to whip him, which is the way Legolas awoke.

"No!!!" Legolas whispered, having no power behind his voice. He felt lost.

"Be strong, ion-nin… be strong for me…" Legolas heard. He turned away, looking for the one that spoke to him, but he found only the orcs.

"Who are you?" Legolas asked in fear, feeling that it might be his master's trap.

"I am truly your Adar…be strong… ion…" Legolas was confused, not knowing in whom he should trust, and be loyal too.

"Where are you? Who am I?" Legolas asked, weakly; his sight was blurry, feeling the beating of the orcs.

"You are my son, my only son…" Thranduil's voice was heard.

"Who are you?" Legolas asked in his mind, his voice failing him from the yelling and screaming he had done.

"Your Adar, King Thranduil from Mirkwood…" the voice soon faded.

"Am I a prince?" Legolas asked himself, as he tried to bear the pain.

"Aye, you are, and you are a good fighter as well…" that was the last thing that was said by the voice.

"Am I?" Legolas questioned what the voice had told him. He felt weak and limp from the beatings. He wanted to be strong like his father..

"Here, you want to hit me, try this," it said to him raising a stick with three balls, each of the balls has thorn, it was heavy, "Take it… if you are a warrior, take it…"

Legolas stared at the weapon, wanting to take it, but his body was swollen and tired from the abuse. When he reached to take the weapon, he heard a crack that came from his hand.

The pain was too much for him. It broke his hand.

"You see, you are nothing but a mere slave to me. You are not even a warrior as you might think you are." The voice had spoken to him with cold tone.

Legolas cried from the pain as his other hand held his wound one.

The harsh words and the pain made him curl on the cold floor, wincing both from the physical and emotional pain at the same time.

Legolas could hear him laughing at him, he lowered his head back on the dark floor, and his face was marked with shame and fear from the figure.

"YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN A WARRIOR AND NEVER WILL BECOME ONE!" The figure shouted at him, and then continued beating him.

Legolas simply raised his head staring at the figure boldly and said weakly, "I never want to be like you."

However, the figure had heard him.

"Aye, you will be… if not I will let the wargs eat you alive, while I watch…" The figure sneered and smiled wickedly at him.

End of Chapter 15.