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Summary: A year has passed now since Sam went his separate way, trying to find some sort of normal life, the hunting lifestyle a thing of the past with the demon finally dead. Dean and John have continued the hunt a father and son team once more, they have spent the last year battling evil, fighting the good fight….

But then something happened, Sam's phone rings one night and he will never be the same again, his fathers gone missing, and only one person saw what happened…. But he's not saying a word. Can Sam find his father and save his brother by throwing himself back into a life he never wanted to deal with again.

(The idea came to me while re-watching Dead in the Water season 1 for about the tenth time, obviously the events of the season 2 opener never happened as far as my story is concerned)

Rescue Me

Chapter One

Flashback three weeks earlier

Officer Daniel Bradley was headed down his normal evening route along highway ninety-five as he took a sip of his coffee trying to force himself to stay awake, seeing as how he was nearing the end of his twelve hour shift. Looking at the clock he smiled to himself 2:47 a.m. only two more hours and thirteen minutes.

Glancing back to the road the sheriffs face twisted quickly into panic as he slammed down on his break the car screeching to a halt. "Dear God." He whispered to himself trying to catch his breath as he looked out the front windshield and studied the male figure still walking down the center of the deserted highway…. How had he not see him before, he had come out of no where…. Was he really that tired?

Slowly and cautiously he stepped from the car, noting that the young man seemed to be in some sort of distress from the appearance of his clothes and the dirt scattering his body…. Well what he thought to be dirt, he wasn't really to positive what it was with how dark it was outside…

"Are you alright son?" The slightly heavier 50ish officer called out as he took a step closer leaving the door to his police cruiser ajar for safe measure.

The boy did not answer though, his hands dangling at his side, his moves were repetitive and nearly catatonic as he kept his face forward, never glancing back to see who was speaking to him, never calling out a word, nothing…. He was just walking… walking there alone along the highway .

"I said are you alright?" Officer Bradley tried again…. "Stop and talk to me, is something wrong?" He made sure to keep enough distance between them to reserve his own safety, his eyes and hands fully aware of where his gun was just in case as he closed the gap a little more, about 10 feet now parting him from the mysterious man in front of him.

And that was when it happened, the young man's body fell lax and then quickly stiffened once it hit the pavement, his head shifting to the side. Daniel frowned deeply as he sprinted forward…. "Are you alright??? Sir…." He asked his heart nearly stopping in his chest when he stepped close enough to see the boy, he couldn't have been more than thirty…. His face was bruised and beaten, a trail of blood dripping slowly from his bottom lip.

Bending down a little, he cautiously placed a hand on the pathetic looking figures shoulder…. "It's Okay son, we are going to get you some help." He took notice of how cold the flesh was beneath his fingers and slipped his jacket off placing it over the stiff form. "You're gonna be ok"

The young man's eyes blinked rapidly as he stared up at the kind face of this stranger hovering above him his breath warm as he spoke such comforting words….

"we're gonna get you some help…" Hs voice was calm, and collected as he pressed the dispatch button on the small radio device clipped to his shirt and began speaking into it…

"This is Officer Bradley out here on the ninety-five… I'm going to need an ambulance I'm approaching the second turn off, found a male Caucasian approximately twenty-five to thirty years old. Seems conscious, however none responsive… There's no telling how long he's been out here…."

"Right away sir…" the woman on the other end of the radio answered quickly the sound of her fingers hitting computer keys the only background noise Daniel could hear as he looked down at the man sprawled out before him his eyes still studying him, watching his every move even though to Officer Bradley they appeared to be more than a little vacant of every emotion possible aside from fear and even that was questionable.

It didn't take long before the ambulance arrived and they were headed toward the local hospital the officer's cruiser fallowing closely behind them, both sets of lights flashing red and blue into the deep dark of the night sky.

- "Any Identification found?" Bradley's boss was now sitting in the waiting room with the slightly shaken officer as he sipped from a new fresh cup of coffee shaking his head. There John Doe having been behind those two solid grey doors in the ICU for over two hours now.

Daniel had watched as they called the psych doctor down and he came, dressed in his brown tweed suit clipboard in hand, he had been in there over an hour now himself never once coming out for air…. Coffee… nothing….

And Daniel would give anything to know what was going on in there…. Anything at all.

Present Day

Sam Winchester was headed down the west campus tennis courts of Stanford University his books tucked safely under his arm as he walked, his life had become so simple…. So normal, and everyday during this exceedingly long walk from one end of the campus to the other he found himself thinking about things. Things that were now in the past….

He had traded in his bow staff for books and his EMF reader for a real walk-man, and he was happier than he had ever been before to enjoy the simple luxuries of being one face in a million on campus, not standing out… just…fitting in.

Well as much as he could anyway, he knew he was different, he was always going to be different, have dark secrets, things that he knew that no one else would about what was really out there, what was really hiding under your bed at night…. But he could pretend couldn't he? Pretended that he didn't know what was going on, play clueless like the rest of middle class college bound America….

But he did miss it…. As much as he hated putting his life on the line, most of the time simply to save a stranger that he was never going to see again… There was a thrill that came from it, an adrenaline rush… and in his sick and twisted life… a certain comfort as well…. Knowing that if he killed something out there in the night, that was one less thing anyone was going to have to worry about….

And god he missed his brother, leaving him behind after the three years they spent demon hunting together, three years living from hotel to hotel and riding in that damn 67' Impala…. Three years of re-bonding and re-building on a brotherly relationship that to most would seem beyond repair…. It hurt, but Sam knew that his place was no longer next to his brother… or his father… in this great war of the worlds… It was in school where he could do real good, help people,…. He was no warrior no matter how bad his father wished it so.

And Dean seemed alright with it, he knew that Sam needed this, he needed something safe… Something normal… And they parted on good terms.

A smile crossed Sam's lips as he took note of a small spicy brunette eyeing him and he brought his hand up to wave at her… "Hey Nat." He called out just as his cell phone began to ring….

Taking it out of his pocket he looked at the caller ID and his brows furrowed together. Who the hell did he know with a 207 area code? He didn't have friends anywhere near Bangor Maine….

"Hello?" His head cocked a little in question even though the person on the other end could not see him….

"Is this Sam?" the voice of an obviously older male asked his words laced with hope…

"Y-Yeah…. Who" Sam cleared his throat a little… "Who is this?"

"You don't know me…. But I'm hoping that you are able to help me out…."

"I-I'm sorry?"

"My name is Daniel Bradley I'm an officer with the Bangor police department…."

"What can I do for you Officer Bradley…" Sam stopped walking and leaned against a building setting his books down beside him before glancing at his watch… He hoped this was not going to take long, he had less than tem minutes to get to his next class.

"About three weeks ago, I was traveling down the 95, the highway here…"

"I know what the 95 is…."

"Well… anyway I came upon a young man, who was wandering down the highway…."

Why are you telling me this? Sam thought to himself shaking his head, You should be calling my father and brother… I'm retired. But he remained polite none the less. "Okay…"

"No identification was found when they transported him to the hospital, nothing…. And the nurses and doctor's have been unable to get through to him to give them so much as a name, but he appears to be suffering from some sort of severe post traumatic stress disorder…"

"I-I'm sorry officer, but what does this have to do with me?"

"Well…. I-I did some checking around, I remembered the one thing that was found on the young man was a set of old Chevy car keys…. Had to have been at least 20 years old… So I…"

Sam felt his stomach drop down to his knees thankful he was leaning against a building now as it held him up…. No ID, car keys…. It can't be… it can't be… it cannot be…. He thought to himself trying to get the thoughts out of his head and listen to what the officer was saying….

"So…I waited, checking local impound lots…. For abandoned vehicles that were picked up around here, and I sent out an a.p.b to be notified of any older Chevy's picked up around the area…."

Sam's world was spinning now, It could not be, this was not who he knew it was… it was not Dean, it was impossible, this was just some strange coincidence….

"I got a call yesterday from a friend of mine over in Orono said that he had a vehicle I should come check out…. It was a 1967 Chevy Impala…."

"Dean…" Sam's voice shook as the one word slipped from his mouth hardly above a whisper his pulse racing his heart now thumping so fast he thought it was going to burst from his chest…..

"Did you say something son?" The older man's voice cut into the dizzying sickness that was devouring Sam's body…

"Dean…his name is Dean…. He's my brother…." Sam felt it was nearly impossible to form full sentences as he spoke, "Wh-where did you say you were?"

"Bangor Maine…" The officer couldn't help but sound a little pleased, there was hope yet… at least now they had a name to go off of, some sort of a start…. He was thankful more so now than ever for the small busted up cell phone he found beneath the seat of the classic car.

"M-my brother how is he?"

Daniel drew his lip into his mouth, "I think we need to talk in person…."

"Tell me…. Officer" Sam cleared his throat loudly as another thought flashed through his mind… "Was… was there anyone else with him?"

"No, he-he was alone… why?"

"No, no reason…" Sam swallowed.

"It was nearly a ten mile travel….." Bradley included, "Your brother must have a very strong survival will or something, there is no telling how long he was wandering that rode way for…."

"Yeah…. Yeah… Um listen, I'll be there as soon as I can, I'm going to pick up the next flight out alright?"

"Okay son, If you would like I can arrange for a police pick-up…"

"Th-that would be wonderful, and I thank you…. Can I ask you something?"


"Why are you doing this?"

"I just… I don't really know, it's just that when I found him, he was so broken… I just, you know no one should suffer like that."

Sam nodded even though he could not be seen, "I-I'll see you soon…"

"Okay son."

The dial tone on the other end was a welcomed sound as Sam let his legs give way and slid to a sitting position there against the side of the building. This cannot be happening….. He thought to himself putting his head in his hands and taking a minute to himself, a minute to try to absorb everything that had been thrown at him so suddenly,…. Even though he was yet to have all of the pieces….

He knew what this meant. He knew what this was going to force him to do, and that sent a sickening chill down his spine…. He had to go back there…..

With that thought he rose to his feet and picked up his books, turning and heading back the way he came from… in more ways then one.

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