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Rescue Me

Chapter 14 - The End

Bobby had never seen anyone move so fast as they pulled up to the Wilcox manner and Sam jumped from the car racing toward the man that was sitting Indian style on the over sized broken down porch.

It was just as he had seen it, not that, that was anything new… Sam's visions were always true, and were never wrong…. His feet pounded against the dirt beneath them and his heart raced as he moved in closer and noticed that Dean now had the gun's tip pressed against his chin.

His face was stone, his body frozen, and jaw determined… It all happened so fast, like a flash of lightning across the darkest night sky.

"NO DEAN!" His baby brother's voice was filled with fear,… with panic, as he dove forward and just in time pushed it away from the older man's chin, the trigger he had just squeezed firing a bullet that missed him completely and ricocheted off the side of the house before biting nicking Bobby, who was now standing at the boys side breathless, in the shoulder…

Better my shoulder than his head…. He thought to himself trying to bite back a curse word or two as he covered his shoulder with his left hand and looked down at Dean, just watching him… just watching them…

Sam said nothing at first… crouching down on to his knees he pried the gun from Dean's fingers, his flesh was cold, lips were quickly becoming over shadowed by a tint of blue…

Once he had finally removed the gun from his brother's gasp, his heart finally finding the strength to beat again, Sam handed it to Bobby who tucked it safely into the waistband of his dirt scattered jeans.

Dean had not moved, not so much as a blink of an eyelid…. What the hell had he just done? What the hell was he trying to do? Did he want to die? Was he ready to die?… If he was… Then why had Sam stopped him… After what Dean had done, back at the hotel and to their father,…. Why would Sam want to save such a horrible human being…?

Sam and Bobby both watched as Dean's pupils now moved from side to side shaking his head slowly with them and Sam frowned, he could tell by the confusion written across Dean's prominent features that he was once more battling with himself inside there somewhere, and somehow he was losing….

"Dean…" He whispered softly putting one hand on each of Dean's shoulders and giving them a hard yet small shake, "I'm here now big brother, I'm here and you're safe okay? I promise…. "

Dean's chin tilted up and Sam's fear grew as he watched his brother's features tense into an even more fearful expression his eyes growing dark and childlike and tears sprung from them in a matter of a single second….

"Dean?!?! Dean what is it??!?!"

Dean brought his hands up and held tight to his brother's arms but it was no use, and he knew that, the eyes, the same eyes he had seen before, when he had come here with their father, the same eyes he would never forget, the eyes that entered into him, took over his soul, and destroyed him from the inside out…. These eyes, this evil, was coming for them….

All three boys, Sam and Bobby knowing little about what was actually happening found themselves being pulled in to the house with a force so strong that they were defenseless against it…. Dean gripped the leather journal in his fingers as tight as he could as soon as he felt the all to familiar pull…

The door slammed behind them, and Dean almost instantly found himself in catatonic mode, his eyes shifting about the house, he remembered every crack and every crevice as though he had lived there his entire life.

His blood ran cold, and his feet refused to move as he collapsed into the corner, beads of sweat forming on his forehead and spilling down what remained of the color in his face dissipated instantly, his insides were nauseated, his heart was now not only pounding against his chest but nearly seizing in there it was going so fast…

Breaths, breaths could not find their way to his lungs as he struggled to stay coherent. He drew his knees to his chest and let his eyes, his frightened orbs watch his brother… and his uncle, he had never found himself so afraid in his entire life… Not even as a child when the fire… the demon stole his mother from him, was he this afraid.

He knew he should begin reading the incantation, he knew he needed to exercise these spirits, and disarm the demon, he knew all of these things so clearly… But yet fear had paralyzed him so deeply he did not move, he did not even blink.

"Dean…" Sam took a few steps toward him noticing the horrible shape he had quickly fallen into, but before he could even reach his side, Dean watched as his brother's head tilted forward… It appeared momentarily as though he were sleeping.

His shoulders were lax even though he was still upright, and when his head came up again, when Dean looked into his eyes. He knew Sam was no longer in control…. Sam was gone….

The youngest Winchester, didn't even seem to take note of the man, his brother huddled in the corner, as his body shifted back toward the front of the room, toward Bobby, who had obviously assumed John's… Charles' Role…. Fear evident in his possessed eyes….

Dean wanted it all to go away, he wanted it all to go away now, as he covered his ears and shut his eyes as tight as he could, he was no longer the hunter he used to be…. Not now, now he was a feeble coward, he began rocking back and forth not knowing what else to do so afraid…. So damn afraid…..

He hugged the journal to his chest, wanting needing to be close to something… close to their father, as even with his hands over his ears, he could hear his brother's voice… Bobby's voice ringing out into the silence surrounding them.

"YOU ARE NOT SORRY…. YOU WERE NEVER SORRY…. YOU'RE NEVER GOING TO GET THE CHANCE TO BE SORRY…." The words were like bullets piercing Dean's skin, he didn't have long now, he needed to do something, he needed to save Bobby…. He needed…. He needed strength…

But all he did was open his eyes, leaving his hands still over his ears, and peeking out from behind his knees, it was as though he had no choice but to watch… to wait, and to see what was going to happen…


Dean's insides froze as a familiar and comforting voice came to his ears, a sound he had longed to hear, and it made him wonder if maybe he had taken that finally leap into insanity…

"Dean listen to me…."

There it was again, Dean let his frightened eyes scan the room, looking searching for the keeper of such a soothing voice… Not only tears of fear, but tears or sadness now worked their way down his cheeks…

He closed his eyes and swallowed repeatedly his bottom lip trembling, and that's when he felt it, a heavy and strong hand on his shoulder forcing his eyes to reopen, it was comfort and connection that his life had been lacking these last few months…..

"Hello son…" There he was right beside him, crouching down, his eyes soft and compassionate, his face filled with worry as John Winchester studied his eldest off spring,

He broke… right then and right there, looking into his father's gaze, feeling his father so close to him, he let sobs come to his lips and fly free from his body without so much as a second thought…. "Dad…."

"It's okay son, I'm okay…."

"Dad-… I'm sorry….. I-I'm sorry….. I'm so sorry….."

"Dean listen to me alright? The thing that did this to me, the thing that killed me, was not you son, you need to understand that, you had no control over what happened that night, you need to let it go, and you need to move on, you can't carry it with you,… not now and not ever… Sammy needs you to be there for him, he needs his big brother, and I-" Dean swear he saw a tear come from his father's eye now and he found actual strength in it rather than pain or anger… "I need you to be there for him…."

"But Dad,…."

"Dean there's no time for this now, you must finish this…." John looked past his eldest son to where Sam was now coming down the steps from the top floor the gun from Charles study in his grasp….

"C-Can't you help me?"

"No son, this is a fight you have to finish…. And remember, even though I never said it, I love you boy's more than anything……"

"Dad wait-" But it was to late, John Winchester…. Or the ghost of anyway was now gone and Dean found himself alone in the house where this whole thing had begun, just he and the evil who had created this whole damn mess in the first place…..

"You're going down now you evil son-of-a-bitch." He growled his eyes burning with the same determined fire that they used to when he was close to defeating a hunt, close to sending something this bad back to hell… His father's words his father's memory renewing his strength as he climbed to his feet and held the leather book open stepping toward the entity inhabiting his brother's body.

"nos dico peto vos validus everto , nos peto malum ut sedeo inside. nos duco vos sicco quod requiro ut vestri vox exsisto intentus vobis. Vos mos haud diutius vulnero animus illorum quisnam penetro. vos mos haud diutius vulnero viscus of victus. Vos mos haud diutius"

He chanted a deep low growl evident in his voice as he was now so close to the thing he could feel breath hot on his neck… Putting one hand out he pressed it hard against Sam's chest the demon within his brother growing angry as he saw Dean looking into him looking through him…. "GET AWAY FROM ME…" Sam's voice was no longer Sam's voice but a voice of pure evil as his mouth opened and the words flew from it….

"What are you gonna do huh? Jump into me? Been there done that… And even if you do He'll finish it… Let's face it you're not gonna win this time…. I'm sending you back to hell and you can't stop m-"

"You willing to bet on that one?"

Dean grunted as his body flew back and hit the wall hard he had momentarily forgotten about the amount of strength a possessed person seems to have… but he remembered now…

Rubbing the back of his head a little he looked down at the book still surprisingly in his grasp and began again….

"nos dico peto vos validus everto , nos peto malum ut sedeo inside. nos duco vos sicco quod requiro ut vestri vox exsisto intentus vobis. Vos mos haud diutius vulnero animus illorum quisnam penetro. vos mos haud diutius vulnero viscus of victus. Vos mos haud diutius-"

He was back onto his feet in a matter of seconds as he headed back toward this,…. This thing, jaw once more locked in an undefeatable determination…

"You killed my father you bastard, And I am not going to let you take anyone else…"

He could tell the Demon was losing power, draining strength as he pounced on his brother's body and knocked him backward straddling his limbs with a death grip and throwing the journal to the floor, the words were embedded in his mind…

He placed both hands on Sam's chest and forced himself to look deep, look hard not into his brother's eyes, but into the eyes of the evil that had destroyed his life….

"nos dico peto vos validus everto…" He grunted having to push down harder on the chest beneath his fingertips as the demon squirmed, his head tilting back and thrashing against the wood… Dean had him now, there was no question about that…. "nos peto malum ut sedeo inside. nos duco vos sicco quod requiro ut vestri vox exsisto intentus vobis….." Sam's mouth opened his eyes growing even darker and engulfing with black so there there was no more white to them, his back arching in ways that seemed unnatural … "Vos mos haud diutius vulnero animus illorum quisnam penetro. vos mos haud diutius vulnero viscus of victus. Vos mos haud…….. DIUTIUS"

A thick black smoke spewed from Sam's lips, and also from the lips of the man still unconscious in the corner of the room… The demon was obviously disarmed and the spirits repealed from the bodies his loved ones….

Panting heavily his body quite taxed, Dean watched as Sam's eyes opened… "You okay little brother?"

"You're sitting on me… what do you think…." Sam's eyes went wide… "And-and you're talking…."

"Can we talk about this later?" Dean asked hoping to his feet and offering Sam a hand, "Right now we have a Demon to finish off….."

Sam did not argue, he never thought it wise to argue with Dean when it came down to the facts of a hunt…

"You know I'm in…" Sam growled still able to taste the sulfur the spirit possessing his body had left behind…

"Good." Dean nodded toward Bobby's out cold form, "Let's get him the hell out of here and grab the guns…. To finish this nasty ass off…."

The two of them made there way across the hard wood floors and each took one of Bobby's arm's in their own, with one swift kick the wood of the door not only opened but busted from the hinges, they dragged Bobby out of the house and toward the safety of the Impala….

Popping the trunk open Dean's eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas as he held his trusty riffle in his grasp, to most people it would look like a hunting weapon… And it was of course… It just wasn't for hunting what one might think…

"Are you sure rock-salt is going to work?" Sam asked loading the gun in his own grasp.

"This Demon… isn't like the others, in fact if you look at it the right way, he's weaker than the others… as strong as he might be, he is not of the flesh…. He's got no body, no bones. He's just a spirit, so there for he is able to be killed just like a normal spirit, a little rock salt to the chest,…. Just whatever you do Sammy…Don't.." Dean put his finger into his baby brother's chest, "Do not! Look into his eyes."

"No eyes, got it…"

"Good… Now let's go hunt us a proverbial turkey."

Dean lead the way into the house feeling stronger than ever as he stood just inside, "Come out come out wherever you are you freaky bastard." He accompanied his banter with cocking his riffle.

Sam couldn't help but smirk at the sound of his brother's voice, he didn't know what happened while he was other wise occupied, but his brother, his Dean appeared to be back.

The house shook heavily like a 6.0 earthquake and both boys held on to the wall to keep themselves upright.

"Enough with the special effects…. SHOW YOURSELF!" Dean's words were powerful and vengeful…

And there it was, as requester…

"Uh Dean?!?!…" Sam's voice was small as he looked at the thing before him, towering over the two of them….

"Yeah Sam?"

"How come you neglected to mention this thing was larger then Godzilla?"

"You know what they say Sammy," Dean brought his gun up to the being in front of them and aimed it right toward his see through chest firing both rounds his gun could hold into it… "The bigger they are… The harder they fall…."

He let his gun fall to the ground and silence fallowed as both boys slid down to their knees and looked around slowly…

"Well that was easy…" Dean finally said clearing his throat sarcastically.

"Mhmm…" Sam shook his head.

"But …" Dean rose to his feet and took the zippo from his pocket lighting it "There is only one way to be sure." He walked over to the staircase and lit it on fire, it took three tried, but finally it took…

Sam watched as Dean watched the orange glow of the fire quickly spread up the entire staircase and along the wall, his eyes mesmerized by it….

"Let's go," The younger of the two whispered coming up behind his brother and putting a comforting hand on his shoulder once the fire began to spread even quicker… engulfing the house… and all the memories within it….

Dean nodded drawing his lip into his mouth and Sam saw a single, last tear fall from his eye…

- The next morning the sun high above the two of them, Dean parked the car alongside what was now only charred remains of the Wilcox manner and climbed out.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Sam asked fallowing his lead and stepping in his footsteps…

"You have a right to know…."

Sam watched as Dean made his way slowly along side the highway to the empty field no more than a quarter mile away….

"Here…" He whispered a moment later and dropping to his knees where a small cross stood embedded into the mud and dirt…. "I buried him here… I figured, this would be as good a place as any since the road was his home and no single place could ever contain him long enough…."

Sam simply nodded in response looking down at the make shift gave, looking down at the small cross, looking down at his brother…. And taking it all in. He wouldn't be going back to school, back to that life… his place was here now, with what remained of his family.

The End.

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