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The next day …

… in Elizabeth's office. John sat talking to her. He noticed that she seemed more relaxed that he had seen in months.

Rodney walked in, a jacket draped over his arm. John couldn't help noticing that there was an American flag on it.

Looking at John, he said, " Good morning Colonel."

Looking up, John saw that Rodney was more relaxed than he had ever seen.

" Good morning Rodney." he replied with a grin.

Rodney turned to Elizabeth, " Good morning Elizabeth. I believe you have something of mine."

She looked at him and smiled, " I do? And what would that be?"

"You have my jacket I believe." Rodney said, as he lifted the jacket from his arm, " And as much as I would like to leave you with my jacket. I think I would look rather silly trying to wear yours."

Elizabeth giggled at this, " Mmm. I see what you mean. I promise I'll be more careful next time!"

Rodney raised his eyebrows at this and said, with a huge grin, " There will be a next time?"

Returning the smile, Elizabeth said, " I hope so."

As Rodney moved towards the desk, John thought he had better make a discreet exit.

" I'll come back later." he said.

As he walked away from Elizabeth's office he thought, " Operation Eye Opener has been a complete success."

He couldn't wait to tell everyone.