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Season 2Show 1: Prison Break part 2: Chad owes his landloard eight thousand dollars in unpaid rent, so Troy and Chad convince Ryan into robbing a bank, well Ryan is shot and apprehended in the process and Troy and Chad abandoned him, well after a guilt trip they decide they have to break him out of prison before he's raped by a man twice his size.

Show 2: The Exorcism of Gabriella Montez: Ryan notices an unusual scar on Chad's knee and brings to to everyone's attention, upon further notice, the scar turned out to be a image of The Virgin Mary. Hundreds of people now look to Chad as a religious prophet, but when the masses demand a miracle, Chad puts a plan together to make money and fame...he passes Gabriella off as a demon possesed Cuban girl and attempts to "exercise" her on live T.V.

Show 3: Operation Graduation: It's graduation week at East High and Troy and Chad are determined to pull of the most memorable prank in the history of the school. Dragging Ryan along, they decide to TP(Wrap in toilet paper) Mrs. Darbus's house, but a window is left open and the boys discover a horrific secret about Mrs. Darbus, that they have to reveal during the graduation ceremony.

Show 4: Special made for T.V movie(fanfic) event. Six chapters long.

Show 5: Par Wars: When the gang goes to play mini golf, Sharpay accidentally hits Troy in the head with a golf ball, knocking him out. But when he wakes up, he's in an alternate reality. What kind of alternate reality you ask? I'll give you a hint, I plagurized the $hit right out of a George Lucas film.Special guest apperance by several of the original Star Wars cast including Darth Vader, R2-D2, C3PO, Jabba the Hutt, and more.

Show 6: Bar Bar Bar: Chad's broke, he's about to lose his appartment, his truck, everything, but one trip to his favorite bar with Ryan changes everything...Special guest apperance by Ron White.

Season 3

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