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Moon and Star

Ch.26: The Avatar

Remus spat a glob of blood out of his mouth and wiped the dirt off his face. His tongue throbbed where he bit it. Glaring up at Canaletto, he struggled to his knees. Debris was strewn everywhere, and several feet away he saw Aikka lying unconscious on the ground, his bow inches from his hand.

Eva was lifted off the ground by Canaletto's magic. Rage surged through Remus as he watched, listening to Canaletto gloat about he had used Eva from the beginning as if she was some sort of tool to use and then discard when no longer needed. The white ball of magic pulsed. Any second, Canaletto would touch that ball and become the Avatar. There was no way to stop him. …Or…was there…?

The thought that struck Remus was absurd. Would it even work? He glanced around, found a rock nearby and crawled over to use it as support to help him stand. He swayed unsteady before regaining balance.

He took a deep breath, trudging toward a rock jutting up from the floor. It was painful to move—when Canaletto had thrown him away from Eva, he had thrown him good—but he kept going. He didn't have long.

His eyes moved up the rock; it was perfectly placed. But then he noticed something he hadn't before: Jordan was struggling to the top, and he was almost there.

No… Remus broke out into a run, ignoring the searing pain in his side. He scrambled up the rock. Jordan said something Remus could hear, and then he jumped. Remus bounded forward—his fingers just barely grabbed Jordan's shirt collar—and hauled him backward, using the momentum to fly over the edge.

"REMUS!" Eva screamed.

Remus twisted to look at her, smiled, and was suddenly blinded.


Eva closed her eyes tightly, yet the light still seemed to seep through her eyelids to burn her eyes. What had happened? What was going on? What had Remus done?

"Come now, E, you know what I've done."

Eva's eyes shot open. "Remus!" Her mouth opened slightly in surprise. Standing in front of her was a beautiful wolf made of white fire with black eyes and nose. "Remus?"

The wolf chuckled. "Don't worry, it's me," it said, although its mouth didn't move.

"What did you do? Why did you do that?" she breathed. "Are you stupid?"

"Well, yes, maybe a little bit," Remus admitted. "But I couldn't let you do it."

"Why? This was my responsibility. I'm the one that won!" she cried.

"I know. But you just got your father back, you can go home and be a family, and have friends and just be a normal girl," Remus said. "That's what you've always wanted and now you can have it." He sighed, and Eva was silent as Remus seemed to gather his thoughts, tears stinging her eyes.

"You're my best friend, Eva. The best friend I've ever had, I admit. And I'll defiantly miss you. That is why I couldn't let you do this. I couldn't let everything you've worked so hard for, waited so long for, slip through your fingers because of a cruel trick. So, I did this for you.

"But I know that won't make you feel any better, look at it this way. You can have a family, friends, be a normal girl. But I'll never have any of that. I can't be a normal boy. There will always be people that will hunt me and my kind, and I…I'm tired, Eva." He laughed hollowly. "I'm fifteen, and I'm tired of trying to be killed! You'll get what you want, and I'll get what I want—safety, freedom."

The wolf closed its eyes and the form wavered for a moment before reverting to Remus, in his human form, standing only a few feet in front of her, smiling.

"I'm going to miss you, E. I promise I'll visit."

Eva opened and closed her mouth soundlessly for several seconds. Then she flung herself at Remus, wrapping her arms around him tightly. "You better."

"E…E, I can't breathe…"

"Oh." She pulled back. "Sorry."

"It's okay." Remus smiled for a moment and then frowned, cocking his head. He appeared to be listening to something. He jammed his hands into his pockets, looking at her solemnly. "It's time for you to go."

And Eva was once again blinded by the light.


The water rippled in the breeze, reflecting the light cast by the setting sun as birds chirped, flying from one tree to another. Eva sat on a swing, swaying back and forth slightly. She stared at the ground.

It had been a year since Oban had ended. Stan and Koji were working as mechanics for her father, and Rick had started up his own racing school with Andraste and Agrona (Rick seemed to enjoy Agrona's sharp wit, and Andraste's ability to come up with complex flying scenarios for students to figure out). Jordan was working at a gun range and as it was his night to close up, he wouldn't get out until eight. She wasn't sure what Aikka was doing. Living on two different planets had made it difficult for them to contact each other. But the last she had heard, he was doing fine. The Lupanians had all gone to the reservation in Yellowstone, where they were protected; they didn't seem to mind the fact that they were living on an animal reserve—in fact, they seemed to enjoy it—and had kept in contact with her, making her promise to visit them.

She hadn't heard from Remus at all.

She glanced up, scowling bitterly at a duck floating from one end to the other. Visit indeed. She knew she should have asked when. As the months had dragged on, she had tried to tell herself that Remus was busy; he was the Avatar, after all, he had a whole galaxy to look after. For a time that had worked, but was he really so busy that he couldn't even send her a note?

She heard footsteps behind her; it was probably her father coming to get her for dinner. The footsteps stopped just behind her, there was a pause and then someone sat on the swing next to her. She didn't look at them.

"So…after all this time, you won't even look at me?"

Eva swung to her right, twisting the chains holding the swing around each other. Remus sat on the swing next to her, smiling. He looked tired, but happier than she had ever seen him and there was a familiar glint in his eye. He grinned mischievously.

"Hey, E. Want to cause some trouble?"

Eva was bursting to ask him a thousand questions. How was Oban? What was it like being the Avatar? Why hadn't he visited sooner? Instead she smiled. "I think I'd like that."

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