Author: Delen2000

Subject: Cameron gets a present from House! What will she do with it?

Disclaimer: I have absolutely nothing and I own absolutely nothing!

Rating: I don't write smutty smut, but I make references.

Author's Note: Because I am currently adding new storyline and filling in gaps, it has been suggested that I repost in order as I finish. This seemed to make the most sense, since i was just confusing a very good story the other way, lol. Please review and tell me what you think!

Chapter 1

Cameron was startled almost out of her chair when something heavy was thrown on her desk. The loud sound of something metallic hitting the glass echoed in her ears. She held a hand to her throat in a futile effort to get her breathing and heartbeat down to normal. She slowly got a hold of herself and glared up at the perpetrator.

"What the HELL was that!" She spat furiously at him.

"Well, what the HELL does it look like, Dr. Cameron?" He asked calmly.

Damn him, she thought and reached with shaking hands toward the crumpled mess in front of her. She grabbed the offending item and brought it closer for inspection. "Keys." She said softly. It was in fact three keys that she didn't recognize and a key chain in the design of a house. Mocking her, she thought grimly. "Keys?" She asked with a little more confidence.

"Very good, Cameron, those are keys. That's a desk and that's a chair. Pretty soon your gonna have the brain-damaged one beat." He twirled his cane. Her hands closed around the keys and looked at them thoughtfully.

"But, what I meant was, whose are they? What are they for? Why are you giving them to me?" Her voice got pointed and sarcastic as she went on.

"I see." He put both hands over the top of his cane's handle and leaned on it heavily. "Well, they are yours, they are for you to use, and because they are yours. Does that answer your questions?" House started for the door, leaving Cameron more bewildered then a moment before. Score one for the cripple.

"STOP!" She nearly shrieked. "Tell me what this is all about." She pointed at him and held him to the spot with her gaze. Her other hand still held the keys hostage in mid-air, hoovering almost comically over her desk.

He turned slowly and sighed, leaning against the frame of the door he'd just managed to open. "The keys came from me. They are to my house; hence the 'house' key chain. They are spares and you may use them for whatever you wish in whatever fashion you choose." He explained slowly.

"B-But," Cameron stuttered out. "We aren't dating, we aren't seeing each other why would you want to give me your keys?"

"As I said, they are yours to use for whatever you wish in whatever fashion you choose. You want to come over and steal my beer, go ahead. You want to watch General Hospital, come on over. You want to strap yourself naked to my bed, be my guest."

And with that he waltzed (well... limp-waltzed) through the doorway into his office and sat down in his chair. His ipod was soon seen in his ears and his Game Boy in his hand.

Cameron was left to wonder and puzzle out the appearance of the mystery keys. She turned the heavy key chain over in her palm and read the inscription on the back. 'Alison Cameron, M.D.'

Slowly a grin began to form.