The Trio

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Chapter 24


After the battle with Zurten night time has arrive and the Trio searched Zurten's kitchen for some food. After dinner Naga begin searching for treasure or any secret spells on Zurten's castle, Kiko continues on the Kitchen eating what is left of food, Air Jay on the other has been sitting on the steps of the front door, the only thing on his mind is what is going to happen tomorrow, he and Naga have agree on going their separate ways since the Crystal was nothing but a fluke, they have no reason to stay together. They decided that it was the best way since they like to make a name for them selves on their own.

All that time Air jay has been remembering the first time he found Naga, how they defeated and humiliated the Aviar Army and how in the end he discover that she is Gracia, his long time friend, how much can live give you a twist.

In the beginning they did quite worked well as a team, that kind of surprised Air jay a bit, it's like they always worked together, but now they are going to part away first thing in the morning. He knew that their partnership was only momentary but he didn't want to leave her.

Why? Because for the very first time in his life Air Jay has fell in love, he has been with a millions of women in his time but he only used them for his own pleasure but only with Naga he truly found love. She's funny, annoying, and she was never afraid of Air Jay which caught Air Jay's admiration. Air jay just loves everything about Naga, he didn't care if she is Gracia or not, he loves them both. Heck, he even loves her insane laughs that can cause some serious damage to the hears.

If he loves her so much why is he letting her go?


Naga has been in Zurten's room, packing up some of his money and treasure that he kept in his room. The knowledge that Zurten gathered all over these years is immense, Naga won't be able to read it all, it might take her some time to study it all but it will be worth it, all these knowledge will be enough to make Naga more powerful then what she is now.

All of this was enough to make Naga forget that she will soon say good bye to Air Jay in the morning, it is something that she endured before, back in the old days when Air jay came to visit them in Seilune. But this time is for real, she will never see Air Jay again.

"Stupid Air Jay….." Naga murmured.

Air Jay is a perverted freak, Naga knows that, but he was always her best friend, and her long time crush, and unlike Lina he never used her to get the shots and he was always there to help her out and she unfairly accused for a murder he did not commit.

Naga admits that she would like to continue travelling with Air Jay but they both have made a name for themselves all over these years, and……

No, it is not because of their reputation that Naga believes that it is best they should go separate ways; it is because of the conflict that occurred between them because of believing that Air Jay was her mother's killer. How can Air Jay ever believe in her again after she tried to kill him even if they reconsider with each other?

She admits, she is in love with Air Jay, even if he a perverted goof and an evil killer, but she is afraid of his reaction to her confession, he would probably spit her out because of her attempt of murdering him. So to prevent all that, Naga decided that it was best to live on their lives in separate ways.

But even at this moment Naga feels alone, just like before.

When Naga first meet Lina she only saw her as nothing more than an obstacle that prevented her to be the best, but after they fought together or against each other, she admits that that loneliness faded away, even in times when Lina tried to get rid of her.

The last time Lina managed to ditch her, she found her in another town disguised because Lina had a big bounty on her head, but Naga was deeply surprised to see that along side with her was her sister Amelia. In that time Naga wanted to catch Lina and collect the reward for herself but after she saw that Amelia was with her she gave up on that idea. The last time she saw Lina was when Naga was hired by some octopus people, but once again Amelia was with her, Naga never dared to attack Lina with Amelia around, she didn't feel ready to see Amelia again back then just like she is not ready to see Amelia now.

Because of her fears and her pain, Naga feels very alone, a loneliness that she had back in the past but when she meet Air Jay again all that loneliness faded away again, because with him Naga managed to unleash some heavy weight off her shoulder.

Naga is in love but it is killing her.

Suddenly Naga hears a knock on the door. She opens up the door to see none other but the man who has been in her mind in these last hours. "Air Jay? What is it?"

"Hey baby, can I come in?"

"Well….sure, come right in…"

Air Jay enters the room, but for the first time in his life he doesn't know what to say, he just looks back at Naga and saw that she has been with out her cape and shoulder guards, and by the looks of her eyes she is just as nervous as he is. "So……what are you doing?"

"Just sweeping around Zurten's stuff to see if I can find any powerful spells." Naga responded with out looking at his eyes.

Air jay was in silence for a moment. "You know, in a funny way, we should thank Zurten."

"Why's that?"

"Without him we would have never seen each other again and we would have never left in our first and only adventure together."



They remain in silence again; a silence that was intoxicating and it was killing both of them.

"RAIOS!!! (DAMN IT!!!)" Air Jay screamed in frustration and kicked one of the chairs. "I can not take this anymore!!! I don't want you to go away! I want you to stay with me!"

"Why?" Naga asked, trying to sound serious. "Who do you think you are to demand me such a thing? Do you think I'm some sort of object that you want to keep it for your self? Is that what you think?

"No, it is not what I meant, damn it! I don't want you to leave because I…..." Air jay stopped in that sentence and took a deep breath. "I'm going to be honest again and don't laugh for what I am about to say. I don't want you to leave because…….I'm in love with you."

Naga's Hearts starts to beat in a rapid speed with Air Jay said that. At first she thought that he was just making fun of her but she understands that's he's telling the truth by the sincerity of his voice. "You…..really?"

Air Jay took a deep breath, never in his life he's been in such a complicated situation. "I said that I am in love with you! What do you have to say about that?"

Naga remain in silence for a moment, she never thought that Air Jay would return her feelings to her, in the end her fear was all for nothing, she just needed to make Air jay take the first step. But suddenly a question pops in her mind. "I'll answer to your question if you answer mine first."

"Ok, what is it?"

"Did you fell in love with Naga or with Gracia?"

Air Jay walks to Naga and approaches his mouth to hers. "With both, my sweet dear crazy Naga."

Naga blushed with that answer but then she puts a soft smile in her face. "I love you too, you crazy talking hair ball." She mouthed in his mouth.

After that they both kissed each other for the second time with both of them wrapping their arms around each other and slowly walking to the bad and laying down in it.

And then the lights turn off.


Naga wakes up in the middle of the night and sees herself resting on top of Air Jay, both of them in their birthday suits and with a sheet covering them. She looks up at Air jay's face, by the peaceful way he's sleeping is hard to believe that this man is a cruel killer, and it is hard to believe that this is the same man she unjustly accused of a crime and tried to kill him, she sees this man more like the long time friend which she had a crush on. "Mother was right, love works in ways that we can not comprehend." She thought to her self, the giggled.

"What's so funny?" Air Jay asked.

"Oh, did I wake you up?"

"Well, at least it wasn't your insane laughs that wake me up."

"I can always laugh my famous laugh."


Naga then looks around when she noticed something. "Say, isn't strange that Kiko didn't come to look for us?"

"Not really, he's possibly eating all the food in the joint." Air Jay then looks up to the ceiling. "So what do we do now?"

"What do you mean?" Naga teased.

"We are going to continue to travel together, no?"

"So did you do all this, hoping to convince me?"

"No I…..."

"OOOHOHOHOHOHOHOH!!!! You are becoming quite knowable Air Jay. But relax, we are still going to continue to travel together."

Air Jay rubs his hear with his finger. "Its really going to take me sometime to get use to your laughs, you know?"

Naga just chuckled at his reaction. "With you around I can go to any restaurant and get dozen's of meals for free since people are afraid of you."

Air Jay chuckled back. "What's the big surprise baby? people have always been afraid of me."

"True, and I'm sure we will make a powerful team, the Aviar Army can be the judge of that, and I'm sure we can help each other out."

"I believe so, I can help you out overcoming your fear for blood."

"That would be nice, and I can teach you some tricks about how to defeat Lina, as a matter of fact I can teach you one right now."


"Yup, all you have to do is just wait until Lina is about to attack you, then you say FLATCHEST, and she fall down to the ground like an idiot."

Air Jay sweat dropped. "Are you serious?"

"Yup, its one of my favourite attacks, I call it Flat chest Crush."

"Don't remind me that Lina is flat chest Naga, one of my horrible experiences was to see how flat chest Lina is."


"ATCHOO!!!" Lina sneezed.

"Are you alright Lina?" Gourry asked, both he and Lina are also in their birthday suits and with sheets covering them.

"I think I got a cold but it is strange because I don't feel chilly."

"Well, I'll warm you." Gourry wraps his arms around Lina very tenderly.

Lina then rests her head on Gourry's chest with a soft smile on her face, she and Gourry finally confessed their love even if it needed a little push from that psycho Air jay, even so Lina is glad that he's dead. But now she and Gourry can now start a new life together and with out Phibrisio or Air Jay torturing them. "Thanks Gourry……"

The Next day.

The Trio left Zurten's mansion on the way for a new adventure.

Kiko felt glad to see that Naga and Air Jay decided to continue to work together, he's sure that Sylvinia would like that.

"So why can't I blow up Zurten's mansion?" Air Jay asked. "Its not needed anymore so why not just bash it?"

"Because I want to make that castle our temporary accommodation, Zurten collected many long time forgotten spell that might help us." Naga responded. "So many that it will be impossible for me to learn all about it in such short time. It would be a waist to let all that knowledge go to waist."

"Good for you baby, if I read many lines with no pictures I'll snooze." Air Jay joked.

"Are you sure that the force field that Kiko created will be enough to guard the castle?"

"Yup, Kiko only used zero point one percent of his power to do it. But to where are we going again?"

"To an island called Misprood, I went there once with Lina once but I want to meet with a certain hotel owner that owns me a lot of money for his fake hot spring."

Air Jay and Naga chuckled sinisterly with each other.

Kiko gulped. "(I'm sure that these two are having some bad intentions when they get to the island. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to let these two continue to work together.)"

In that moment a group of Bandits surround the Trio. After that the leaders of the bandit group appear, it is the former members of the Aviar Army, Brunou and Lim.

"Congratulations you are the first victims of the former members of the mighty Aviar Army!" Brunou said as he points his sword to the Trio, they are under the shadows of a tree which is why Brunou didn't recognize them immediately.

"So if you want to live then give us your money." Lim ordered.

"Why Air Jay isn't our old friend fatty?" Naga asked as she comes out of the shadows.

"Yes it is, I miss torturing this guy." Air Jay said as he comes of the shadows as well.

"THE MANIACS!!!!" All the former soldiers of the Aviar army screamed then ran away for their lives.

"That's it!!!" Lim screamed as he runs away as well. "This life as a bad guy is to dangerous so I'll try something safer, like travelling on the sea with out a ship!!!"

"You cowards!!!" Brunou shouted, the he felts a cold on his spine when he felt Air Jay and Naga right behind him. "Wait for me!!!!" he cried as he runs after his soldiers.

"Hey get back here fatty! We want to pull out your heard again!!" Naga called as she runs after Brunou.

"Wait for me Naga!" Air Jay called as he runs after Naga. Both of them laughing like maniacs.

"(Wait for me you guys! I was made for comfort, not for running!)" Kiko telepathically complain as he levitates to the air and flies after Naga and Air Jay.

From the Heavens Sylvinia watches the Trio, with a smile on her face to see her oldest daughter becoming a very powerful woman, and for Air Jay who even in the most difficult situations continued to carry on with his promise, and for Kiko who continues to guide both of them with wisdom.


Five years passed ever since the defeat of the Dark Star, since Air Jay's defeat to Lina and since Air Jay, Naga and Kiko teamed up.

During all that time the Trio have been in Zurten's castle where they've searched for all his stuff and learns many long forgotten spell which made them powerful, and during that time Air Jay has help Naga overcome her fear for blood and she taught him some spell, in the end Air Jay learn the very spell that Lina used to defeat him, the Dragon Slave.

And right now the Trio are in an inn eating a peaceful meal, Air Jay and Naga are wearing capes and hood to cover their faces because they are quite near the city of Seilune, they had some trouble to let Kiko in the Inn but Air jay managed to convince the innkeeper.

"Alright, let's review our plans here." Naga said in a low voice so that no one could hear them. "We will enter in one of the secret passages way in the castle and we'll find my uncle Christopher and kill him."

"Yeah, after that, we shall pass to the second step and set up our rematch with Lina." Air Jay finished with a low voice.

"(How long has it been since we have been in Seilune?)" Kiko asked telepathically. "(It seems like a life time.)"

"But remember, I want to avoid any confrontations with my sister, you got that?" Naga added.

Air Jay sits back on his seat. "You know Naga, after all these years I'm surprised that you still don't want to see your sister again, even now that she has a daughter."

Naga let out a deep sigh. "I'm still not ready to see again, alright?"

"But c'mon baby, you have a niece. Don't you want to see your niece at least?"

"Well, maybe……but the one I would really want to get my hands on is the one who left my sister pregnant!" Naga said with a certain fury in her voice. "I mean, Amelia got and raised a child on her own, shouldn't the father be there to support her as well?"

"You know I would gladly pound the guy who got Amelia loaded but we don't know who that is and….." Air Jay was silence when he heard someone getting into the in.

"What, what is it?" Naga asked. Then she looks to where Air Jay was looking, it is none other than Zelgadiss who is still a chimera and he didn't have his wood up. "Damn, that guy is really weird; he seems to be a chimera."

"That is Zelpatinss Meywoulds, or what ever his name is." Air Jay replied.

"You know him?"

"Not really, but according to Xellos memories he travelled around with Lina Inverse, and there seems to be some romantic evolvement between him and Amelia."

"What?" Naga cried very low. "My sister and that weirdo? What did Amelia ever saw in him? So this is the one you said that is the Grandson of Rezo?" Naga then gasps. "Wait, what is this is the one who left my sister pregnant?"

"Possibly, he's on his way to Seilune as well."

"How do you know that?"

"Kiko told me, he has good hears and he heard Rock-face over there asking for directions to Seilune since he said that it has been a long times since he's there."

Naga looks back at Kiko, that dog will never stop surprising her. Then she looks back at Zelgadiss with an angry glare. "Change of plans Air Jay. We will check this guy out first, to see if he's worthy for Amelia, if not you can finish him for good Air Jay. After that we can continue with our original plan."

"No complain from me baby." Air Jay said with a smirk. "After all is said and done, the Trio will start making their legend in the new world."

"That's right!!!! OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOH!!!!!" Naga shirked as she kicks the table and then runs out of the Inn with her insane laugh.

"YO, wait for me baby!!!!" Air Jay screamed as he runs after Naga.

"Auuuu, au au auuuu? Auuu ? Auuuu! (What are you two running about this time? why do you always love to run? This is insane!)" Kiko barked as he runs after Naga and Air Jay.

Zelgadiss on the other hand looked at them like if they're mad. "Lunatics……"


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