This has got to be the weirdest story ever written!


It was another of doomy doom at the cafeteria. I'm writing about a cafeteria! W00T! Danny, Tucker, and Sam were there and they were eating food (If you could call it that)! WOW! But they weren't really eating; it was more like shoveling gobs of food into their mouths.

Then deep inside Danny's mind a tiny part of his brain swelled to twice its original size, AND THEN IT EXPLODED! Shooting gray matter all over the inside of his head. Pretty cool, huh? This caused a light bulb to pop over Danny. He had an incredible idea and could no longer keep it inside his now partially liquefied mind.

Danny: Hey Sam, do want have my children?

Sam: Okay.

The two friends ran to Danny's house to go mate. Nine months later a new life form entered the world I guess.

In the hospital:

Sam: I can't take anymore this baby won't come out!
Dr. Manguy: Just keep pushing! If I loose another child today I'll get pay deduction!

Danny: Stop hurting your mommy demon child!

Danny slaps Sam's stomach as hard as he can to get the baby out. And it shoots out like a rocket!

Nurse Lady: IT'S A BOY!

Danny: That's not just any boy! It's not even a baby; it's Artemis Fowl!!!

Sam: (full of joy, and nachos) I'm the mother of a criminal mastermind. I'm so proud.

Dr. Manguy: I'm afraid your son thinks he is a skunk.

Sam: There's another baby coming'!

Our pops: Drake and Josh!

Drake: I never thought it would so simple then I found a way. I found way…(keeps singing)

Josh: Sing it brother!

Then for no apparent reason Artemis Fowl-Skunk mauled Dr. Manguy! Oh no!

Danny: That's my boy.

Nurse Nursington: Quick, lets leave before she gives birth to Harry Potter.

Artemis in the chaos ran outside the hospital…

To be continued…


Why are you still here? I SAID TO BE CONTINUED GO AWAY!

What's wrong with you man? The stories over for now. SO GET LOST!

That's it I'm not writhing anything else in this chapter!

Except for this:

End (for now)