Chapter 2 already I'm spoiling you guys and girls and hamsters.


Would you like Fries With That Chapter 2: Total Insanity!

Artemis ran out into the street where he mauled Elliot/Gregor because he new all about what that poser had done to his mommy. Exactly how we shall never now. Skunk-boy then did what any 14-year-old genius that thought he was a skunk would of done; go to the ZOO! of course. There he saw Dinky the Anteater Monkey Hybrid, a Mutant Chicken of DOOM, and his favorite the sloth.

Sloth: Hello, my name is Sid, Sid the Sloth. I was from the movie Ice Age but now I can't find work so I'm stuck as the sloth in this fan fiction.

Artemis: (Howler Monkey Noises)

Sid: That's a great idea! We'll open up a karaoke bar.

And so Artemis and Sid's Karaoke Bar was a huge hit of doom, Danny and Sam stopped being alive when Sam gave birth to a Velociraptor that ate everyone. And Tucker had his organs ripped from his body to be replaced with chicken dung.

The End

(For real this time)