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Mahou no Shinobi

Chapter 1: Books, forms and chaos.

Inside his office, the Sandaime Hokage of Konoha, Sarutobi, watched a young blonde haired boy struggle to get up. Through his crystal bal, he had witnessed how a group of villagers had mobbed the poor child, calling him demon, beating him and cutting him. They dared not stab him out of fear of the retributions of the Hokage should he die, but that did not lessen their drive to inflict pain on the poor child one bit.

Still, their actions were getting bolder and bolder. On the day of graduation, Mizuki had even tricked the boy into stealing the scroll of forbidden seals, and had nearly revealed the secret to Naruto. Fortunately, Sarutobi had intervened with a quick chop to the neck before the traitor could begin to reveal too much, but now he wondered if he had made the right choice. Not knowing the reason why you are hated was worse then knowing you were hated for a foolish one.

Guilt ripped through the old man's heart. He had hoped, he had hoped so much that the village would see him as the hero the Yondaime wished for him to see that he had done little to alleviate the pain the boy went through every day. Now, though, he could no longer ignore it. He would let the boy know that there were people whom would support him, before it was too late.

Sarutobi calmly, yet quickly walked towards his own personal library. It was a big one, but he was called 'the professor' in the ninja world so there was little surprise there. He paced through the room, trying to find a good scroll or book to give to Naruto. He knew that the academy teachers tried to prevent him from learning as much as they could, and he also knew that if he gave a scroll containing well-known techniques scrolls to naruto, the council would be in an uproar. They could not allow the demon to grow into a ninja, after all.

Sarutobi gritted his teeth. "Fools. As if the Kyuubi would ever lower himself to learning human ninjutsu. If Naruto truly was the Kyuubi, then this village would no longer be standing."

He paused at a chakra control scroll, but decided against it. Chakra control was easily detected, especially by Hyuuga, who held even more hatred for him then most, if at all possible. No, Naruto would need something… old. Something forgotten. Something he could practice without other people being aware of it.

Sarutobi paused, and then reached toward a cabin that held his greatest collection. Books of an age older then Konoha itself were lined up. The Hokage reached out and pulled out an ancient looking tome. It was a huge tome, with a black cover. On the cover itself was a strange symbol. A triangle, encased by a circle, the three sides of the triangle had smaller triangles pointing towards them as well, with each a strange symbol inside them. Inside the largest triangle were three circles, which also had a strange symbol in the center. The outside ring had entire rows of such symbols written on it, and many more circles of symbols were placed inside.

This was the oldest book in his collection, his great pride. Archeologists had dated the book to be before the creation of Konoha, before the creation of the shinobi countries. And yet, he had never read it. He couldn't, it simply did not feel right. As if he wasn't meant to read its content.

It was risky, giving this book to naruto. Not even he could predict what would happen if he gave the boy this book, and yet… something told him that this was the book that belonged to Naruto.

He nodded, and headed for Naruto's apartment. He had made his decision.


Naruto's apartment could easily be described in one word: Miserable. The building was an old one, but where the other apartments had received maintenance and care, Naruto's looked like it had not been serviced for years.

And it probably hadn't.

The Sandaime Hokage sighed sadly as he read the half washed away graffiti on the walls, consisting of messages such as 'beware, demon' and 'go to hell' and once more questioned his judgment in letting the boy live alone.

He knocked on the door, but received no response. Sarutobi remained patient at the door, waiting half a minute before knocking again. The response was the same. He was about knock a third time until he heard a voice whispering from the other side.

"Who is it?"

Sarutobi felt his heart being wrenched from its socket as he heard the pain in the voice. Was Naruto so close to the breaking point that he no longer felt the need to put up his mask of smiles?

"It's me, oji-san." He answered.

The door slowly opened, and Sarutobi finally got a good look at Naruto.

The results made him feel both relief and terror.

Physically, Naruto was fine. A few patches of dirt, but that was it. There were no scrape or cut marks to be found. Sarutobi knew this was because of Kyuubi's regeneration abilities, but it put him at ease that the boy was at least physically fine.

Mentally, however, was another matter entirely. Naruto had tried to give him his patented fox grin, but it only managed to get halfway there. And his eyes, the window of the soul, displayed terror, sadness, and a lack of will to live.

"can I enter?" Sarutobi asked. He received a shrug in reply.

"Sure." Naruto answered as he opened the door fully and let the old man in. Sarutobi found a chair to sit on, and motioned for Naruto to sit on the bed. "So, whatcha here for old man?" Naruto decided to start.

"Two things. First, I heard you ran into… some trouble, this day." Naruto didn't say anything, but a flash of fear in his eyes told the Hokage everything. "I am here to explain why that happened."

"There is a reason?" Naruto asked.

The Hokage flinched at naruto's surprise when he was told there was a reason behind his misery. "Yes… although it cannot be called a good one. Has the academy taught you anything about the Kyuubi?"

"The legendary nine tailed demon fox who tried to destroy the village, he got killed by Yondaime when he attacking this village at the cost of said Hokage's life." Naruto summarized, letting his idiot mask slip for only a moment.

"Ah, that it was the books say, but as you know history is written by the victor, and does not necessarily have to be the truth."

Naruto tilted his head. "Then what is the truth?"

"Have you ever heard of a beiju being killed?" Sandaime asked. "In all the stories in all the countries, ours is the only one that tells of the death of a beiju. Every other Beiju that was defeated was sealed away in either an inanimate object or a person. Now, don't you think it is really strange that while every village in the world failed to kill a beiju, we managed to kill the strongest of them all?"

"Unless we didn't kill it." Naruto mused, realization dawned upon him. "We sealed it, just like the other countries have done."

"Yes, we sealed it. We sealed it in you."

Naruto just sat there, cross legged on his bed. He was stunned. But then again, what can you expect? He just got told that he had the strongest of the beiju sealed within him, and that the village hated him for it.

He blinked. "But wait, why does the village hate me for that?"

Sarutobi sighed. "That, unfortunately, is human stupidity. The first time I told the people about you, I announced you as their savior and told them about the Yondaime's seal. One of the people then noted that Kyuubi was still alive, and proposed to kill you for good. Needles to say, I opposed, but many more cries came for your death. I made sure that nobody would try to kill you, and made a law that stated people were forbidden to talk about you being the container. Unfortunately, stories were still being spread, and grew wilder and wilder over time. Were you where the container at first, slowly you grew into a fusion with Kyuubi, to Kyuubi's reincarnation itself. Fear shaped you into something you weren't." Sandaime bowed his head. "And I did nothing to stop it. I trusted that the village would make the right decision, and I was wrong. Forgive me."

Naruto sighed as he let himself fall on the bed and stared at the ceiling. "There was little you could have done, anyway. The Hokage may be the leader of the village, but you can't command people's hearts. It is nice to know the reason people come in and smash my apartment, though. Not to mention toss me out of stores and refuse to teach me anything in the academy."

"That is the second thing I came here for." Sandaime said, causing Naruto to tilt his head until he was looking at the Hokage again. "I also came here to bring you something that might help you get stronger." He reached behind his back and brought out the tome. He handed it over to naruto, who stared at it in wonder.

"It looks old."

Sandaime nodded. "It is. It is older then the shinobi countries themselves. I could not risk giving you a ninja scroll. The council would be in uproar and make it impossible for you to train, so I gave you something much older."

Naruto nodded. "What does it contain?" he asked. Sandaime smiled as his kindness was rewarded with a look behind the boys mask, giving him a glimpse of the boys more intellectual side.

"I don't know. I never read the book. Whatever is inside is knowledge of a time long past, and it is yours now." Naruto could only nod as his eyes were wide as diner plates.

"Well, I must be going, before they noticed I ran from paperwork again and start to ask questions. Good luck, Naruto. Be sure to practice everything that is inside that book out of sight." And with those parting words, the Hokage left the worn down apartment. As he walked away he had one final thought. "The boy needs a better place to live. Perhaps I can locate something more endurable."


back in the apartment, Naruto was sitting on his bed, cross legged with the tome in front of him. "Old man sure was right, this book is old." He ran his hand over the circle on the cover "And mysterious." He grinned. "Yosh! Time to unravel that mystery."

He opened the book, slowly and nervously and read the first paragraph.

Guide to magic.

Naruto blinked. A guide? Not really what one would expect from an ancient book. Then again, magic sounded attractive. Maybe they meant jutsu?

Magic is commonly known as one of the three strongest fighting abilities in the world. By casting spells, magicians have the ability to do virtually anything. The only limit is the mind.

Well, that did sound very promising.

To learn the arts of magic, one most first unlock the magic sleeping within. To do this you need to access what is called the magi form. The magi form is a form the body will take to properly channel mana, the source of energy for all spells. See chapter 2, page 3 for more information on mana. Magi forms are not required for elfs, half-elves or drow.

Okay, so they were definitely not talking about jutsu. Jutsu needed seals, not some 'magi form' Not to mention he never heard of elves.

To unlock the magi form, place your hands on the magic circle drawn on the cover of this book. The circle should detect your presence and light up. When it does, call out 'bestow magic' this will cause the book to force a set amount of mana into your body, which will jumpstart your magi form.

Okay, sounds simple enough. Naruto nodded, he was tired of people walking over him. This was his chance to get stronger, he'd be a fool to let it simply lie there.

Placing his hands on the cover of the book, as instructed, he took a deep breath. No turning back. From this point it is always forward.

"Bestow magic!"

The effects were immediate. The magic circle on the cover started to glow a bright orange, and Naruto could feel a strange energy flowing through his body. It felt strange, it wasn't chakra, that much was certain. He felt the energy spread through every corner of his body. When it had done so, the magic circle on the book suddenly changed color, its bright orange suddenly changing to an equally bright pink. A wave of light flowed from the book, encasing Naruto in a cocoon of light. Naruto panicked, and tried to escape the wave, bout found his body unable to do so. Naruto had one last thought before he lost consciousness.

"Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all."

Then the world went black.

The light that returned to Naruto's eyes was painfully bright for some reason, making him wince. "Itetete, stupid light for being so bright, stupid book for making me pass out, stupid voice for being so high..." He blinked. "wait, voice?" The proverbal mental breaks came to a screeching halt as the last statement made its way to the root of his brain. "...since when does my voice sound so high?"

Naruto looked down at his body. His hands were thinner, and covered with very pale purple gloves that reached to halfway his upper arm. His body was longer... and slimmer.

Getting a sinking feeling in his stomach, Naruto dashed towards a mirror. Looking back at him was a pretty, young, girl. Long hair tied in a ponytail, being a dark pink or light purple color, depending on how you look at it (Naruto was slightly relieved to find it still quite messy) with eyes to match the hair. A large round orb served as an earring in the left ear. His clothing had changed as well. Besides the gloves, there were now two bracelets around his… her… no, his! wrists. The right one a golden color, the left one an emerald color. His orange jumpsuit had been replaced by a white sleeveless shirt, and red baggy pants. (AN: There's a picture in my profile) After having studied his new appearance for a moment, Naruto did what every other proud man would do in such a situation.

He freaked out.

Falling backwards, landing on his but he began stammering. "wha- what? How? Girl? But!" Naruto's mind was swirling, how the hell did this happen? He knew he was trying to access his magi form, but this? Had he done something wrong? No, he had done exactly what the book had told him. A flash of realization made his body jerk.

The book! If anything had the answer, it would be the book! He scurried over to the book, opened it, and found the page where he had left of.

Be warned, magi forms are completely random. While most people change in simple ways, such as pointy ears, wings or tails, it is not unheard of for people to change completely. Remember, the magi form is required to be able to cast spells.

Silence reigned through the apartment, until it was broken by a very, very loud voice.


If you do not like how your magi form turned out, don't worry. The first spell we will be practicing is how to turn back to your normal form. However, there is nothing we can do about the appearance of your magi form.

Naruto sighed in relief. At least he wouldn't be like this forever.

First, we will go over the basics of mana, turn to chapter 2 page 3.

Guide to magic, chapter 2: mana.

Mana is the source of energy necessary to cast even the basic amongst spells. It exists of pure mental energy, drawn and refined into use for combat, support or healing spells. The energy you felt coursing through you when you unlocked your magi form was a sample of mana. Like all energies, mana too has a chance to grow and increase. Unlike chi, used by martial artists and exists purely of physical energies, mana cannot be trained by the body. Instead, mana is trained by knowledge. They are mental energies, thus as the mind of the user grows, so does his or her supply of mana. This often leads to the false accusation that all mages do is sit in libraries and read books, while in fact we are training. Just not in the same way that chi-users do.

So, now that we know the basics of what mana is, let us focus on how to draw upon it. The goal of the spell we are going to use is so simple; it is actually not even worth calling it a spell. However, it is simple and easy to use, making it perfect for our first try. The goal of this spell is to revert out of your magi form, and back into your normal self. The process of calling up on mana goes as follow…

Naruto was completely captivated by the book. This book meant new abilities, new possibilities, and finally, something unique. Something just for him. He ended up studying and practicing all night.


The next day, at the mission office people certain people were… less then pleased with a certain orange wearing blonde.

Sarutobi drew in a large puff of smoke from his pipe. "So you mean to tell me that the client refused to pay because Naruto fell asleep on the ladder and the can of paint dropped to the floor?"

"Yes! He completely screwed up the mission." Sakura huffed.

"Hn. That dobe couldn't even paint properly if he tried." Sasuke remarked.

Kakashi only sighed. He knew that the can of paint wasn't the real reason the client refused to pay. Had Sasuke dropped the can, the old lady would have waved it of and tell them she would send for another mission to clean it up.

No, the real reason was that it was Naruto who dropped the can, and the old lady wanted to do everything to get a failed mission on his record. He could still remember hear her, muttering with a wide grin. "Now that demon will get demoted for sure." She had muttered. Kakashi had resisted the urge to snort. As if he would be demoted for failing a D-rank mission. Hell, if Hokage-sama had anything to say about it, it wouldn't even be on his record.

Sarutobi sat back in his chair and blew out a long puff of smoke. "Very well, I will handle it. Team 7, you can go home. Naruto, I want to speak with you in my office."

Kakashi send a surprised, and somewhat betrayed look towards the Sandaime, who returned it with a calm reassuring one. Kakashi calmed down, and nodded. Sandaime just wanted to talk to Naruto about something not related to today. Taking out his orange book, he followed his team. Both of which had victorious smirks from getting of the hook.

Naruto merely shrugged as he followed Sandaime towards his office. "Now then." Sandaime said as he took place in his chair.

"If it's about the mission, I don't want to hear it. Sakura has talked my ears deaf about that already." Naruto interrupted.

Sandaime raised an amused eyebrow. "Was I talking about today's mission?" he chuckled at Naruto's confused look. "Naruto, the only time you are tired enough to actually fail a mission through exhaustion is when you spend the entire night training, or practicing. So tell me, what did the book teach you?"

Naruto grinned and stepped to the center of the room. Once there, he spread his arms, holding the palms away from each other. Sandaime looked on in confusion. What Naruto was doing disabled him from using any handseals at all, thus negating him from using any type of ninjutsu.

Without moving a single muscle, an orange glowing symbol appeared on the floor, right beneath Naruto's feet. Sandaime immediately recognized the symbol as the same one that was on the cover of the tome. Suddenly, the symbol changed from its orange color to a bright pink one. A wind picked up, carrying unseen dust in the air that swirled around Naruto while he himself was encased in a layer of bright light unil he was completely obstructed from view. When the light and dust settled down, there was now a pink haired girl in Naruto's place.

Sandaime was blinking. This looked like a more advance henge... or something, not exactly what he was expecting. Further thoughts were interrupted by Naruto

"Watch this oji-san!" The girl responded with a typical Naruto grin, as she stretched out one arm forward, and let a sphere of light hover above it. The sphere increased in size and brightness, and then shrunk again. "This is just one of the support spells. A simple light spell." The girl spoke, voice filled with unbridled pride and excitement. "I can't show any of the attack spells, cause they're aimed to destroy a lot. I'd blow up your office if I showed you here.

Sandaime's eyes widened as the implications of what Naruto told him sank in. He was now, for all intents and purposes, able to do jutsu without handseals! "Naruto..." He spoke. "Do you have any idea how powerfull this ability is? To do jutsu without handseals! Even jounin, no, even Kage can only do small jutsu without handseals!"

The girl shook her head as another pink symbol appeared beneath her feet. Another dust cloud rose, and after the bright light Naruto was back where he had gone. "Not jutsu, oji-san, spells."

Sandaime tilted his head. "I'm not sure I understand. Could you explain in more detail?" And so Naruto did. He told Sandaime about mana, about how he had opened up his mana supply, about magi forms and the nature of spells. All the while Sandaime was smiling. It had turned out to be a good idea to give Naruto that book after all. Not only did it give Naruto a chance to let his hidden intellectual side out, but if Sandaime wasn't mistaken –which he hardly was- then Naruto was doing something right here, in this office, what he hadn't done in a long time.

Smiling a true smile, one not covered by his mask of grins.

Yes, giving him the book certainly was a good idea.

"Oji-san, I have a favor to ask of you." Naruto told the old man, after he had finished his explanation.

"What is it?" Sandaime asked, fully knowing that Naruto hardly ever asked for favors.

Naruto took a deep breath. "I would like to have my skills at magic registered as Uzumaki clan Hijutsu. Protected for privacy by the Hokage himself, and able to release only by me."

Sandaime clasped his hands and let his chin rest on the back of the palms. He had thought this through. Without the use of chakra, Sasuke would not be able to copy his spells. But if he pressured his teacher, Kakashi could ask Naruto to teach Sasuke his abilities, it was fully within Kakashi's right to claim it was for the good of the team, and Sandaime had no doubt in his mind that Kakashi would easily relent to the Uchiha survivor's demands. However, Naruto had finally found something for himself, something that the Uchiha did not, and could never posses. Making these new abilities Uzumaki clan Hijutsu would enable a level of secrecy that not even he, the Hokage, could penetrate without Naruto's consent. The council would be in an uproar to find such powerful abilities in the hands of the Kyuubi-brat.

But if it could make Naruto smile. Really smile. Then it was worth it. He had neglected his duty as Hokage towards this child of the village for long enough.

"Very well, Naruto. Starting today, all use of magic inside Konoha is Uzumaki clan Hijutsu. From this day on, you are Uzumaki Naruto, ninja and Konoha's sole magic user."


Well, that was chapter one. Now, I know one or two people might be asking themselves "why Arche?" Truth is, I don't know! Here's a possible explanation, though: I have been toying with the idea of Naruto disguising himself to have something of a normal life, but before I could even start to write that down, I watched the Tales of Phantasia OVA (seriously, despite being vague if you haven't played the game, its worth to watch. Go youtube it, at the very least if only for the action), and thought how cool a magic using Naruto can be. Combine those ideas, and you get this. And no, there will be no Yaoi. Just because Naruto turns into a girl when he wants to cast spells does not mean he suddenly falls for boys, that just doesn't make sense. It's more like… a Ranma thing, if you will.

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