"Agent Spectra! Agent Spectra! Come in, Agent Spectra!" Plug, secret agent for the E.S.A. (Experiment Spy Alliance), snuck closer to his target. He inched along the wall, feeling for bombs along the way. "Come in, Agent Spectra!"

"Roger, Agent Spectra is here," rallied Spectra, Plug's sister and crime-fighting partner. "Agent Plug, do you read?"

"Agent Plug reads."

"Oh, good! Do you have the target in sight?"

"Yes, I believe I do. It's kind of large, and a purplish-pink, right?"

"Yes, it is! You've found it!"

"I'm going to try to get closer in…"

"Oh, please be careful, Agent Plug…" Spectra clasped her hands together in worry at the dangerous mission before her brother.

"I will, Agent Spectra, don't worry." Plug smiled gallantly and moved in closer… closer… his hand crept along… he found it. Grasping their long-sought-out target, Plug scampered back to his sister, cackling softly.

Spectra gasped in delight upon seeing the prize her brother had brought back. "Oh! It's wonderful; thank you!"

"What did I always tell you? I said we'd find it in the end," Plug boasted happily, "and we did! So there! In your face! I was right and you weren't."

She stuck out her tongue at him. "Bragger."

He just copied her rude gesture right back at her. "So, you wanna, you know, do the honors?"

"Okay," Spectra said quietly, uncertainly. This was the big moment they'd been planning for weeks, and she knew she'd somehow mess it up. She took a deep breath, telling herself that she could do it. She raised her arm and, in one swift movement, pulled off the lid of their target.…

"Spectra, get your hand out of the cookie jar!" her father, Sparky, called, zooming into the room.

The pups pouted. "Aw, dad!" cried Plug.

"Playing secret agents again?" asked Sparky with a wink.

"We're not 'playing,'" said Spectra huffily, "we're really secret agents. You'll see. Just you wait; someday the E.S.A. is gonna come take us away on a mission and you'll have to believe it."

Sparky laughed and ruffled his daughter's hair. "Yeah, well, I'll believe it when it happens."

"What's all ta ruckus in here?" Bonnie, the pups' stepmother, sauntered into the kitchen.

"Our little 'secret agents' have found the cookie jar," said Sparky, chuckling fondly at them.

"Can we have a cookie before dinner? Just one?" begged Plug. Spectra chimed in for the "Pleeeeaaaasssseeeeeee?"

"Well…" Bonnie and Sparky exchanged a glance. "All right, but jus' this once," she told them.

Spectra and Plug smirked happily, grabbing a cookie each and running off on another secret agent mission for the E.S.A. This left Bonnie and Sparky together in the kitchen, alone.

"Bless those li'l buggers," said Bonnie softly, watching them run off into one of the other rooms of the lighthouse.

"Yeah," Sparky agreed. "It's actually kind of nice having pups… most of the time."

"Tell me about it." She smiled, wrapping her arms around him playfully. "Electra would be so proud of you."

"I know." He smiled back, and then frowned, adding, "Do you think Jumba still likes me second-best?"

Bonnie threw back her head and laughed. "Sparky, you can't possibly still care about that, after all these years! Let it go. Asides," she said, her grip tightening, "ever since Clyde told me he had his eye on that 'speriment at the flower stand, you've always been first-best to me. And you always will be…"

Sparky laughed with her. It was exactly what he had wanted to hear. "Yes. I know." He turned around to face her, his lips meeting hers in a kiss.

But their romantic moment was short-lived, as a crash sounded throughout the lighthouse, and Spectra cried, "Daaaad, Plug knocked over the giant light maker thing!"

"Did not!" cried Plug indignantly.

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

Sparky and Bonnie looked at each other for a moment. "Shall we see what those li'l rascals are up to?" she asked.

Sparky nodded. "Oh, and remind me, I've got to call Naughty. He wants to get together and talk this afternoon… I haven't seen him much lately, and he wants to catch up with me."

Bonnie nodded. "You got it, Sparks."

Suddenly a grin creased Sparky's face. "Hey, race you to the top!"

"But we're parents now; we're supposta be setting a positive example or summat," Bonnie said. But her serious expression cracked, and she finally gave in. "All right, jus' this once. But you be wary, Sparks. Just acause you're my booshibu, doesn't mean I'm gonna letcha win!"

Sparky smirked at her playfully. "We'll see about that, Bandit." And he zoomed off into the house, his booshibu not far behind.

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

Some things never change.