This chaptered fanfiction is actually a series of drabbles, ficlets, and flashfic that I've written for various prompts and purposes over my time in Naruto fandom. Style may vary, given the difference in when I wrote them. Pairings will definitely vary, but I will indicate each one at the start of each "chapter."

Pairing: Hayate/Yuugao.

No prompt.

Before he left for the last time, he kissed her. He did it by taking her head in both hands and lowering his mouth to hers with the same polite, reserved precision he did everything. She leaned up to him, putting her hands on his shoulders and trying to slide her tongue between his lips.

He turned away from her with the same tense grace he might deflect a thrown kunai. "Not now, Yuugao-san." He still called her that sometimes, even now, but she could not bring herself to be annoyed at it. The sheath of manners and titles made the sword of his self all the brighter when it emerged. "When I come back."

Later, she wished that a kiss were a solid thing like a sword, that could be preserved with proper care and taken off the shelf when she wanted to feel it against her skin again.