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(A.N This could be from any Slytherin's P.o.V really, but I was thinking that it was either Tom Riddle or Blaise Zabini when I wrote it. What do you think?)

Silence is Silver
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Muggles truly did not know anything, he decided, especially when they came up with sayings as ridiculous as these. His eyes scanned the page of his Muggle Studies textbook and he hardly succeeded in not laughing as he read the phrase again. Silence, apparently, was golden, yet for that to have been the case would have been the biggest irony of all.

He had seen more than enough of life to know that silence was not and never had been golden. Gryffindors were the golden children, they with the courage of lions and the tempers of dragons. Others, it seemed, could not fault the Gryffindors, except for his own kind, the silver children, the ones that knew truth for what it was and never bothered to disillusion themselves with illusions of gradour and visions of splendour. The silver children knew that the loud and bolshy lions had did not even have a concept of the word 'silence'. No, silence was not golden.

Needless risk-taking and pointless dreaming, they were not the marks of silence. A lion's roar was too well heard and the lion itself too widely known for them to have been silent, let alone for them to have been the embodiments of silence itself. A snake, on the other hand, is silent in nature and the mention of its very name will strike fear into the bravest of men. Silent, venomous, deadly: feared and given such connotations that made it seem as though they were all Basilisks, as though they could all kill with nothing more than a single stare. But that fear did not matter; the snake was silent: the lion was not.

In the end, he decided, gold's very presence spoke so very loudly that it could never even have become anything near silent. Silver, however, was not so coveted; it was second best in their eyes, and second best, even when it raised its voice, was forever ignored in favour of its betters. Silence was not and never would be golden; silence, after all, was silver, second best… death, just like they were.