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Chapter one: The Day Begins

Sakura slowly opened her eyes and blinked away the tears that had begun to dry in the corners of her eyes. Slowly the memories of what had just occurred rushed to the surface and she screamed out the name of the dark shinobi that she had loved since she was a little girl.


The overwhelming feeling of emptiness and loss was too much to bear. Sasuke had abandoned their village, abandoned his friends and teachers. Abandoned her. After all she had said to him, all of her love and concern for the troubled young man pouring straight from her soul to his ears, he had still left. Didn't he realize that he was doing exactly as Itachi wanted? Didn't he realize that in a way he was killing his family all over again by turning his back on the village that the Uchiha clan had spent generations protecting? Not to mention the people who had become his new family, Kakashi-sensei, Naruto-kun and most of all herself. He left all of them just to gain power from a ninja as evil or more so than the older Uchiha he had sworn to himself to destroy.

A wail of despair racked through Sakura as she again cried out his name into the night sky , "Sasuke!"

Sakura quickly opened her eyes. She had been dreaming again. Ever since that fateful night over three years ago she still kept confronting Sasuke in her dreams as if that could somehow bring the lost Uchiha back to her. Sometimes he listened to her in those dreams and let her embrace him, let her hold him close and turn him back to the village. Most of the time though, it was like this. A useless attempt to save him and she woke up with the pain fresh in her heart as if it had just happened.

"Get a hold of yourself girl," A panting now 17-year-old Sakura said to herself. "It's time to move on."

Although her dreams still troubled her, Sakura had been telling herself for a long time now that life had to go on and even though the saying went that "absence makes the heart grow fonder" it also tended to change the way you looked at things. The more she thought about how Sasuke had left, the more she couldn't get over his selfishness. She still cared for him, but her interest had gone from an intense schoolgirl crush to pity and a sincere desire to rescue him from himself.

All the members of team 7 couldn't help but feel that they might have somehow prevented Sasuke's leaving. Sakura knew from long talks with Kakashi that he felt that he had failed in teaching Sasuke the importance of teamwork and how the people you cared about had to be more important then a mission. Kakashi saw much of his younger self in Sasuke and it pained him that he was unable to get through to the troubled boy. Naruto and Sakura both felt that if they had been stronger they could have stopped him from making such a horrible mistake, so Sasuke's disappearance had spurred a season of new growth into the two of them.

Naruto had been studying with that pervert Jiraiya and had become remarkably stronger, his chakra control was immeasurably better and he had learned some amazing new techniques. He has also grown up a lot and since he had begun dating Hinata he was remarkable easier to get along with. Sakura herself had matured immensely from the 12-year-old girl that had fallen head over heels for the ultra cool Uchiha heir. The loss of Sasuke had made Sakura want to be as strong as she possibly could and her memories of her constantly staying on the sidelines in the battles of team 7 shamed her, and to this day she still kept her pink hair short in remembrance of the day she decided she would change. Her training the past four years with Tsunde had made her remarkably stronger and her abilities with her Chakra were getting even better than before with all of her practice as a med-nin. She continued to grow her skills by practicing with that lovable baka, Naruto, and training with Kakashi.

Tsunde, Naruto and Kakashi had become her closest friends in the years since Sasuke's disappearance. Tsunde was a beloved mentor, role model and friend, someone that Sakura felt she could learn so much from. She hoped that she would one day be able to compare herself at least in some ways to the current hokage. Naruto was a ramen buddy and all around fun guy to hang with. She liked talking to Naruto a lot too but he could be so blond and very naive about some things. Naruto and Sakura even helped each other with their training whenever they had time, Sakura giving advise about Chakra, Naruto giving advise on workouts and how to raise stamina. Both Naruto and Kakashi had an incredible sense of humor and each of them could cheer her up in their own way, Naruto's humor being more prankish and child-like, and Kakashi's . . . well, more perverted and cynical.

As for Kakashi, she and her former sensei had developed a special friendship. In the first year after his disappearance, they had spent many hours together talking over the lost Uchiha. In that time Sakura and Kakashi had become comfortable sharing things with each other, Sakura more than Kakashi in truth. In fact Sakura talked to Kakashi about a lot of the things that went on in her life. He was the one person that she thought she could tell anything to. He could be surprisingly wise and knowledgeable about things and as he helped her through her difficulties over the years he had let her see glimpses of his inner world. In some ways the copy-nin was as sealed to her as his face was behind his mask, but in others she could see through him as clearly as if she had borrowed his Sharingen. She had come to love his "cool" and sometimes quite blunt way of expressing things. Sakura knew that nothing she said to Kakashi in private would be spoken to anyone else and there had been times in the past four years where she needed that more then anything else.

Sakura glanced at the alarm clock that sat on her bedside table. Its green light flashed 5:30 AM at her in the darkness. Tsunde had decided it was time to bring Team 7 back to life and they were all going to meet at the old bridge where they had always used to wait for Kakashi as genins. Soon the new Sasuke-less Team 7 would be meeting for the first time to train for their next mission. She had heard Kakashi would be returning from his last solo mission last night, and Naruto had been back from training with Jiraiya for the past two weeks so now all the members of their team had arrived. Excitingly Kakashi was now "just" their team leader not really their sensei anymore, even though in a way he always would be. Officially at least they were now considered equals, teammates. After all her hard work and training she was excited to see how she would perform in the new team 7's missions. Kakashi had been gone on his latest mission for two months and Naruto had been too busy training and hanging out with Hinata to spend any leisure hours with Sakura so she had a few surprises for the two ninja's. Not the least of which was that she had created her first original Jitsu!

"Better get up," she thought, "I wouldn't want to be late for Kakashi's excuse on why he's late."

Sakura pulled herself out of her sheets and zombie walked to her closet to get her typical sleeveless red tunic shirt and legging style black shorts, she took her Konoha forehead protector off the dresser and tied her bubblegum pink hair out of her face with it, showing off a forehead that had finally grown into her face (at least a little). Lazily she pondered whether it was finally time to change her style a bit, after all this was supposed to be a new team 7, should she really wear the same clothes she'd been wearing since she was a child? Putting that pressing issue aside for the moment, she walked into the kitchen of her apartment and started to pour some cereal thinking how much she really wished someone would cook her breakfast in the mornings like her mom used to. She was glad to be on her own but she missed the companionship in the mornings. She sat on the bar stool at her kitchen counter pondering who might be up this early to get something hot to eat with when suddenly an amusing idea came over her.

"Why don't I go over to Kakashi's and see if he wants breakfast?" Sakura mused, "Maybe I can also fool him into being on time, and then getting up at this ungodly hour wouldn't have been for no reason!"

Sakura grabbed her pouch filled with her ninja gear, strapped it to her leg and rushed out of her apartment locking the door behind her and giggling as her idea seemed to sound better and better to her. Why hadn't she done this before? Maybe she could turn this into a training exercise and somehow sneak into his place to wake him. Maybe he would even make breakfast; he had to have some cereal in that pigsty of his. There was even a chance that if she were stealthy enough she would finally see what was under that stupid mask of his. Oh Naruto would be jealous!

With an early morning fogged mind and her "brilliant" idea getting her going, Sakura skimmed quickly through the lamp lit streets of Konoha towards Kakashi's apartment. Just ahead she could see the red tiled roof of his building and as she slowed down and peered around the corner of the tea house that was next to his place. She looked towards the darkened window that she knew was his bedroom. It remained open a crack, presumably so the cool night breeze would take away some of the heat that had been settling in ever since spring began.

"He's not awake!" Sakura thought grinning like a mad demon inside. "Hehehe it was totally worth coming here this early!"

"You go girl! Show that copy ninja whose sneaking skills rock and teach him how to get somewhere on time!" Inner Sakura cheered.

Stealthily, Sakura padded to the wall directly underneath his window suppressing her Chakra so that he wouldn't be able to sense her and concealing herself in the shadows, Sakura carefully channeled her Chakra to her hands and feet silently crawling up the side of the building towards the tempting opening of her former sensei's room. Cautiously she raised her head so that only her green eyes popped above the windowsill. As her eyes adjusted to the rooms' darkness she could just make out a figure sprawled face down on the bed. Carefully directing Chakra to her eyes, the room became clearer and she could see that her sensei was in a deep slumber and to her great disappointment he was still wearing his Jounin uniform, mask and all. He hadn't even bothered to take off his sandals.

"Men!" Sakura thought with disgust, mad that at the very least her attempt to see Kakashi's face had been foiled again. "Typical. I wonder if he ever takes off those clothes at all! Does he even wash them? Or is that why he wears the same thing every day even on his days off? Does he just never remove his clothes? Maybe all men do that, Naruto never seems to wear anything besides that silly orange jumpsuit either and come to think of it-"


Startled, Sakura fell the two stories down to the pavement and rubbed her head where she banged it, just managing not to kill herself by landing in a bush. Storm clouds gathered fiercely over her head and lightening bolts shot from her eyes as she glared towards source of her distraction.


Kakashi, awakened by the fuming sounds coming from his bedroom window peeked a droopy eye towards the green eyes and pink hair that were just visible above the windowsill.

"Sakura?" he called tiredly.

As he spoke he saw the green eyes widen and seconds later heard a crash in the bushes below his window. Painfully he limped to the window to look out and see if his little pinked haired Shinobi had come to any harm. Seeing the storm clouds brewing in her eyes Kakashi crinkled an eye at her and said " Come on up Sakura, I'll unlock the door for you."

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