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Somewhere, amidst the shuffling of leaves and the light splashes of water, three notes play in the back of his consciousness, a tenuous chord drawn taut in his mind. He has longed, since their disappearance, to grip it in his hands if only for a moment before it snaps and falls away.

"Seita!" He yells. "Nakichi!"

Stopping in front of the river, Yoshiharu blinks and tries to find the moon's reflection. It has been ten years since their disappearance, ten years of wading into the river to find them, ten years of squinting his eyes, straining his ears to listen. Still the notes play, faintly and like a whisper, a ghost of something that might have never existed - and the boy that should now be a man thinks that he has lost so much more than two companions, more than the kappa or the magic or the moon or the stars. He has wondered, since then, if it was all a dream, and sometimes feels as if nothing is real at all. His hands fish for something in his pockets - their hair ties, a parting gift - but again he finds them empty.

So, he stands there each night in the water, knee-deep and painted in shades of mist and hues of dreams, calling out their names. He misses them, misses the world as it passes him by, and walks with eyes half-lidded through the silence, waiting. The sky sighs and the wind carries a moment from days long past, laughing at him as it raises the scent of lost summers from the earth and the trees.

In the distance, two kappa hear a faint note on the breeze - a sweet voice in their memories - and look to the moon as the feeling flutters and disappears. They slink back into the water, leaving nothing but three trickling notes to echo their departure. Yoshiharu extends his hands, squints, grapples for that chord, and misses them again. They are gone - two silver apparitions descended into dreams.