I have decided to make a series of oneshots of older Raimundo, Kimiko, Jack, and Katnappe. As well as there kids. I'm not sure how many chapters its gonna be yet but they will be slightly intertwined. For example were they live, their kids names, ETC will be the same. Disclaimer: me no own Xioalin showdown.

Most important

A navy blue jeep pulled into the driveway of a large white house, which over looked the ocean. A woman in her early twenties exited the jeep a plastic super market bag in one hand and her car keys in the other.

Kimiko entered her house, the screen door slamming shut behind her. She dropped the supermarket bag by the door.

"Rai!" She called into the seemingly empty house. She walked toward the living room, "Rai, I need-" she stopped short.

There he was on the coach, with their six-month-old daughter curled up on his chest. They were both fast asleep. She smiled, and then she whipped out her picture phone, and took a picture of the two of them. She sent the picture to Clay, her father, and Keiko. She would have sent one to Omi and Dojo but Omi didn't have a cell phone, she had tried to teach him how to use one, but failed. She left to unload the car herself, no need to wake the two people that meant everything her.


I know its short, the others will be longer I promise. R&R