Ch 1. Never said Goodbye

Hermione Granger was lounging out by the pool, soaking up the summer warmth. Currently she was on holiday in Greece with her parents. Tomorrow they would be leaving and she wanted as much sun as she could get before then.

She was the reason they were there in the first place. One of her friends had convinced her to enter a competition for a magazine. All you had to do was write a diary composition and you could win a 500 pound makeover and a vacation in Greece for a week. Of course she was convinced she wouldn't win and so you can imagine her surprise when she got the letter.

The fashion designer they had sent to help with the makeover was great. When she had first seen Hermione she scrutinized her for a few minutes before sighing softly and shaking her head then she'd looked up at Hermione making her nervous.

"It might take a bit of work but don't worry, honey," she said in her thick Irish accent. "I'm sure I'll be able to do something with you." Truthfully, she wasn't liking the way this conversation was going.

"What do you mean? Be able to do something with me? What are you going to do?" the nervousness was clear in her voice and Laura, the fashion designer laughed.

"First we're going to get your hair done and then we're going to get your nails done and finally we have to get you some new clothes. You have a great figure honey I can tell even with the loose clothes you wear. You should be proud to have such a body! You should show it off!"

As she was telling Hermione this she was already dragging her into a hair salon. A dark haired girl was immediately at their side. Laura spoke to her quietly so Hermione couldn't hear what was being said; as a result she was getting thoroughly annoyed.

At first she thought about refusing to let them do her hair without knowing what they were doing but finally decided to be spontaneous for once and just went along with it. Two hours later Hermione stepped in front of a mirror and her jaw dropped to the floor.

Her hair was more curled now and it was more sleek, though still a little too frizzy. Now she sported a soft pink strip of hair down the right side of her face. If they had told her this was what the planned she would have objected but seeing it…well she liked it! A lot!

For the rest of that day they shopped, deciding to just skip the nails. Stubborn as a mule Hermione refused to put on any thing too revealing much to Laura's dismay. But she finally gave into the older woman's pleas and let her buy what she wanted, resolving to just not wear them.

Although she hadn't really changed much except a streak of colour in her hair, her parents were surprised with the results but complemented her all the same.

The week had been pleasant. They had visited all the historical sites and all the beaches. She had also met a guy that she had fallen for. He had black hair and dark blue eyes. His name was Kieran. Both knew they couldn't have a proper relationship and didn't really want one but saw no harm in going out while she was there.

Two days before she left he was leaving for college and so had wanted to make the last day memorable. He had taken her dancing and to dinner, then later they had returned to his house. By no way was she a virgin, having slept with three other guys but he was totally different from what she was used to. Being larger and more experienced, she certainly wouldn't forget and couldn't wait to tell Ginny about it.

Hermione was starting to doze off when something landed heavily on her stomach. She gaped for breath as she shot upright instantly reaching for her wand out of habit. The war was over but there was still death eaters out there. Many had been lost in the war including professor Sprout and Bill Weasley. Harry had been in a coma for six months afterwards but had finally pulled out of it, much to everyone's joy.

Many books had been written about the war and she was mentioned in most of them. Now people were almost as eager to meet her and Ron as they were to meet Harry! It was rather annoying.

Pig stared at her wide eyed trying to look innocent. With a sigh and a slight laugh she took the letter from the hyperactive owl's leg. With a yawn she unrolled it. Grinning she skimmed down it quickly.

It was from Ron asking if she wanted to stay at the Burrow for the last week of the holidays. Harry was already there. Suddenly remembering that she was in a public place she glanced around and was relieved that nobody was out. How would she explain and owl bringing her letters? Stretching she got up and headed inside to write a reply.


"HARRY! RON! HERMIONE'S HERE!" Mrs. Weasley yelled up the stairs as she pulled Hermione into a bone crushing hug. Three sets of feet could be heard running down the stairs and not a second later two red heads and a black haired boy burst into the kitchen. Seeing the predicament Hermione was having Ron decided to help, she did have to breathe after all.

"Hermione! It's great to see you!" Ron said pulling Hermione into his own hug causing his mum to let go. Then it was Harry and Ginny's turn to hug her. Ginny pulled back and looked her up and down.

"You look great! I love the hair! What happened in Greece, did you meet anyone?" she wiggled her eyebrows suggestively but Hermione just laughed and smirked. No matter how much she loved Harry and Ron she wasn't talking about her love life in front of them.

"Greece was brilliant! We went to all the museums and went to see all the sites…" she continued like this for a good five minutes before the boy's laughing interrupted her. 'What's so funny?"

"Nothing, don't worry about it," Ron gasped. Went she kept staring at him he just told her. "It's just that you look different and even act a little different but you still the same old Hermione that we know and love."

"Of course I am silly! I can't abandon my poor books just cause I have a new look," she said looking horrified at the mere thought of it! Everyone laughed at this statement and soon she joined in as well, it was good to back amongst them.


Finally the day they returned to Hogwarts arrived. It had been a pleasant end to the holidays; they played quiditch, shopped and played all sorts of daft games. But for some strange reason, Ron was giving her the cold shoulder. She had asked Harry and Ginny about it but neither knew why he was doing it either. Hermione made up her mind to ask him about it on the way to the train station.

The ministry had given them cars, after all how could they deny the Boy-Who-Saved-Us-All anything? A frantic Mrs. Weasley was running about trying to find anything they had forgotten and yelling up the stairs for them to hurry up or they would be late.

Shrinking her trunk Hermione stuck it in her pocket before bolting downstairs and out into the waiting cars. Ginny was already there and so was Harry, all they were waiting for was Ron, who would have to sit between Harry and Hermione. After about five minutes Ron finally put in an appearance and they were off.

As was usual for the last few days, Ron said very little to her. The other three exchanged glances and as they zoomed through London she decided to ask him about it.

"Em…Ron?" she asked carefully. He turned slightly in her direction but didn't turn to face her.

"Yes?" he answered shortly. Hermione began to chew on her bottom lip and thought for a second before answering, choosing her words carefully.

"Why aren't you speaking to me?" was the best she could come up with. Ron suddenly turned to her furious, so much so that she shrank back slightly.

"Why am I not speaking to you? Do you really want me to answer that?" he spat out turning bright red. "You should already know! How could you Hermione?" The hurt in his voice was easily heard. 'What the hell have I done to hurt him so much?' she wondered.

"Actually Ron," she said nervously. "I don't know, would you mind telling me?" This only made him angrier.

"You knew I liked you Hermione! I thought you liked me too, I was saving myself for you and I thought you were doing the same! Then you go behind my back shagging some Greek boy and then throwing it in my face!" he was practically shouting by the end of it. Hermione was very glad the driver couldn't hear this due to the sound proof glass between them. Her eyes widened at the realization of what he said. His sister and Harry's mouths were on the floor and both were very embarrassed about having to hear this.

"Ron I liked you in fourth year! You never asked me out! How was I supposed to know you liked me! And I was not flaunting it about! I told Ginny in confidence so you must have been eavesdropping!" she replied, shock lacing her tone.

"I was planning on asking you out this year!" he said a little dejectedly. "I was saving my first time for you! But now you went and gave your first to some guy you knew for only a week!" The blood was boiling under Hermione's skin. How was she supposed to know all this? She wasn't bloody psychic.

"Well I couldn't wait three years Ronald! And that guy has a name! It's Kieran and he wasn't my first anyway so stop going on about it! You shouldn't have found out about it in the first place!" Then she shut her mouth, she hadn't meant to tell him that Kieran wasn't her first time. He turned redder if that was possible.

"You bloody slag! How could you do that to me?" Realizing what he had said and knowing it had been too much he quickly made to apologize. "Hermione I'm sorry I didn't me-"

"Just forget it Ronald you obviously meant it or you wouldn't have said it," she interrupted him. Jumping out the car, which had just pulled up at the station she took off running, tears running down her face. Her friends tried to follow but she was already lost in the crowd. They resolved to find her on the train.

'Stupid bloody idiot,' she thought to herself. 'And now I had to face him again! I wish I could just disappear off the face of the earth!'

Passing through the barrier of Platform 9 ¾ she stopped and wiped her face. No point in letting everyone know that he had reduced her to such a state. She could cry later when she was alone in her bed, like she normally did.

'They would be coming through any second now,' she realized and took off running towards the train. Hopping aboard she turned the corner and banged into someone, hard. With an 'oof' she fell to the floor loosing all the breath in her lungs. The man she'd bumped into fell into the wall.

"Sorry about that," he said. 'He sounds awfully familiar,' she pondered to herself reaching for his outstretched hand.

"No it was my fault," she said looking up to meet his eyes as he pulled her up. She let go of his hand in pure shock and fell back to the floor again. Grumbling she climbed to her feet rubbing her backside, while he tried not to laugh.

"And who, my dear, are you? I've never seen you before, I'd remember someone as pretty as you," he practically purred causing her knees to go weak.

"I'm Hermione Granger," she said, then mentally smacked herself around the head. If he was who she thought he was then she should have used a fake name. 'And you are?'

"The one, the only and the absolutely amazing Sirius Black," he introduced himself jokingly, grinning broadly. 'So I was right. How on earth am I supposed to turn in my homework now?' was her last thought before she passed out. Leaving the astonished, black haired boy to catch her and take her to his compartment. Wondering where she had come from and why she had fainted.

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