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Chapter 2: Don't Want To Rain On Your Parade

The three detectives stood there frozen for a few minutes. None of them were really sure what to do. John broke the stillness by calmly walking past Cassidy and out the doors of the pin. Olivia was the next to move. She gestured for Cassidy to follow her into one of the vacant rooms.

Once inside the room, Benson examined her old friend. He looked at least ten years older than she did. His eyes that used to be so full of life were now…well lifeless. The baggy clothes did nothing to hide his too small frame. It looked as if he hadn't eaten in awhile. Olivia realized that she was staring so she stopped and sat down across from Brian. "Whose rape would you like to report?" She asked trying to be calm and professional.

"Mine." Olivia Benson's jaw dropped for the second time that day. She was in no way prepared for that.

"Excuse me?" She asked just to make sure that she wasn't hearing things.

"Last night I left the station around 9 p.m. and went to a bar for a few drinks. After I knocked back a few beers I headed home. While walking down an alley near my building I was slammed into a wall by some guy who I didn't see. He ripped off my clothes and proceeded to…penetrate me. I tried to turn around to get a small glimpse of the attacker, but he grabbed the back of my neck and made it impossible for me to move it. When he was done, the idiot spit on me and told me how pretty I was. I sat in the alley for a while until I gathered enough strength to get home. I wasn't going to report it at first, but then I remembered seeing a case about a guy who was raped by 3 women and how they didn't believe him. So here I am. I haven't had a rape kit done yet. I was kind of hoping that one of you guys would go with me." It was then that Olivia realized how vulnerable and fragile he was.

"Yeah, of course one of us would go. We should actually do that now. Is there anyone one in particular that you would like to take you?" She saw him hesitate for a moment before he gave her an answer.

"John maybe, if he's not busy. But-uh he doesn't have to if he doesn't want to. If he doesn't want to then would you take me?"

"Sure, let's go see if we can find him for you." She said and led him out of the room.

In the pin things were eerily quiet. There were no paper wads and no one was talking. Benson noticed that Fin and Elliot were actually doing paperwork. "Hey guys," She began, "Where's Munch?" Fin shrugged and said that He'd just gotten back with their coffee. "Elliot?"

"No one has seen him since he walked out of here earlier. My guess is…"

"The roof." Cassidy finished for him. Elliot raised a brow and Olivia just smiled.

"Do you want me to go or…?" Olivia trailed off and awaited her answer.

"I think I should go talk to him. Thanks anyway Liv." With that, Cassidy proceeded up to the roof.

"Who was that?" Fin questioned once Brian was gone. Before either two could answer, Captain Cragen waltzed into the room.

"Did I just see Brian Cassidy in here, or am I losing my mind?" Cragen asked his detectives.

"Both." Elliot stated and smirked.

"Very funny Stabler, but seriously what is he doing here?"

Fin was getting a little frustrated, "Who is Brian Cassidy?"

It seemed like no one heard him, because Olivia kept on talking like he wasn't there. "He was raped captain." Cragen shook his head in denial.

"No," he said, "Not Brian. This is some elaborate joke right?"

Elliot looked down and shook his head. Cragen sighed and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Who is this guy?" Fin asked again.

"Brian Cassidy was Munch's first partner. He left SVU to go to Narcotics." Olivia informed him.

"Where is he now?" Cragen asked.

"Up on the roof with Jew boy." Elliot joked, trying to cheer everyone up a little.