This was written as homework when I was in 6th grade (I'm in 7th now) but now it has been re-edited to make it into the most disgusting Invader ZIM story that you shall read tonight. I'm not to sure about the rating of K+ but the teacher didn't say it was adult content, just really disturbing, if you think I should change the rating tell me in the reviews.


The Furnace

One fateful day Dib was walking down the street, covered in dookie from a failed attempt to prove the existence of the dookie vampire Count Dookula! Blugh! He walked past a McMeaties and saw they had a new mascot. Yeah!!! This is the story of where the mascot came from, yes.

Tommy's job was to get the wood for the fire from the box at the bottom of the cellar stairs. His mother said he wouldn't be afraid of the cellar when he got older but now he was ten, and he hated it more than ever.

Tommy was sure something was behind the furnace. He sometimes thought he could hear it breathing back there and he knew it was watching him. Then one day when Tommy was getting the wood, the door at the top of the stairs swung shut and the cellar light went out.

Tommy was horrified; he stumbled and tripped over an issue of "Lunatic American" about Dr. Crazy who had mysteriously vanished. Tommy blinked and when he opened his eyes the magazine had turned into meat!!!! Soon everything in the room began to turn into meat-by-products and the floor became coated in BBQ sauce."Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!" Tommy screamed as the meats began to combine to form a hideous meat man. It resembled a cloaked figure with a mouth on its "chest" with ribs for teeth. He had long chains of sausages for fingers and empty holes where its eyes should be. "Who, who are you?" Tommy stammered.

"I am MEATY: BRINGER OF HURT!!!" Bellowed the meat man in an inhuman voice, the kind of voice only a meat man could possibly make.

"What are you going to do to me?" Tommy barely managed to choke out, his voice strangled by fear. Meaty just began cackling in his evil inhuman meat voice. As he laughed BBQ sauce squirted out of his eye sockets. Tommy was at the time to scared to be as disgusted by this as he should of.

"Now I will put you in the meat processor that looks exactly like a furnace. Just like I was three million years ago."

"But there were no meat processors three million years ago, there weren't even any people to assemble them." Tommy replied to Meaty's ridiculous plan.

"That is just what they want you to think." Meaty said smugly.

Meaty then used his sausage-link fingers too tie up Tommy and throw him in the furnace. Once Tommy was inside he realized Meaty had been telling the truth about the furnace really being a meat processor. He was ripped to shreds and became a manburger, which meaty used as a right eye; he squirted BBQ sauce on it to make it have a pupil.

And so no one ever saw Tommy again and everyone forgot about him. His parents became famous super models; Meaty got a job as the one-eye mascot of the McMeaties fast food chain. And everyone lived happily ever after. (Except for Tommy.)

The End


This story is completely unchanged except for the first paragraph which was added in, the next to paragraphs were written by my teacher as a: Continue the story from here.