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Chapter Nine: Of Halls, Oil, Chefs, and Staircases

Luke could tell by the tone in his father's voice that he was very angry. This wasn't at all how Luke had planned for this to turn out. Maybe he shouldn't have gone for a drink after the race…

"… I don't think I want to find out," Luke said slowly, making sure that he didn't say anything that would get him into even more trouble.

"Nevertheless, you are," Vader said firmly. "Do you realize how dangerous this planet is!? And every time you disobey me, you put your life in danger."

Luke was very skeptical about this particular comment. "How so?" he said in a doubting voice.

"The Emperor," Vader began. "Might decide not to let you live."

Luke gulped. "Then maybe I don't want to live here."

That was the wrong thing to say. Vader got very angry at hearing this. He strode to the bed, grabbed his son's arms and shook him violently. "It doesn't matter if you want to live here or not! You are going to live here because I said so!"

With every second that passed, Luke was wishing more and more that he had never run into that Sea Creature and met Vader. This was not the sort of father he wanted to live with… and this was not the sort of place he wanted to live in.

As soon as Vader stopped shaking him, Luke made a break for the door. It was easier than he thought because Vader hadn't expected him to do something like that. Luke dove off the bed, and nearly glided through the doorway. When he got there, he closed the door, and locked it before Vader could get out.

Luke didn't pause for a second. He ran down the hallways until he came to the elevator. Entering it, he headed for the highest floor.

When the elevator doors swung open, he was on top of the palace where he had first met Leia. There were a few people out there. (It was a good thing Luke had slept in his clothes or he would have been out there in his pajamas.)

Not seeing any speeders anywhere within sight, Luke ran to the wide catwalks that connected Vader's and the Emperor's two large palaces. When he got to the other side, he ran to the nearest elevator, and got inside. Soon he was in the center of the Emperor's palace.

When he got to the selected floor, he looked around for some indication of the landing pad somewhere within the building. There weren't any signs, and all the people walking through the halls confused him. He decided to just keep walking and see where he ended up. Anywhere would be better than with his father…

As soon as Vader saw what Luke was doing, he tried to stop him before he left the room, but Luke had turned out to be faster than he thought. Luke had closed the door behind him, when Vader got there, he was very angry to discover that Luke had locked it.

Smart boy.

He didn't loose his head for a minute. At once, he reached for his comlink and told the officer about his situation.

"Don't bother with me; get some stormtroopers to stop Luke before he leaves the building!"

"Right away sir."

As soon as this was done, Vader used the Force to unlock the door and angrily made his way out into the halls.

The stormtroopers from Vader's palace immediately alerted the troops in the Emperor's palace so that if the boy got away, hopefully they wouldn't be blamed. But of course, with Darth Vader, you never know, do you…?

It had been about twenty minutes, and Luke was still walking through the palace. He was completely lost now with no sense of direction.

"This is great, just great," Luke said sarcastically. "Can this get any worse!?"

Suddenly, the he heard the voice of a stormtrooper say, "Look! There he is! Get him, boys!"

Luke nodded. "Apparently it can."

Soon the occupants of the Emperor's palace saw a young teenager running madly through the halls, followed by a squad of stormtroopers two yards behind him, yelling wildly.

This chase carried on for about ten minutes. By this time, Luke was near exhausted, and the stormtroopers had fallen a bit behind, for they too were in need of a break.

Luke saw two large doors, opened them, and closed them shut. After locking them behind him, he looked around.

About ten feet away were two winding staircases on either side of the room. Going to the next floor. At the top of the two staircases was another hall going either which way, and connected in the middle by the same hall. Straight ahead, between the two staircases was another set of doors, and a hall in front of it. Directly above him was a huge chandelier that looked like it was worth millions. Suddenly, Luke got an idea.

He unlocked the double doors, and then, opening a small door on his left, he saw two cans of oil used to grease old parts of ships and such. He took one of them, and poured the contents all over the floor in front of the huge double doors and all the way to the staircases.

Then, picking up the other can of oil, Luke ran up one of the staircases and on into the middle of the hall between the two stairs. If he was correct, the stormtroopers would be coming through the doors in exactly…

3… 2… 1… now!

Just as he predicted, the doors opened and the entire squad of stormtroopers came rushing in far too fast. As soon as their feet landed on the oil, they went slipping and sliding across the floors, tripping and falling. It was such a funny sight to see all that white armor falling in a very disorderly manner.

As soon as it seemed like it couldn't get any more chaotic, Luke opened the second can of oil.

"HAHA!" Luke began pouring it down all over the stormtroopers, causing the oil to get all in their armor. It was so funny, he couldn't stop laughing.

But then he remembered that this was just a trick to buy himself some time. He stood up on the railing, jumped out to the center of the room and grabbed hold of the chandelier. He swung over the stumbling stormtroopers and ran out the double doors as fast as he could go.


Luke ran for a long time until finally, he couldn't stand running any longer. He stopped and opened the first door he came to. Hopefully, it would be some sort of room where he could hide…

As soon as the door opened, the aromas of wonderfully delicious things cooking filled Luke's nose. He was in the kitchen!

"Oh yeah, I could hide in here," Luke said grinning.

"Can I help you with 'a something?" said someone with a heavy French accent.

Luke turned around to see the head chef himself smiling a big welcome grin.

"Actually, yes," Luke said. "I'm really hungry."

The chef laughed. "Hahahaa! Well you have come the right place! Chef Amane at your service!"

It took a very long time for the squad of stormtroopers to get straightened out. But after about fifteen minutes, they finally were ready to continue chasing Luke. Unfortunately, they didn't have any idea where he went…

During all this, Luke was having a fabulous meal in the kitchen. All the cooks and especially the chef loved him, and by the time he was halfway through his lunch, he knew all the cooks by their first names.

Suddenly, the doors swung open, and the squad, their armor stained with oil, came rushing in.

"There he is!"

"AHHH!" Luke grabbed his food and ran out the other door. "Later, guys!" Luke said to the chef and his other friends as he ran out.

"Good 'a luck, Luke!" Chef Amane called after his new friend.

The stormtroopers followed Luke up and down hallways, hall after hall after hall. They soon came to a large staircase that they couldn't see the end of. Luke began running up the stairs. It wasn't long before he was out of breath.

"STOP!" Luke yelled at the stormtroopers as he leaned against the rail. Looking up, he saw that he still had a long way to go.

The stormtroopers stopped next to Luke, also leaning against the rail, and sitting down on the stairs.

"I'm so tired," Luke said to one of the stormtroopers.

"Yeah, me too," the troop said.

Luke was breathing hard. "I get this way every time I run up stairs."

The sound of "yeah," and "me too" where heard among the stormtroopers, who totally agreed with their quarry that they were supposed to be chasing.

Luke held out his hand to the stormtrooper. "I'm Luke,"

"Trooper 178," the clone said, shaking his hand.

"Okay," Luke said, standing up. "Let's go!"

And as soon as they stopped, they were on again, the squad chasing Luke, and Luke running away as fast as he could.

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