Host Club versus Flower 4

Night of the Party: Prelude to Amour

Classic. The music that plays around the atmosphere of the party. Nothing short of extravagant. Much as it would compare to a pair of young maidens clad in what would one call, beauty. Perfect for the night sky view. Like his soft locks that sways gently with the evening breeze. "It's beautiful," those lips speaks.

"Yes it is. Stars are even prettier when they reflect from the eyes of the viewer, I think." a very honest reply was what the short hair answered. Smiling at her companion. Little waltz she took towards her as she extended a hand. "Shall we dance?" innocently, without a hint of malice, she offered her a night time dance, never dropping her smile.

The young lad, beautiful in white, flushed colors of red through her face. As her heart started beating ten folds faster, without hesitation she took the slender hand before her. Somehow, though a scene like this had happened before, this time feels different. And she doted about it as her charming partner swayed her through their waltz. Maybe it was because this one is different, she thought to herself so. This one is gentle, as if completely understanding how she feels.

"I've always wanted to try this." spoke Haruhi. Step by step, gentle and at peace, their harmony together was perfect. Unlike her blushing partner, she had a hypothesis why. They were both girls. It was a thought that came and go swiftly as she adjusted their distance to a more comfortable length. Getting back to what she was saying to her, it brought back memories of her parents still together then, "my dad used to dance my mother like this, when there are many starts in the night sky. I always thought it was beautiful." Again, without malice, nothing but pure innocence.

She just stared at her... Dozing off to a world of admiration. She couldn't find any words to really say except, "Yes, beautiful." Like a dumbfounded little girl at complete awe of first encounter with beauty. But why? She was a man. She never thought there would be a next to Rui.

"Look at them go." sneered an irate voice.

"Look at her blush." a similar voice hushed.

"The hands men, look them touch!" a more panicky voice almost yelled.

"Well it is a dance, milord..." two voices spoke in unison. With deliberately leaking hints of degradation to their sentence.

"Touche." remarked a much calmer tone of voice. Hinting more degradation.

"Hey! Have you seen Tsukushi?" Domyouji asked his friend hurriedly.

"No she-" and before his friend could finish, he was already walking away to keep looking for the dancing girl.

"...was...with Fujioka..." but oh well, he just shrugged that off then.

FORGIVE ME. I feel like it's been years and years and years and years since I last updated. A lot had gone on, and a lot is STILL going on. I was really hyped about writing an update. Really really into it, but since I've had not Microsoft Word or anything of the like for a year, I had to download the new one, LibreOffice, which took me 1:30 hours. Therefore causing me to gradually lose my hype and the ideas I had in my head. I feel bad and I'm sorry T^T

I'll update again tomorrow. I hope you'd still like to read, after such a long time.