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Chapter 1:First meetings

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Haruhi Fujioka stood infront of a huge building.Her long brown hair blowing softly behind her.A smile on her face."I hope I got accepted.''She whispered to herself.The huge building was none other than 'Ouran Hugh School'.Haruhi had come a few days early hoping to be able to get accepted earlier.She had recieved a letter telling her to come to the school for the answer.Taking a deep breath she slowly made her way in.

She made her way to the front desk,"Excuse me.But Im here for the answer to this.''She handed the woman the letter.The woman opened it and scanned it briefly then smiled,"Ah.So your our new student,eh?''Haruhi's eyes widened.She actually was accepted?The woman saw the shock on Haruhi's face and spoke up,"Why so shocked?A girl with a head like yours was sure to get accepted!''The woman laughed,"By the way my name is Chiyo.''She stated with a big smile.Haruhi took more time to look at the woman.Short brown hair and choclate brown eyes.She looked to be in her late 30's.Besides the age and hair length she would look just like Haruhi."Me and you are alot alike.I didn't have much money when I was young.But look at me now!''Chiyo stated showing off her fancy clothing.Haruhi couldn't help but smile at her.Looking down at her clothes her father had begged her to wear.Long brown skirt ending below her knees.A baggy sky blue T-shirt.And an un-zipped long-sleeved brown jacket on top.It was plain.But she noticed alot of boys that passed by would stare at her with a bit of drool.

Chiyo smirked as one of the boys hit the wall hard.She looked Haruhi over,'Just like me.'She thought."Oh!I almost forgot to ask!What is your name,dear?''Haruhi turned away from the boy,"Haruhi Fujioka.''Chiyo grinned,"What a lovely name!''Haruhi smiled.Nobody had ever complimented her on her name before.Chiyo then looked at her sternly,"You are now accepted at Ouran.But I want to offer you something.''Haruhi looked at Chiyo curiously,"What is that?''Chiyo pumped a fist into the air,"Be my martial arts student!''Haruhi blinked,"Huh?''Chiyo looked at her sternly,"I don't want a boy to take advantage of you because you don't have much money.So I will teach you to defend yourself.Also during brakes help me at my shop to earn extra money.I will buy your uniform for you in exchange.''Haruhi stared at her shocked.Thinking it over she came to the conclusion that it would be a great advantage.She nodded."Great!I'll call your home and tell your father!Explore the school grounds.Then come back for your uniform.''Haruhi nodded and walked out.Leaving a dancing Chiyo alone.

She walked around taking in everything.Not many students were around.So it was quiet.That is until she heard someone crying.It was a girl.She ran past her quickly.But paused and looked at her teary eyed,"Be careful.''She warned."Huh?''Haruhi answered confused.The girl opened her mouth to say something but was cut off by two identicle voices,"Oh look she's telling another about how cruel she was.''Haruhi looked at the boys.Twins.Both with smug looks on their faces.She was about to yell at them for making fun of the girl but someone beat her to it."That is not right!You were to harsh on her!''A tall blonde came running towards them.Taking out a white cloth he handed it to the girl,who gladly took it.Helping her he spoke to her softly,''A maiden such as yourself does not deserve to see this.''He didn't have to say anything again the girl ran off but paused and said a quick 'Thank you'.Haruhi looked at him and then the other two boys.'Nothing happend to me might as well leave.'She thought to herself as she turned and started off."Ah!Wait!''The blonde said grabbing her wrist.She stopped and turned to face him,"Yes?''He blushed and gulped,"You new here?''She nodded.He smiled brightly,"You shall be the first to attend the 'Host club'!"She looked at him confused,"Host club?''He grinned,"Yes!But I just need these two and it will be complete!''He said pointing at the two glaring twins."We already told you.We are not joining!Unless you can tell which one is Hikaru.''They stated smirking.

Haruhi stared.Then something hit her.She knew!"That's Hikaru.''She said pointing at,surprisingly,Hikaru!The twins gaped looking at the first person to ever tell them apart."C-c-Correct.''They stuttered out.The blonde boy cheered,"Now you will join the club,right?''The twins stared but nodded not knowing what to do.Haruhi smiled and left before they could stop her.Though one of the twins followed her.


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