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He was a strong man. He could look temptation in the eye, and walk away. There was no force so great that he could not resist. He prided himself on his strength. The will he had to hold himself strong in the face of mans greatest temptations.

But this was a strange kind of force, one he had seen many times. But never with this kind of strength. It was such a simple thing really, she hadn't used a ventilation charm in the bathroom again and the steam was slowly escaping beneath his connecting bedroom door.

And suddenly his mind was invaded with images he didn't want to even think about. He could hear the strong flow of the water, and in his minds eye he could picture in exquisite detail what was happening beyond his door.

He could see her tipping her head back slightly and letting the water flow over it, making that untamed and unruly head of hair smooth, and sleek. The curls disappearing as it hung down her back.

The water then running over the rather delectable, smooth curve of her arse. She would then turn around allowing him to take in the sight of the slow rivulets of water slowly cascading over her breasts, then swirling down her stomach.

It was too much and not enough at the same time. He wanted to be in there with her, chasing the water with his lips, his tongue as it ran over her. To be holding her wet body against him, to push her up against the wall, and discover all the pleasures she held inside.

But he was strong, and he could resist the temptation that was Hermione Granger. He had to.


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