Hi peoples! I decided to start another couple in the 101 Kisses Theme. It's so much fun trying to work with 101 different themes; tons of them I've already started brainstorming on. And of course this couple is always CHAYLOR! So this is like a step up from Chaylor Romance Challenge. But I'll write some CRC chapters so you won't go far from that. I have a lot written but I just have to type, don't worry. Hopefully after I post this chapter, another chapter for WMH (Walk Me Home) will be out, so be happy 4 that! Anyways, here's my first chapter. Hope you like it!

101 Kisses Chapter 1

Windy Nights

"I really had a great time tonight, Chad."

"Me too."

Taylor and Chad were walking through the park on their way to Taylor's house. They had just left from Yin-Yang Chinese cuisine resterant; it was their third date and yet they haven't kissed at all.

"I didn't really know that egg foo young was that good," Chad said.

"Well, you randomly chose it, didn't you?" Taylor asked.

"Oh, come on Taylor! You only ate chicken fried rice with mandarin and sesame chicken," Chad replied.

"I just wanted something simple; something that I liked," Taylor said.

Chad smield as he held her hand through the park. Taylor loved doing simple things; that's what he loved about her.

He led her to the small pond and they sat down a few feet away from the edge. Suddenly, the wind started to blow and Taylor was getting cold fast. Chad saw this and took of his black jacket and wrapped it around Taylor's shoulders.

"Thank you," Taylor said softly, "Aren't you gonna be cold too?"

"I'm not the one wearing short sleeves, remember," Chad replied as the wind started to pick up speed.

Taylor immediately put her arms through the sleeves and held the jacket close to her. She was still cold, no matter what she did. She heard small laughter and she looked at Chad, who was quietly laughing at her.

"What's so funny? I'm pretty cold right now," Taylor exclaimed to him.

"Come here," Chad said to her. She obeyed him and cuddle into his chest as his arms safely surrounded her. Then she felt warm again.

"You're ok now?" Chad asked.

"Yeah. I just wanna stay like this," Taylor nodded.

The wind lost some speed but it was still blowing. The trees and the grass rustled and the pond made small ripples in the water as the wind continued to blow. Chad held Taylor as it blew to keep him and her warm.

"Hey, look Taylor. Swans," Chad told her. Taylor looked up to see a few swans swimming around the pond.

"They're so beautiful, Chad," Taylor said. She had never seen a swan before and the sight was so breathtaking.

"Just like you," Chad replied as he looked at her. Taylor looked at him; their faces a few inches apart. She looked in his eyes and there was so much love for her. Chad leaned in and met Taylor's lips with his. It was soft and sweet, Taylor could have melted on the spot. She responded to the kiss as Chad's fingers went through her hair. Taylor's arms wrapped around Chad's neck to pull him closer to her. A few seconds later, they pulled apart and then the wind just stopped.

"Wow. The wind stopped," Taylor said. It was all she could say after her first kiss.

"Yeah. I really liked that, a lot," Chad replied, referring to the kiss.

"I liked it too," Taylor answered. She leaned in and gave him another kiss that ,of course, he returned. Soon, they pulled apart and cuddle close together and watched the swans.

A few minutes past, Chad asked Taylor, "Do you wanna head home?"

"Yeah. Let's go," she replied looking at him. They both got up from their spot and walked out of the park; remembering their first kiss on a windy night at Lansing Park.

Short one-shot, I know. I tried my best on my first try. Anyways, hope you like it a lot. Read and Review!