The Five Ways Jack and the Boys didn't meet.

Title: Its Just Like A Cigarette/Its Something That I Do

Author: BlazeorFade

Rating: T

Summary: If Jack had met the Winchester's post-Everyone Loves A Clown at Ellen's bar.

Disclaimer: As usual, Jack is mine everyone else is someone else's.

She pulled her bike up in front of the run down bar. The place looked abandoned but there was a truck out front and the man who gave her the address knew the consequences of bad intel. Jack cut the engine and got off her bike, shoving one hand in her pocket to finger the gun concealed there. She pushed open the door of the saloon and walked in, heedless that everything had gone silent.

Jack scanned the room with an expression that said clear as day 'Don't fuck with me'. Two men in the middle of loading guns paused what they were doing, fastening their eyes on her instead. The dark haired woman behind the bar reached inconspicuously under the bar top, probably to get a shot gun. Her expression stayed serene though.

"We're closed honey." She said with an underlying tension that no one not looking for it would hear. The blonde girl at the counter moved back step to a doorway putting her arm behind there. The blonde man standing next to her moved so he'd be blocking her from Jack. A tall dark haired man moved with calculated casualness towards the main room with a pool cue in hand.

"Just passing through." Jack said. She lowered her eyelids so no one would notice the sudden dilation. It wouldn't have surprised her to find out this was a trap.

"Like I said we're closed right now. If you need directions-"

Jack cut her off. "No thanks, I'll just be on my way if that's the case." She turned on her heels, literally feeling the relief filter through the occupants of the room. She crossed the room looking like she was going out the front door but she just turned, rested her foot against the door jamb and said in a lazy drawl, "After you tell me what you know bout a man called Winchester."

The woman swung a shot gun up and cocked it. The blonde man pulled out a pistol aiming it at her with a cold, hard look in his eyes and the girl had a rifle in hand a split second later. The two men slipped their clips into place and followed their lead. If they were expecting her to show a reaction they would be sorely disappointed. Jack raised an eyebrow and smiled at them.

"Guess I came to the right place." She said. The only one that hadn't moved was the dark haired man.

"Who are you and what do you want with our dad?" He asked her.

Jack slipped her hand out of her pocket holding the gun. It was a six shooter, enough bullets to take out every person in the room if her aim was true. She flicked the chamber out and spun it stopping it with her finger.

"We gonna talk civil or is this gonna be an old fashioned shoot out? Cause I'm good to go if that's what you want." Jack said shrugging.

"A six shooter against every gun in this room, you're either real stupid or real confident lady." The blonde man scoffed.

"Can't I be both, baby?" Jack purred. She felt the heat flow through her, aching to get out.

"What do you want?" The dark haired man put the pool cue down and walked towards the middle of the room with both his hands up.

"Sam, what the hell are you doing?" The blonde shouted at him. Sam ignored him and put himself dead center so that no one could fire a shot without hitting him too.

"Pleased to meet you Sam, I'm Jack." She said admiring the guy's guts. He was pretty easy on the eyes too.

"Nice meeting you." Sam replied. "Did you know our dad?"

"Nope, if I did I'd be talking to him." Jack answered honestly.

"That would be kinda hard to do." Sam said in a low voice. The blonde looked like he was about to have a conniption fit.


"Dean I know what I'm doing." Sam said looking back at his brother.

"Yeah Dean." Jack couldn't resist piping up. She tried not to laugh. No need to push the guy too far. No matter how tough she was she couldn't dodge bullets.

"Okay I think everyone needs to calm down." The dark haired woman said. She cautiously lowered her shotgun. Jack spun the chamber again, listening to the metallic clang.

"I'm calm." She said with that deadly edge to her voice that struck fear into most people's hearts.

"Put your gun down." Dean said stepping closer to his brother.

"You first, pretty." She said spinning it again.

Dean responded by pulling out a second gun giving her a look that bordered on psychotic.

"Hey what's goin on?" A man sporting a mullet and a gutted laptop came out of a backroom. He froze when he saw the stare down in progress.

"Are you a hunter?" Sam asked.

"You could say that." Jack said She flipped the gun's chamber closed and pushed off the wall.

Sam watched the girl walk the long way around him and Dean towards the bar stools with every gun following her. She showed no outwards sign of being afraid. He saw a bead of sweat run down her neck.

"I need to find a certain demon and I heard a man named Winchester might know where to start." Jack said sitting on the bar stool.

Dean lowered his guns and swallowed the feeling there. Another one like them, fuck.


AN: All these will be AU's. Different versions of how they could have met but didn't. Enjoy.