Title: Roaming Through This Darkness I'm Alive But I'm Alone/Part Of Me Is Fighting This But Part Of Me Is Gone.

Author: BlazeorFade

Rating: T

Summary: Dean meets a girl in Boston and saves himself by saving her. Pre-series

Disclaimer: I only own Jack.

AN: These started out short and sweet but this one and the last one sort of got away from me and took on minds of their own.

Dean sat in the full bar, drowning his sorrows in beer and ignoring the baseball game that the rest of the guys in the seedy place were all arguing, betting and cursing over. He blocked out all those useless sounds concentrating on his yellow tinged reflection in the drink in front of him.

"Get outa here kid." Dean vaguely heard the bartender say from across the bar.. He looked up to see the man flick an I.D. at the kid sitting at a stool. Dean's eyes widened when he took in the baseball cap, dark green hoodie and baggy jeans.

'Sammy?' He thought. His eyes adjusted and he shook his head and pushed away his half finished beer. Obviously he'd had one too many if he thought some random kid was his brother.

Dean studied the girl who passed him on her way out the door. Young, just a teenager. A couple years younger than his brother. Dean rubbed his eyes, he'd been drinking and dodging his dad's calls all night. Ever since he got a call from Sam saying that he thought it would be better if Dean didn't call him anymore. Sammy and his perfect, shiny, new life. A life he didn't want Dean to apart of. He chugged down the rest of his beer. It didn't make him numb enough. He still heard his brother telling him in so many words that he wasn't welcome anymore. Dean pushed the thoughts aside and got up, throwing down a few bills on his way out.

"You're pretty." Dean heard as soon as he got outside.

"Gee thanks." A voice dripping with sarcasm replied. He looked to his right and saw the kid from the bar

"I don't do this a lot, man" The guy said. Dean narrowed his eyes and walked to his car parked on the curb. He rifled through his glove compartment quickly, till he found his fake badge.

"Hey." He said giving his best 'I'm gonna kick your ass and have fun doin it.' Smile. "Nice night out huh."

"Yeah sure." The guy looked skittish and the girl just looked bored and confused.

"Why don't you and me take a walk?" Dean asked the man putting his arm around his shoulders to forcibly guide him away from the kid.

"Hey what are you-" Dean cut him off with a flick of his wrist showing the badge. The guy swallowed hard, starting to shake hard.

"Get the hell out of here and I'll consider not kicking the shit out of you." Dean whispered menacingly. He pushed the guy so hard he almost fell to the pavement.

Dean turned his back on the scum and made his way back to the kid, who was watching the interlude with a hint of amusement. She tensed when he came near her and he thought she was going to hit him when he leaned against the same wall as her a couple feet down.

"He thought you were a hooker." Dean said conversationally. She let out a sigh.

"I got that after a second." She said looking straight ahead. He thought he saw something sad and regretful cross her face but he wasn't fast enough to catch it.

"Are you?" He asked.

"Why? You buyin?" She spat out.

"No." Dean answered and they stopped talking for a few minutes. He glared at another guy who looked like he was going to try and pick the kid up. Dean heard a loud grumble and pushed off the wall.

"Come on." He said. She didn't budge, didn't even acknowledge him.

"Come. On." He said standing right in front of her.

"Go. To. Hell." She said enunciating every word.

"Been there." Dean said grimacing.

"Come on, there's a diner a couple streets over, you need to eat something." Dean said in a softer voice.

"I'm not going with you, you could a serial killer for all I know." She said. Dean thought for a second then dug into his wallet and took out a couple of twenties.

"Here, go get yourself something to eat." He said holding his hand out. She looked at his hand then at him. Wondering what the catch was.

"Just take it, call it my good deed for the day." Dean said. She looked doubtful, but in the end her stomach made the decision for her and she took the money.

"Diner's round the corner. Open all night." Dean said.

"I saw it." She said. She nodded at him and he nodded back turning to go back to his car.

He drove to his motel room and crashed for the night. Dean slept through the next afternoon and vegged out in his room most of the night. He looked at his watch. It was about the time he'd gone out the night before. He wondered if the girl was okay, he wondered if she was homeless, what her story was. Dean rolled his eyes a himself. He was looking fro someone to rescue, someone to take care of, now that he wasn't allowed to take care of Sam anymore.

Nonetheless he got up and got dressed and a half an hour alter he was parking in front of that diner knowing it was a long shot but he had to check anyway.

Dean walked inside and took a long look around. In a far corner away from everyone else he spotted a raggedy red head. He walked towards her and sat down before she could look up from the empty plate and coffee cup in front of her.

"Coffee any good here?" Dean asked.

"I've had worse." She said sitting up straighter. She was wearing the same clothes as the night before.

"What are you doing here?" She asked him.

"Gotta eat sometime." Dean shrugged. A waitress came over and he ordered a burger and a cup of coffee and after looking at the scant remains of what she'd had to eat he ordered another burger for the girl.

"I don't like charity." She said looking him straight in the eye.

"Neither do I." Dean said. She watched him and shook her head running a hand through her cropped hair.

"Where you from?" Dean asked her as they waited for the food to come.

"Not here." She answered.

"Me either. Kansas." He said answering before he could ask.

"Louisiana." She said after considering him for a second.

"Long way from home." Dean pointed out.

"Don't have a home." She said.

Their food came and they ate in silence. Dean's phone rang just as he was finishing his dinner and he saw that it was his father. He couldn't get away with dodging him much longer. Dean looked at the girl across from him and took a fifty out of his wallet passing it across the table to her. She moved to push it back but he got up and walked to the cashier answering his phone.

"Dean what's wrong?" John asked. Dean offered up a bogus Mastercard and swiped it.

"Nothing sir, just having some phone trouble." Dean said.

"Good." John said.

"Got a job for me?" Dean asked.

"Not yet but keep your phone on." With that John hung up. Dean looked back and was startled to see that the girl was standing right behind him with her arms folded over her chest.

"Why?" She demanded sharply.

"I don't know." Dean said. Something must have shown because she softened and looked at the ground.

"Know anyplace cheap I can stay?" She finally asked.

"I think so." Dean said and he gave her the name of the motel he was staying at. They went their separate way.

Jack trudged up the flights of half finished stairs to where her things were stashed. The man was an anomaly. She didn't like anomalies, they tended to bite her in the ass. She gathered her things up thinking about the diner. He'd looked so lost when she asked him why he was helping her. Like he had nothing and no one. Like her. She shook her head and picked up her bags. A few streets down she found the motel he'd mentioned. Sure enough they gave her a room and didn't ask any questions. On her way around the side Jack spotted a familiar black car parked outside a first floor room.

She climbed the stairs to her second floor room.

She set up her room and took the first shower she'd taken in days. The water felt so good against her skin. She almost felt the numbness that had taken over ebb a little. Then the void that she fought to ignore everyday opened up again and all she was was tired. Tired and alone.

Jack went back to the diner wondering if the man would show up again. She didn't want to tip her hand by letting him know they were staying in the same motel, though she suspected he knew. She didn't have to wait long for him to appear and sit down at her booth. Again he paid for dinner and asked nothing in return, didn't even ask if she'd gone to the motel. They never exchanged names and only talked about nothing.

Everyday for a week it went on like that till he just didn't show up one night.

Jack tried not to feel sad, with all the pain she was already in what was one more disappointment?

Dean raised his gun and shot the dryad through with a round of wrought iron bullets. She fell to the floor in a sizzling heap. He usually would have savored the victory, been proud but he was worried. The girl was alone. He'd had to leave in a hurry three nights ago when his dad called. Who was going to take care of her? Dean hadn't really been doing much more than making sure she had dinner and had a place to stay for the past week, but he still felt the comforting weight of being responsible for someone again.

"Lets burn the body and get out of here." John said grabbing the gas can from the back of his truck.

"Dad, can you handle this? I have something important to do." Dean said. John paused and gave Dean an odd look.


"Its really important dad." Dean pleaded. John mulled over his sons question and Dean fidgeted waiting for his decree.

"Alright, I'll see you at the room." John finally said.

"Actually I left something in Boston I have to go get." Dean said hastily.

"What?" John asked.

"Just something important." Dean said over his shoulder. John was asking him more questions but Dean was already in his car and starting the engine.

Four hours later Dean was speeding along the streets of South Boston, trying to get to the motel he'd stayed at before.

He parked and pocketed his keys, taking the stairs two at a time to where he hoped the girl was still staying. He knocked on the door but there was no answer. Dean tried two more times before giving up and starting to walk to their diner.

On the way he heard the faint sounds of a struggle. Dean stopped and listened again. He heard a feminine gasp and the sound of something slamming into a wall. He ran down the blind alley pulling out his gun as he went.

Jack rolled with the hit and glanced off the wall behind her. The feline shapeshifter growled at her and they circled each other in the tight space. Its eyes glittered at her, its mouth open and panting. A little bit of her blood shined on its lip. City dwelling shapeshifters. What a pain in the ass they were.

She heard someone running towards them and moved fast when its attention turned to the new player. Jack pulled her gun from her back and fired the silver bullets into the thing. It reared up after taking three bullets to the shoulder and front leg and she fell against the way to avoid its claws, intent on taking her down with it. It fell to the ground dead, and twitched shivering back into its human form.

Jack took a second to catch her breath. Her eyes flew open when she heard a slow clap. She turned to see her odd benefactor standing in the alley grinning from ear to ear.

"That was a good kill." He said in admiration.

Jack wasn't sure what to say. She pulled herself to her feet, using t he alley wall and regarded him warily.

"I knew there was something about you that was familiar." He said.


"No need for a 'Thr-truth-is-out-there' speech, I already know." He interrupted her holding up his hand.

"I'm Dean Winchester by the way." He said holding out a hand for her to shake. Jack looked from him to the body and shook her head. Of course, he was a hunter.

"Jack Fontenot." She said shaking his hand.