NejiGaara. Woot!

"Hurry up."

Neji quickly took off his clothes. He always wore few garments when coming to Gaara's.

I always do as he says.

Neji draped his body over Gaara's awaiting, naked form. He coated his hand with sandalwood oil and pushed a finger past Gaara's entrance. Gaara accepted the finger easily.

"I told you to hurry up."

I always yield to him.

Neji drove three fingers into his impatient lover. Neji attempted to appease Gaara by letting the red-head plunder his lips. Neji began coating his erection with the oil.

I always submit.

Gaara kissed Neji roughly as the Hyuuga entered him. Neji allowed Gaara to take his member into him at his own pace, which, considering Gaara's impatience, was very fast. Gaara continued to harshly kiss Neji. Gaara rubbed his tongue roughly against Neji's pliant one. Neji continued to let Gaara ravish his mouth until Gaara stopped and said, "move."

I always let him set the pace.

Neji made a few shallow thrusts before he started to move his hips at a rhythm more favorable to Gaara. Gaara pushed his hips towards Neji's. Neji could feel the heat emanated by Gaara and he pushed into him more quickly. Gaara moaned loudly at this and spurred Neji's quickened thrusts.

I know what he likes, but I don't have to. He always tells me. I'm not responsible for anything.

Gaara wrapped his legs around Neji's torso and Neji drove into Gaara at a different angle, at a slower pace. Gaara smiled up at him, pleased at Neji's actions. Neji reached down and stroked Gaara's erection slightly before letting go and grabbing Gaara's hip. Gaara moved his left leg to Neji's shoulders and laced his fingers into Neji's hair.

I let him do this to me because I want to.

Neji caressed Gaara's hip as he continued to thrust into the red-head.

It's my choice. It isn't fated. It isn't planned

Gaara moaned as he impaled himself on Neji's cock. Gaara tugged Neji by the hair. He grunted and glared at the Hyuuga. Neji knew Gaara wanted a kiss.

He directs me. He dominates me. And I let him.

"Gaara," Neji gasped as Gaara licked and nipped at his neck. He moaned and writhed as he thrust into Gaara. He increased his pace when Gaara bit down harshly on his jugular.

He always makes me hold back. I always want him to. I'm free that way.


Neji inferred the implied command. He slowed his pace knowing Gaara wanted to tease him. Gaara wanted to prolong the sensation. He bucked against Gaara languidly; silently begging Gaara to prolong everything.

I let him decide everything. When, where, how, why. It's always he who decides. I don't have to be burdened. I don't need to worry about any of it.

A moan sounded. Gaara's muscles clenched around Neji and the mood shifted.


Neji paid heed to Gaara's demand and began pounding into the young Kazekage. He knew they both were close, but Gaara always had to finish before he did. Gaara always came first in their relationship. He was always the priority

I give myself to him. I let him have control. I give him everything.

Neji's pace was frantic now. Gaara arched his head towards Neji, their mouths meeting in another heated kiss. As Gaara twisted his tongue around Neji's, he spilled his seed over his and Neji's stomachs. Neji's release followed the second after.

I'm his because I want it. I submit because I want it. He's mine because I want him. Most of all, it's always what I want because it's what he wants as well.

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