Title - Anbu love

Naruto fic - multi chapter

Pairings - Naru? Naruto is a girl in this one.

Plot - Due to the sick minds of 4 ANBU, Naru was violated and beaten. Found by one Uchica Itachi, he takes her under his wing at the age of 4. Becoming known to the world of the ninja as the Black Rose, the infamous prodigy of Uchiha Itachi. Becoming an ANBU and surpassing her sensei's record but after his betrayal Sarutobi decides to send her back at the rank of that of the academy student hoping that this would open her up more.


Looking at the Academy in front of her where the chuunin would teach the next generations of ninja's in Konoha. A young girl watching children enter the academy sneered at the sight. At the age of eight usually these 'children' would enter the academy for a couple of years hopeful to become the next generation of Shinobi.

Next to the girl's side was none other then the Sandaime, the Hokage of Konoha, the most powerful ninja in this village and also her superior in rank. "This is the Academyand hopefully you'll make new friends here Naru-chan."

"I still don't understand your reasoning Hokage-sama. You yourself have stated that I am one of the most powerful ninja's of Konoha, yet I'm being demoted to that of an Academy student, may I ask why?" she asked in in low tone while glaring at the building in front of her.

"Naru-chan, while it's true that you area powerful shinobi you are still a child and you need to open up. To have friends and the life of normal child not that of trained ANBU-level shinobi."

"I could never have had a normal life. Even if I hadn't had any training at a young age the villagers already see me as a demon. My chance at a normal life was taking away form me when my father decide to sacrifice both of us for the sake of your village."

Sarutobi sighed sadly at the situation. She had been this way ever since Itachi had run away after the Uchiha massacre leaving his pupil behind. At first he thought it was natural for her to grow distant after her sensei's betrayal but hoped that later on the Naru he knew would come back. Three years have and there hasn't once been a sign of the bright child she once was.

Naru was such a bright child and not even joining the ANBU changed that dominating trait. After the betrayal of her sensei the Naru he once knew became distant and cold towards everyone. Not a sign of that once overflowing golden energy ball. Instead a cold apathetic personalty took it's place. Her division that was once split had come to him and ask for help in hopes of returning Naru to her once cheerful personalty.

At first the ANBU were frustrated to have the 'demon' as their commander, and even more a seven year old child. They all thought that she had no business being in the ANBU. She was a child that have never experienced the horrors of being an ANBU any yet they are told to believe that this child could think at their level? The atrocity!

The child acted any other child would act at that age. She did not act like that of an ANBU elite. The way she acted made many doubt her worth and yet all complains were silenced at the battlefield. Soon all thier doubts were gone as they saw the child do a complete 180 on her attitude. In the battle field she fought like one of their rank. She calculated the situation and gave a full out plan leading them to victory. Both Itachi's and Naru division were known as the best of the best. Especially Uchiha Itachi's division. His codename was Weasel and he was also known as the prodigy of the Uchiha clan. Next was, Naru she was known as the 'Kitsune'. The prodigy of Uchiha Itachi who's codename was the 'Black Rose.' Though her name in the bingo books remained unknown.

Usually different divisions don't work together but for both Itachi and Naru they did. Both division were amazed by their captains teamwork. Though one was 13 and the other was 8 but in this situation age didn't really matter. Then the Uchiha massacre took place and before them their commander grew distant and would give them harder training. She no longer smiled, she became like how she was in the battlefield. All of them were surprised by the Hokage decision to demote their captain but after thinking it over carefully they hoped that this could bring their captain back. After the massacre they all continued on to hope that the commader they grew fond of would return but at last no avail.

"Naru come on let's go you should be starting right now." Naru sighed, if this is what he wanted for her then she shall accept it. If it made Sarutobi-jiji happy then she'll attend.

"Ok" Sarutobi smiled she at least was talking more and accepted without complaining at all. They entered the academy to see children running around and a lot of noise which one of the things she was not fond of.

'Kyuubi am I going to survive this without being mentally scared?'

"I don't know kit."

Sarutobi coughed a bit and gain the chuunin's attention.

"Hokage-sama pleasure to see you again." said a chuunin that had brown hair in a ponytail. His most notable feature was the scar that went across his face.

"I came here to enroll a new student."

Following the Hokage's gaze he saw a small girl with whiskers markings in her cheeks he thought 'the demon child'. He looked back at the Hokage. 'Wasn't she already an ANBU?' He was one of the chuunin who knew the identity of the 'Kitsune' almost all the villager were oblivious to the new prodigy. Actually only the jounin and upper rankings knew about the child and he only knew by accident. The Hokage motioned for her to sit down and she went ahead. "I'm trusting you Iruka to be her teacher like every other student here please don't think of her as the demon child or Itachi's prodigy, I demoted her in hopes for her to have a normal childhood with friends." with that he left leaving an eye-wide teacher.

"Naru please come here and introduce yourself, like tell us your likes, dislikes, hobbies, and dreams you know."

Naru came up and looked at the class with emotionless eyes gathering the attention of the entire class and also succeeding in getting the younger Uchiha's attention.

"My name is Uzumaki Naru my likes, and dislikes you don't need to know. I have many hobbies. And I have a dream and it's to have a dream." Iuka, Mizuki both sweat dropped along with a few students. Naru taking it as a cue returned to her seat.

"Alright class the as you all know the -" and so on he lectured them about the bushin and henge. Naru looked beside her a boy with a high collar shirt and black sunglasses with a lot of bugs on his hand.

The said boy looked at her looking at his hand. He sighed 'Another one she'll probably run away.' he looked at her again and saw her still their.

"Hi, I am Naru and you are?" she asked extending her hand. 'Aburamo Shino the Aburamo clan heir. If the data is correct then he will become a powerful shinobi one day.'

The boy examined her and a few seconds later "Aburamo Shino" he said and shook her hand.

"Nice to meet you Shino-san. You're clan is the one that has a pact with bugs correct?" she asked while Shino nodded

"Interesting, I find you're clans ability with bugs fascinating." Shino eyes widened not that anyone would have been able to tell. He was really surprised that girl actually spoken to him after all many girls had run away when they found about the bugs living inside of him and they tended to avoid him like the plague.

Soon the lunch bell rang and they were dismissed.

Naru was the last one out and she examined the students that were there. When she saw Shino she made her way over there.

"Shino-san may I sit here with you?" she asked as Shino nodded. This day kept going in a great pace. He had found someone who accepted him and his bugs. Usually people tended to stay away from his clan due to having bugs inside them they tended to freak many people out. The only one that actually wanted to be his friend in the academy was Kiba.

Hearing yelling they turned their attention toward the source to see both a pink haired girl and a blond fighting over the boy. Her attention was on the boy

Her mind drifted for a few seconds before snapping out.

"Shino-kun do you know the names of those two over there?" she asked while she pointed towards the two girls. One had blonde hair while the other had pink hair.

"The pink one's name is Haruno Sakura and the blonde Yamanka Ino."

"Are they always like this?"

He nodded she glared. Shino looked at her in curiosity 'Was she getting a crush on the Uchiha?' he sighed

"Its girls like that that give us female ninja's a bad name." Shino was surprised, it now seemed like a common thing with her.

The next day she met Kiba and they became 'friends', along with Shikamaru and Chouji. She seemed really cool to rest of the guys. She was distant but fun to hang around with. When Shikamaru went to watch the clouds she joined him saying that watching the clouds was relaxing. That's when Shikamaru decide he liked her. She was not as troublesome as the other females.

With Chouji they usually ate together. He started bringing Naru her own bag of chips after she defended him when the other kids picked on him.

Threw a bit of killer intent and they never bothered him since then.

She hanged a lot with Kiba and Akamaru. She understood the relationship between an Inuzaka and their companies. That was good enough for him to accept her as a friend.

For Shino she accepted him and that was enough for him.

A year went on and Naru herself felt a bit happier with having new friends.

She suddenly halted and looked towards the southern direction and found nothing near by but she decided to let it go.


"How is captain?" asked the owl-masked ANBU.

"Hokage-sama was right. Having her with kids her age was the correct decision. Captain is smiling a bit more." replied the rabbit-masked ANBU.

"That's great! Let's tell the others."

Today was the genin exam though she already knew what the real exam was. She just hope she be paired with one of her comrades.

The rookie of the year was Uchiha Sasuke and Naru could care less, heck she got the title at age 4. Now she decided to just do normal.

"Team 7 Uchiha Sasuke" at this the female populace paid attention "Haruno Sakura" the girl cheered at being in the same team as her Sasuke-kun's. "Uzumaki Naru." Naru resisted the urge to bang her head. It was bad enough she didn't get any of her friends on her team but she got a freaking fan girl and the brooding boy.

"Team 8, Hyuuga Hinata, Inuzaka Kiba, and Aburama Shino." Both Kiba and Shino head dropped that didn't have Naru on their team at least they didn't get a fan girl.

"Team 10 Nara Shikamaru, Yamanka Ino, and Akamachi Chouji." Shikamaru went to sleep muttering a troublesome underneath his breath. He was hoping to have Naru in his team. In his opinion Naru was stronger then anyone in the whole academy. Well at least he got Chouji but Ino was another thing.

Naru looked over Chouji and Shika mouthing of 'Sorry'

Chouji and Shika smirked and both mouthed off 'Good Luck.'

Soon the sensei's came and then the only team left was Team 7.

Naru looked over at them. She saw Sakura asking Sasuke on a date and him rejecting her.

'If I ever put my life on there hand i-'

"We would be both dead kit, the girl is obsessed with the avenger and the avenger is obsessed with avenging"

She sensed their sensei coming after 3 hours of waiting she already knew who he was.

As soon as he opened the door a kunai invented itself on the wall missing his best friend by a millimeter.

He gulped.

He looked toward them "My first opinion of you is that you scare me and confuse me." he paused "Lets meet up at the roof. " with that he puffed out and Naru in a pillar of flame went to the roof in the process of surprising her teammates. Both reached the roof to the sight of Naru glaring at the man and the man rubbing the back of his head. Seeing both of his students here already he decided to start.

"Alright now lets introduce ourselves." said Kakashi.

"What do you mean sensei?" said a young pink haired girl.

"I mean what are your likes, dislikes, dreams for the future, you know that sort of stuff." explained the silver haired Jounin.

"Well why don't you go first, to show us how it's done." Said the girl with pink hair

Kakashi sighed. "Fine, my name is Hatake Kakashi, I have no intention of telling you my likes or dislikes, dreams for the future hmm…I don't really know, and as for my hobbies well I have lots of hobbies."

All three of them sweat dropped all he had told them was his name.

"My name is Haruno Sakura," she said. "As for my likes" looks and blushes at Sasuke "my dream for the future is" looks and blushes at Sasuke "as for my hobbies" once again she looks and blushes at Sasuke "And I dislike Ino-pig and Naru."

Naru looks over at her wondering what she did.

While Kakashi sighed he got one fan girl but at least he got Naru. She takes her work as a shinobi serous and she was probably stronger then him. Actually this is the fourth time he met her. Looking at her now he mentally sighed where had that cute little ray of sunshine he knew?

"Okay you next." said Kakashi pointing at a raven-haired boy.

"My name is Uchiha Sasuke there isn't much I like and there is a lot I don't like and what I have is not a dream but an ambition to kill a certain man and restore my clan." said the boy known as Sasuke. Everyone stared at him but quickly turned their attention when Kakashi said "Next".

"My name is Uzumaki Naru. My likes and dislikes are too troublesome too mention, I have many hobbies and I have a dream to have a dream."

Kakashi sweat dropped along with the other genin-hopeful.

"Well that does about it for today I guess, meet me tomorrow at training grounds 12 for your final test" said Kakashi.

"Test?" said both of the genins of the group in unison.

"The test to see whether or not you become Genin." said Kakashi.

"But didn't we already pass the Genin test?" said Sakura.

"That was just the test to see if you possessed the qualities to become Genin." said the Jounin. In reality out of all the students that graduated only three teams will pass the actual test. Oh and before I go don't eat anything for a while or you'll throw-up tomorrow at the exercise." And with that he disappeared in a poof of smoke.

All of them left.


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