Title - ANBU Love

Naruto fic - multi chapter

Pairings - Naru? Naruto is a girl in this one.

Plot - Due to the sick minds of 4 ANBU Naru was violated and beaten. Found by one Uchiha Itachi he takes her under his wing at the age of 4. Becoming known to the ninja as the Black Rose the infamous Uchiha Itachi's Prodigy. Becoming ANBU surpassing her sensei record but after his betrayal Sarutobi decides to send her back at the rank of that of the academy student hoping this would open her up more.



"Kyuubi talking, jutsu names and inner Sakura"

"Kyuubi thinking"

Chapter 2 - undercover mission



"But Na-"


"All genin mu-


'Naru-chan you hate to do this. It's ma-"

"I said no and I mean it Hatake-san. I will not do these missions."

"It is a team mission and -"

"Hatake my patience is wearing thin. I will not participate in those D-rank missions, it's degrading."

'Even if I was stripped of my rank I will not lower myself to this!'

"Yeah! My Naru-chan only does high level assassination missions and then some!"

'Right on Kyuubi.' She thought as she watched Sakura and Sasuke continue to pull some more weeds out of the one of the villager's garden.

"Naru, as a team you'll all must polish your team work, and the only way is for you guys to work together. All genin must do a sufficient amount of D-rank missions before being able to qualify for a C-rank mission."

Naru's left eyebrow developed a delicate twitch "Hatake-san if you continue this on I will shove a kunai up your ass along with my trade mark jutsu. Also I will make sure that you would never be able to read those books of yours again pervert."

There is a moment of silence "Point taken, your excused." With that she disappeared in a swirl of leaves leaving the other two behind. After she left Sakura complained to Kakashi about her leaving. Once she was done Kakashi looked up form his book and "Huh? You say something." Both students groaned and went back to weeds. While a certain pink hair girl cursed out there sensei.

- Back with Naru -

Looking at the clouds was peaceful. You feel as if time has stop. The clouds look so free, that you just forget about everything else that troubles your mind. 'Defiantly been hanging to much with Shikamaru. Next thing I know I'll be saying 'troublesome' all the time.'

Suddenly Naru got up form her comfortable position "I sense your there, no use hiding."

An ANBU with an owl mask appeared "Just as good as always Captain."

Naru smirked "I'm longer your captain. Your rank is superior to me now."

"No matter the rank you will always be Squad 1 and 2's captain."

A small smile made itself present on Naru's face. "Thank you but what's you're reason for coming here?"

"As always straight to the point"


"Well Captain Hokage-sama requests your presence." Nodding her head both the ANBU and she left.

- In the Hokage tower -

"Hokage-sama." in a blaze of fire Naru appeared while the ANBU bowed and exited the room.

"Hello Naru-chan." Looking around she found Iruka there "Hello Iruka-san." he nodded as he continued on with the paperwork.

"What is it you need me for?"

"To the point as always I suspect. Tazuna please come in." An old man with sake on his hand walked in. "Who's the brat?"

"Naru-chan introduces yourself, status and all." Naru caught what the old man hinted and began "My name is Naru, I am also known to the underworld as the Black Rose."

Tazuna gulped right in front of him was the infamous Black Rose. She has killed hundreds of A and S rank class criminals. Rumor was that she hunted down all of them missing nin in hopes of finding her traitorous sensei, all though it's unknown by the merchants who her sensei was. Hope started to come to Tazuna once again. If the Black Rose took the mission then surely he would complete the bridge. "What is the situation Hokage-sama?"

"Tazuna-san here is a bridge builder in Wave country, the condition of wave country is poor due to the fact that Gatou is there"

"I see Hokage-sama. I will accompany Tazuna to wave country, however it be best for my presence not to be known. I would like for Team 7 to take this as C-class mission. It'll be good for my teammates to see the truth of being a ninja after all they are genin. I will later inform copycat of this mission's true purpose." 'More like way later…'

"That can be done."

"Genin?" Tazuna spoke for the first time.

"Hai, Tazuna-san. Right now I am in a genin team, they do not know my true identity and it's the perfect excuse for them to know the truth of being a ninja. Do not worry Tazuna-san if the jounin fails to protect you I will take over. Now would you like to meet my team?" Naru said as she pointed towards the door and in came team seven.

Tazuna looked at the kids, there was no way he could survive with those two children but thankfully he will be safe after all, 'the' Black rose was also protecting him.

"Naru what are you doing here?" asked Sakura "Getting us a better mission."

"Just like Naru-chan said here is your mission, you must escort and protect Tazuna-san until you reach Wave Country."

"When do we leave?" Tazuna asked

"It's not our choice it's our sensei's."

All of the genin looked at Kakashi, while Kakashi himself was reading his perverted novel. Sensing some killer intent he looked up and sweat dropped "In an hour."

As soon as they left Iruka looked at the Hokage and asked "Are sure they are ready for this Hokage-sama?" He heard the whole conversation but he still couldn't help feeling concern for his students, especially Naru.

"Don't worry Iruka; Naru and Kakashi are with them"

"Speaking of which Iruka it's you're break time."

"Thanks Hokage-sama" After Iruka left Naru jumped in threw the window.

"Sorry Naru, Iruka has lately become overprotective of you."

Nodding she asked "Rank level and objective."

"S-class and you're objective is to infiltrate Gatou base. Gather information about the underground and then destroyed the remains."

"Understood" Naru said as she took the scroll and jumped out the window.

'Why can anyone ever use the door! What's the point of haven one then?'

- Two hours later -

"Hatake-san" Kakashi looked behind him to find Naru there.


"Unless you want me to show you a new meaning to pain I suggest you get to village gates now unless you want your precious book rip apart." Note - a glare was added.



'She's scary' Kakashi thought as he hugged his 'precious' closer to his chest.

- In front of the gates -

"Where is he?" said an enraged Sakura that seemed calm while Inner Sakura "How dare he make me and my Sasuke-kun wait!"

"Yo" greeted Kakashi as he once again ignored Sakura's yelling. "Ok teams were leaving."

As Naru and the rest of Team 7 walked out of the gates she remembered the first time she left on a mission outside the gates.


'My first real mission.' even though she was happy she was also concerned. This is her first mission and she has had some of the best teacher train her yet a life of shinobi was to be the weapon of your village. In the outside world the only way to survive was to kill your opponent.


"Huh?" she looked up to meet with the eyes of her sensei.

"Itachi-sensei" she mumbled under her breath.

"Naru are you alright? I have been calling your name for some time now."

"Sorry sensei I was thinking."

They continued to walk until they reached the gates when Itachi suddenly leaned down to Naru's height level. He raised his hand and flicked her forehead "Itachiiiii-seeenseiiii!"

"If you need to talk then I'm here to listen.

Looking at her sensei clam black depths she felt warm and safe. Both were the same emotions that she has always felt around her sensei. Opening her mouth she began "I know this might sound stupid but I was wondering about the life of a shinobi. How can a shinobi kill another human being with such ease? Most we kill?"

Petting her head he looked at his student "Naru there is a saying 'A country's power is a village's power. A village's power is a Shinobi's power.' We as shinobi must learn to kill in order to protect. We are tools of the village. It is in our hands whether our village will remain to see another day. For that we must learn to kill, in order to protect our precious person."

Letting his words sink in she asked "who is your precious person?"

Standing up he started to walk outside the gates as he turned his head around and gave a slight amused smirk.

Naru smiled as she ran to catch up. 'A tool of the village huh?'

Looking back at Itachi her smiled deepened

'I don't want to be the village's tool. I want to be Itachi-sensei's tool.'

End of flashback

'Some tool.' She thought bitterly as they continued there way towards Wave country

'I couldn't even protect him.' Her knuckles griped on tight enough to draw blood.

'Not even when he needed me the most.'



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