Chapter 1

The brown haired, adorable boy walked a little behind the other three boys he was walking with toward a black hummer. He was quiet as the others bantered back and forth to one another. He absent mindedly put his hand to his back pocket and cursed realizing he had forgotten his wallet in his dorm on the third floor.

"Hey guys," he said. "I left my wallet in the dorm. I'll be back in a few minutes."

"Jeeze Tyler, hurry up then!" The blond god said annoyed shaking his head at the younger boy. "Give us your keys baby boy!"

Tyler grimaced and threw his keys to his roommate. The blonde haired boy sneered and jumped into the driver's seat and gunned the engine. The other two boys jumped in the back. Tyler sadly walked back to the building and hurried up the stairs to the third floor.

Reaching the third floor one of the lights above him shattered as he walked by raining glass down on him. He shivered and tried to shake the glass out of his hair, and ran his hand through it cutting himself. He felt the back of his hair stand on end feeling he wasn't alone in the hallway. Almost everyone else had already left for Nicky's or the party at the cliffs. He hurried to his door, and groaned realizing the key was with the keys he had thrown Reid. The guys were going to kill him. He took his hand off of the door knob and it was covered in blood.

He swore heading to the shared shower room. He quickly washed the blood off and saw that he was cut in a few places on his right hand, and a couple looked like he needed stitches. A breeze went by him, and he startled. He nervously looked around not seeing anyone, but he felt someone using the power.

"Damn Reid is that you? Quit playing around!" He swore.

There was no answer, and he shivered again. He grabbed some paper towels and wrapped them around his hand, hurrying toward the door. A stall door slammed shut, and he jumped turning around seeing a shadow leaping toward him. His breathe was knocked out of him as he was thrown to the ground. Two figures appeared in front of him. He was scared realizing he was alone and that his friends probably wouldn't come to his aide. He was the baby of the group, and felt invisible sometimes in their presence.

"Who are you?" He gasped.

"Your worst nightmare!" One of the boys said, knocking Tyler out.

"Did you guys feel that?" The dark haired boy asked his friends.

"Yea Caleb," The longer haired boy answered.

"Surely Tyler's not using," Reid said.

"No it's not Tyler I feel," Caleb said looking toward the building.

"What if it's Chase?" Pogue said angrily.

"Shit!" Reid exclaimed.

"What?" Caleb asked.

"Tyler's dorm room key is on his key ring. Stupid little baby!" He swore.

Caleb picked up his cell phone and tried calling Tyler. "He's not answering guys. Something doesn't feel right. We better go check on him!"

"Damn!" Reid swore turning the hummer off. "I've got a hot chick waiting on me!"

He slammed the door shut getting out, and angrily stormed toward the building. Caleb and Pogue following behind.

"Kate's going to be pissed!" Pogue said running a hand through his shoulder length hair.

Caleb gave him a sympathetic look as they entered the building. The aftermath of the power hit them as they took the last stairs to the third floor. They didn't notice the glass on the floor in the unusually darkened hallway till Pogue walked through it. Pogue looked at Caleb then Reid before rushing toward Reid and Tyler's dorm room. Reid put his key in the door, and pushed the door open hurriedly. He looked down at his hand in horror seeing the blood on his hand.

"Tyler!" Caleb called looking around.

"He's not here!" Pogue exclaimed coming out of the bathroom.

"Look there's a trail of blood going that way," Reid said starting to follow it.

"Tyler's got to be up here somewhere or we'd of passed him going down the stairs." Pogue said.

They followed the blood to the shower room, and opened the door walking in.