Chapter 25

"Tyler!" Caleb cried grabbing Tyler into his arms and holding him. Tyler couldn't help the sobs that escaped. He was soon pulled into Pogue's arms and then Reids. Sounds of breaking glass made them turn around. Raven had Michael held against the wall with her power.

"What the hell?" Sloan asked starting forward.

"Stay back! This is for me to deal with!" Michael told his brothers.

"Why did you do it Michael?" Raven asked.

"To protect you!" He answered.

"Protect me or him?" She seethed.

"Both of you all right."

"You had no right!" She said throwing him against the wall again. "How many times?"

"I don't know." He said hanging his head.

"You mean there was more than once?" Rayne asked stepping forward angrily.

"They were mine! Good or bad you had no right!"

"I'm sorry Raven! I just didn't know what else to do at the time! After the first time it just came easy." He said regretfully.

"What did you do Michael?" Sloan asked.

"He took some of her memories. One of what Shane did to her!" Rayne said.

Raven slammed Michael against the wall again.

"Give them back!" She seethed.

"No," Michael said through clenched teeth fighting the pain.

"Why?" She asked.

"You wouldn't be able to handle them!"

"Their mine though! It should have been my decision in the first place!" She threw him to the floor. "Stay away from me for awhile!"

She stormed out the door slamming it behind her. Tyler started to follow her, but Rade told him to leave her. Sloan helped Michael up and they hurriedly left.

"Unless you want her to use on you at the moment. I'd give her some space for awhile." Rade said.

"She wouldn't use on me would she?" Tyler asked.

"She has on me when I've gone after her before, she didn't mean to, and was really upset afterward." Rade said.

"Give her awhile Tyler. We need to talk to you." Pogue said. "We need time before the party tonight."

"What party?" Caleb asked.

Lizette laughed. "The one Raven and I will be planning for Pogue here. OH SHIT Jerelyn! As soon as we pick her up at the airport! Reid?"

"I think I better stay here." He walked over and hugged Lizette whispering in her ear. "Tyler needs me right now!"

She smiled at him in understanding. She hugged him back kissing him. A cough pulled them apart. Pogue stood there grinning. Reid glared at him.

"I'll see ya later baby!" Lizette said.

"Bye Becky!" Reid said giving her one last squeeze.

Lizette left with the Downings who were going to stop at their house, and Rayne would go on with her to the airport.

"Where's Raven?" Rade suddenly asked as they drove down the road from the mansion.

"She's probably half way home as pissed as she was." Lizette said sighing.

Raven walked around the Danver's house and into the woods with the power sparking off of her. How could Michael have done that to her? At least one worry was gone, and that was Adam. She looked back up at the Danver's house still visible to the eye and saw Pogue watching her from an upstairs window. A twig breaking behind her made her whirl with a ball of power ready. A power of light suddenly turned into a snake. She froze. She'd been scared of snakes since she was little. The snake got about two feet from her, before she threw the ball of power at it. The snake disappeared right before the ball of fire hit it. The force of it knocked Raven back into a tree knocking her unconscious.

Pogue was only half listening to his brothers talking. He was watching Raven concerned as the power sparked off of her. She walked into the woods into a small clearing and she looked up and saw him. She suddenly whirled with a ball of power coming into her hand. Pogue leaned closer to the window to get a better view. There was a twirl of light and then Raven threw the ball at something on the ground. It exploded throwing her back into a tree.

The others jumped hearing the explosion. "RAVEN!" Pogue cried. Pogue watched as a light surrounded Raven and she disappeared.

"Oh my god!" Caleb said behind Pogue.

Pogue turned to them and saw them looking at the bed. Raven lay there with an unearthly glow about her. He was the first one to her. He laid his hands on her and healed her. She came to with a gasp sitting straight up. She flew back from him screaming hitting the headboard almost knocking the air out of her.

"Get it away! Get it away!" She screamed.

"Raven there's nothing there!" Pogue cried going to her and holding her as sobs racked her body.

"Snake!" She cried.

Reid walked over and looked out the window. He jumped seeing a girl standing at the edge of the forest looking up at him. She disappeared in a twirl of light. What the hell was that? He thought. He turned back to the others dismissing what he had seen as a trick of light.

Pogue used his powers to calm Raven. Tyler sat on the other side of the bed from him watching them. His eyes were almost swollen from crying. Pogue pulled away from Raven. He left her there motioning the other two out of the room leaving the other two alone.

"Wait!" Reid said suddenly. "Isn't leaving the two of them alone in your room Caleb what set off the fireworks today?"

Caleb and Pogue looked at one another remembering what was only a few hours ago, but seemed like days ago. Tyler looked up at them then waved his hand putting up a wall of silence around him and Raven. Tyler pulled Raven into his arms. He was sitting with his back against the headboard and her head was laying on his chest with their arms around one another. Reid propped himself up against the wall while the other two took the two chairs in the room.

Raven welcomed the comfort of Tyler's arms around her. "Are you ok?" He asked.

She trembled remembering the snake in the woods. "I'll be ok as long as you're with me Tyler! Are you all right?"

"Yea." He said pulling her tighter. "The Archers got there before he could…"

"I know my mother told me Tyler."

"What?" He asked and she explained to him what had happened after he left.

He was seething with anger at Michael Archer by the time she was finished. He leaned down kissing her. The power of love blinded the other three in the room. Raven pulled back startled, and looked at Tyler's shocked face. The power had never come off that strong before. It had even knocked down their shield of silence.

"Bloody Hell!" Reid said uncovering his eyes looking at the two laying on Caleb's bed. He blinked trying to see past the spots.

"Ok off my bed you two!" Caleb groaned rubbing his eyes.

Pogue laughed. Tyler stood up pulling Raven with him. He put his arm around her and they walked to the door. The other three followed them. Raven reached for her cell phone. She pulled away from Tyler patting her pocket.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"My cell's gone. Hell I probably lost it in the woods." She said shivering.

"I'll go look for it!" Reid said.

Reid walked into the clearing looking at the marks of the explosion. How in the hell had she survived that. He saw something laying not too far away. He squatted down to look at it. A black snake skin lay there that a snake had shed. He looked around quickly. There was nothing around though. Neither was Raven's phone. He sighed and walked back to the house, feeling like he was being watched.

'Raven!' Rade said to her. 'What the hell happened to you? I couldn't feel you at all for awhile!'

'I'm fine Rade, I'll explain later ok.' She replied back.

'Ok, love ya sis!' He said shutting his mind out of hers.

Raven laid her head back on Tyler's shoulder. They were sitting in the backseat of Tyler's Hummer. Reid was driving. Caleb sat in the front with him, and Pogue was sitting on Raven's other side.

"Rade?" Tyler asked.

"Yes." She replied.

"What?" Pogue asked.

"Rade projected me. Something had been blocking him. He was worried." She explained holding Tyler's hand tighter.

"Maybe you should cancel this party Raven!" Pogue said suddenly.

"Why?" She asked sitting up looking at him.

"Look at all what has happened today. You almost died twice. Tyler was kidnapped again. I ascended twice! It's been a long day!" Pogue said.

"Pogue shut up! You're not getting out of this!" She said leaning over hugging him.

Tyler pulled her back into his arms giving Pogue a glare.

Pogue laughed. "She is my cousin Tyler."

Reid looked in the rear view mirror then, and Caleb turned around. "Third cousin more exact or something like that." Tyler muttered.

Raven smiled playfully smacking Tyler. "You know my heart belongs to you Tyler!"

She leaned close to Tyler's ear. "He has a destiny with Kate, as I do with you!"

Tyler looked at her trying to smack down the feeling of jealousy. Pogue suddenly reached over touching his leg and the feeling was gone. Pogue had showed him his feelings for Raven. They were sisterly and nothing more. He sighed.

"Sorry Pogue!" He said.

"No problems little bro!" Pogue said running his hand through his long hair. "Where are we going anyhow?"

"You'll see!" Reid said.

Raven suddenly felt someone watching her from behind and she turned around to look just as a snake struck at her. She screamed jumping back. Pogue saw whatever it was striking at her. It disappeared right before it hit her though in a twist of light.

Reid swerved to the side of the road. He turned to find Raven on the floor of the truck screaming. Tyler was trying to help her up and Pogue sat there as if in shock.

"Pogue!" Caleb cried reaching back and shaking Pogue. "What happened?"

Pogue shook his head not believing what he had seen. He reached down calming Raven. Her screams subsided and she let Tyler pull her up. "Snake!" She said trembling.

"What snake?" Tyler asked.

"I saw it. Whatever it was or who it is has power. One I've never seen or heard of before though." Pogue said.

Tyler held Raven in his arms. He leaned down and kissed her and the power of love took over erasing her fears.

"TYLER!" Reid cried. "I'm going to be driving now! I don't want to be blind driving!"

Tyler pulled back and Raven smiled at him all thoughts of the snake gone. "We could skip the party and go back to your dorm or mine." She whispered. Tyler smiled. Pogue laughed.

"Oh no! You organized this party you aren't going anywhere till it's over!" He reached over and lifted her over him setting her on the other side of him as he scooted over.

"Pogue!" Tyler and Raven cried at the same time.

Caleb and Reid laughed. "Sorry guys but no hanky panky till after my party!"

Tyler sank back in his seat grimacing. Raven glared at Pogue. "Just wait till I see Kate and tell her how much of a bad boy you've been." More laughter came from the front seat. Tyler smirked.

"She'll love it!" Pogue said matter of fact.

She leaned over and whispered in his ear. "Would you like everyone to know you're still a virgin?"

The smug grin was wiped off of his face with shock. "You wouldn't dare! Wait how the hell would you know?"

The others watched in amusement wondering what she had said to him. She laughed turning to the window. "Wouldn't you like to know?"

Pogue sat back in the seat in embarrassment and shock.

"We're here!" Reid said.

"The Dell?" (Not for sure if this is really what the place is called or the spelling of where the party was at the beginning of the movie, but this is where the party is.) Pogue asked.

"Well you really want to party don't you!" Reid said smirking. "There are kegs I heard! Raven's older brothers got them. There chaperoning, and there are going to be designated driver's home tonight. Jade wasn't it that organized it? No high speed chases for us tonight! Damn of course riding home in the back of the police car might be cool."

"The police are being designated drivers?" Pogue asked shocked.

"Jade has pull! Family power!" Raven said kissing Pogue on the cheek. "You're secret is safe with me! Happy Birthday cuz!"

"Thanks." Pogue said getting out of the vehicle after Raven.

"Pogue!" Kate launched herself at him.

"Hi baby!" Pogue kissed her. Power filled the air around them and Kate pulled back in shock.

"What was that?" She asked.

"Umm…" He said not able to speak.

Raven giggled. Tyler and Reid smirked while Caleb hid his feelings of jealousy.

"It's called the Power of Love Kate. It comes from the Sackett blood. I'm surprised you actually felt it though." Raven said looking at Kate.

Kate looked away fast. Hmm. Raven though. That girl is keeping secrets.

"We have a party awaiting us!" Reid said impatient to get to his girlfriend. He slung his arm around Caleb's shoulders pulling him along. "Becky has someone she wants you to meet!"

The others followed them. Raven smiled knowing Jerelyn was the one Lizette had to introduce Caleb to.

"They'll make a cute couple!" She said.

"Who?" Tyler asked taking Raven's hand.

"Caleb and Jerelyn. Lizzie's already playing matchmaker. She must have figured out the clues my mother gave us."

"Clue's?" Pogue asked.

"You missed that part Pogue!" Raven said smiling at him.

Sounds of partying could be heard as they ascended the hill. Sounds of Happy Birthday blared out of the speakers when Pogue appeared, and everyone sang Happy Birthday much to Pogue's embarrassment.

Tyler put his arms around Raven and she sank back into them happily. Our troubles are over finally she thought. She looked out into the crowd and her eyes met those of glowing red ones. She shook her head opening and closing her eyes. The bleached blond smirked at Raven her eyes no longer red.