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A Little Thing Called A Dare

Chapter 3

"So, let's think about this." Sokka lectured, pacing the room. "Katara and Toph waltz into our room, looking like the idiot girls they are."

Aang nodded in agreement.

"Next," Sokka continued, "Katara walks over, and plants a big ol' kiss right on your face."

Aang felt himself blush; having the words spoken by someone else rather than in his mind seemed to make it official. So he wasn't imagining it…

"That sounds about right to me, Sokka."

Sokka hesitated by the head of his bed. He put a finger to his chin. "Interesting…very interesting…" he speculated. Aang leaned forward on his bed curiously. "What's wrong Sokka?" he asked.

The young man standing opposite him shrugged. 'Well, it's just interesting. I mean, you don't do it for no reason, you know. Something made her come in here…" Sokka sat on the edge of his bed, doing his best to act as wise and mature as possible.

Well that was a letdown, Aang thought to himself. The monk rolled onto his back, thinking long and hard. It really didn't make any sense to him. He couldn't find a good, logical explanation that would explain Katara's odd behavior. Aang felt his stomach flip when the possibility of her having feelings for him crossed his mind. He glanced over at Sokka, who had begun to doze off.

"Any ideas, Sokka?" he asked.

"Wait…what?" Sokka asked, obviously caught off guard. He looked at Aang, who simply groaned. Suddenly, Sokka bolted upright and jumped onto Aang's bed.

"You don't have a thing for Katara? You do not." he asked in disbelief, but the question came out as an extremely shocked commented. He wasn't angry, but simply stunned. His eyes were wide and he hovered over Aang. The airbender shrunk back beneath him. "Uh….what makes you say that?" he asked timidly.

Sokka pulled back slightly. "Well…it just seems like it…" he commented.

"But…" There as a sudden gleam in his eye: "Do you?" Sokka rounded on the young boy once more, eager to hear his answer.

Aang looked around, doing his best to avoid Sokka's hard gaze. "Well…I dunno…I mean….but I don't…" he took a quick glance into Sokka's face, still lingering above him in curiosity. Aang closed his eyes and sighed. "Yes…" he reluctantly admitted.

As if being hit with a powerful gust of wind, Sokka practically flew back onto his bed. He pointed his finger at Aang, his eyes wider than ever and his jaw dropped in shock.

"What?!?!" was all he could say. He continued to stay in that same position, frozen with shock. Aang was having a difficult time keeping in his laughter at Sokka's reaction, although he probably should have been more afraid of anything.

There was silence for several more moments. Sokka refused to move, and Aang continued to stare watch him carefully.

"…Sokka?" Aang asked, hoping his friend hadn't had a heart attack. It was getting to be a bit uncomfortable…

Sokka shook his head, breaking his trance. "W-what?" was all he could get out. "What? Why? How….Aang!" he whined.

Aang shrugged, feeling a sudden rush of heat in his ears. "I'm sorry Sokka…" he said, shrinking back. "I can't help it!"

Sokka slapped himself hard in the face, just to make sure he wasn't dreaming. He then shook his head, his cheek red with his handprint. "I just mean….why Katara? You're the avatar!" Sokka exclaimed. "You could have any girl you want! And you picked her??" Sokka eased himself onto the bed, trying to take it all in.

Aang relaxed a bit, sitting upright once again. "I dunno…I just do…" he lied. In fact, Aang knew exactly what he saw in Katara…her beautiful face, her extraordinary talent, her caring attitude, her driven attitude…but of course, he could never let her brother know that; it would make things even more awkward than they already were.

Sokka rolled onto his back once again. "Aang…" he said slowly, "I think I'm gonna get some sleep."

Aang's jaw dropped slowly. Sokka was just gonna leave him alone like that?

"Sokka, why? Aren't you gonna help me?" he cried out.

Sokka looked at him, his eyes somewhat hollowed out. "I think I'm dreaming," he stated. "I'll help you in the morning…" he drifted off and rolled away so his back was facing Aang.

Aang sighed. The truth must have shocked him so much, he couldn't think. Aang sighed, feeling more awkward than before. What did I do? He thought plaintively.

"Well…'night, Sokka." He said, turning out the light.

Aang felt extremely relieved when he heard Sokka's voice say, very nicely, he noticed: "Night Aang!"

Aang lay down, feeling very confused. What had just happened? He didn't even want to begin to think about it, so turned onto his side, and let himself drift off to sleep…


Katara crept further down the hallway, hoping to be a stealthy as possible. The door to the boy's room was open a tad, which caused her to smile. Victory.

She made her way closer, now on tiptoe. She peeked inside. Please don't be asleep, please don't be asleep…she pleaded silently. Her heart fell as she realized both boys were completely out. She sighed, but made her way into the room quietly. She crept over to Aang's bed; he was asleep.

She smiled at his sleeping form, young and peaceful. She felt much sympathy for him—he was not the average kid. They all knew that. He had somewhat been deprived a normal boyhood, and she felt sorry for him.

She had the urge to reach out and touch his forehead, the blue arrow that lay on his bald head, but held herself back. She curled her fingers gently, and stepped backwards, controlling herself.

I'll let him sleep… she thought, not wanting to break his peaceful slumber.

After all, there was always tomorrow.

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