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"Shades of Grey"

Chapter ONE. Fighting for Control!

Harry has done away with Voldemort and is not innocent or manageable anymore.

To ground his powers an old marriage law is enforced. His choce in spouse surprises and angers many people. Does Harry care? Nope, not a bit.

Dumbledore, Lucius, Remus and Sirius are dead. Grenrir Greyback becomes an unexpected ally.

A very strong Harry and a very angry Draco will have the Wizarding World on its head! additional pairings NMSS, GFLL

Tell me what you think! I've twisted ages and dates to fit my plot so you've been warned!


Harry sat at his desk in Potter Manor wondering how in the hell he was going to get out of it. Had he not done enough? How much more did they want? He had killed Voldemort for them! He had earned his peace and quiet!

The Ministry was demanding that he marry because of an archaic Marriage Law which stated that no Wizard could remain unmarried once his magic had been proven to surpass that of a Master Wizard! It was a fact that a powerful Wizard's magic was grounded after he married. The Ministry was afraid probabaly that Harry would turn into another Voldemort and wanted him domesticated before he got out of control. Cowards! He had so far been able to ignore the Ministry's petition and the numerous owls but the howler he had gotten from Fudge an hour ago was still ringing in his ears. The idiots meant business like it or not he had to get married!

"Bastards I should've let Voldemort have them!" Harry shouted slamming his fist on his desk.


Draco's father had been a Death Eater but the older Wizard had made sure that his son was never involved more than he absolutely had to. He had even made sure that his heir did not take the Mark but in the end the Ministry had not cared. Draco was hauled to Azkaban two weeks after the Dark Lord's death. His father had died and left him and his mother in a mess of enormous proportions. His family name had been forfeit as had been the family's wealth. His mother had been returned to Grimmauld Place, the Black's family home where Harry Potter Black's heir had allowed her to remain.

The greedy Ministry backed up by the Wizengamot had branded Draco and six other heirs as threats to the Wizarding World. The Wizarding World had not protested the sentences and after being stripped of title and wealth they had been escorted to the Island were the six had been incarcerated. Crabbe and Goyle, his school friends had not survived past the second month. The three others were still alive but if their deafening ramblings were anything to go by they had most probably lost their minds. Draco was not their…yet.

The proud Slytherin tried to open his eyes. Merlin they hurt! He had bruises on the side of his face and his lip had been split open by one of the jailers yesterday. That along with multiple other injuries had weakened him and had him in and out of consciousness. The sons of bitches had tried to grab him and he had fought back. He knew they were taking their time with him wearing him down. He'd fucking kill himself before they got him. He didn't know how but he would. Damn them! Damn them all! Draco thought rebelliously.


Two days later…..

"There has got to be a way Hermione." Harry shouted pacing the library.

"I tell you there isn't. I've researched the law thoroughly…you…you have to do it." Hermione spoke calmly hoping her friend would comply with the Ministry's request.

"But why?" Harry asked already knowing the answer. "Maybe I can leave the country."

"Harry if you don't marry someone by the end of this month you'll be in serious trouble."

"…but I don't want to get married! I just turned seventeen I'm an adult! Free of everyone's meddling. I have a right to live my life as I see fit." Harry threw himself on a large sofa and dragged his hands through his hair angrily.

"Harry it can't be that bad…I mean-" Hermione walked over and knelt in front of him trying to comfort him

"Oh really?" Harry fumbled and pulled a piece of parchment from his pocket. "Look at this!"

Hermione took the parchment and unfolded it. "It's a list of names Harry."

"Not just any names. These are candidates for me to marry! The Ministry sent it."

"The Minstry?" Hermione gasped wide eyed.

"They'd like for me to select someone from here." Harry explained tapping the paper.

"But you don't have to!" The young witch shook her head in amazement. Couldn't they just leave her friend alone!

"Of course I don't! But don't you see what this means? They're so desperate not to lose their control over me that they want to choose who I marry!"

"Don't be-" Hermione found it hard to believe…would the Ministry go to such lengths?

"Ridiculous? " Harry finished.

"No I don't mean that?" The young witch sighed…hopelessly.

"Hermione you don't know how lucky you are to have married the person you love. You did it…Ron did it….even Ginny is marrying whom she loves…why can't I?" Harry asked his voice breaking slightly.

"I'm sorry Harry I wish I could help you." The young girl wrapped her arms around her friend in comfort. Harry had lost so much! His parents, Sirius, Remus, friends…he deserved to be happy. Why couldn't they just let him be?

"Well I'll tell you one thing. I won't marry anyone the Ministry has thought out for me!" Unused to people showing him much consideration Harry felt a bitterness overwhelm him and tried to remain calm. He'd been ordered around since he could remember, first by the Dursleys then by Dumbledore, and then by the Ministry. ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH!

"Who will you marry?"

"You'll see! They'll all see!" Harry wondered whom he could marry that would make the Ministry regret their meddling. I want to blow thier minds!


Harry wasn't sure what he could do. The idea of marriage was not a pleasant one…the end of the month. Merlin that was less than two weeks away! He sighed when another owl came down the chimney….he looked at the offending parchment tied to the owl's leg…it had the Ministry seal on it. He couldn't handle another owl. The Gits probably wanted to know whom he had chosen! Well he wouldn't take the owl! Let the bird take it back!

He closed his eyes only to open again when minutes later another owl rushed out of the chimney. That does it I'm getting out of here!


at Grimmauld Place...

Narcissa Malfoy sat at the small dining room when she felt the wards in Grimmauld Place tremble. Visitors! She rose and walked outside of the room and saw Dobby greeting Harry Potter. She trembled slightly. Was he going to throw her out? Where would she go? Those she knew had turned their back on her. She closed her eyes and shook herself, she was Narcissa Malfoy! She may not have money but she had pride. Taking a deep breath she stepped from the doorway.

Harry smiled at an overly excited Dobby and asked him to bring him tea and sandwiches when he noticed the pale but regal Narcissa walking towards him. For some reason Harry couldn't help but think about Draco.

"Lady Malfoy." Harry greeted the Witch politely.

"Lord Potter" she nodded.

"I hope I didn't interrupt you."

"Not at all. I was having dinner would you care to join me?"

Harry hesitated for a moment and then nodded and walked in.


The sandwiches were gone and Harry was on his third cup of tea when an idea began to form in his mind. After some debating he asked a question which surprised Narcissa and himself immensely. "How is your son?"

Narcissa almost dropped her cup. "Excuse me?"

"You heard me correctly. I asked about your son."

"I haven't seen him since he was arrested Lord Potter." Narcissa whispered confused.

"How old is he?" Harry couldn't remember how old Draco was but he knew he was older than the blonde. Maybe just maybe, he thought the idea seeming to take hold of him.

"He'll turn seventeen in six days."

"So you're still his legal guardian." Harry folded his hands before him.

"Ah yes." Narcissa nodded looking at the young Wizard. The emerald eyes seemed to be weighing something. It made her extremely anxious.

"Then I have a proposition for you." Harry finished his tea and smiled. They wanted him married? Well he was going to get married!


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