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"Shades of Grey"

Chapter 21. Hope.

"Five." The Wizard announced clearly impressed by Harry's prowess in the bedroom department.

Five! Harry couldn't help but beam smugly, until Draco thumped him with a book that is. "Get out!" The blonde ordered. His normally cool eyes were spitting blue and grey sparks that threatened to burn Harry where he stood.

"Dearest!" Lady Black-Malfoy-Snape cried shocked not by the number but by her son's reaction. Surely Draco hadn't expected to have less than two, and although she had secretly hoped there would only be three, with her son-in-law's powers, five sounded about right

Harry folded his arms however and ignoring the split lip admonished his husband. "Draco we have guests."

"I don't care! I don't want them! Five! Are you insane? I'm not a sow!" the young man exclaimed turning to his mother and step father with a look of abject horror. He would have to breast feed them all!

Snape picked up the mental outburst and reenforced his barriers when the last thought came through. Draco breast feeding was not something he wanted to picture in his mind.

"Don't worry Draco. I'll be there with you." Lady Snape murmured sitting on the bed next to her son.

"Me too." Harry added trying to sound supportive just like Snape had told him to.

"You! With me? You're not coming anywhere near me, not anymore! Never!" Draco promised grabbing the silk blanket and pulling it to his chin to make a point. "And you!" he continued turning to the healer who had assessed his pregnancy. "I don't believe for a minute it's five! Get me someone else! I want a second opinion!"

"But Sir! I assure it's five! Five heart beats and five magical signatures are clearly discernable. You are two weeks along which means that you should be delivering in the middle of March. The pregnaancy is magical, so the children will be delivered through a cesarean. You will be in very little pain." The healer added hoping to calm the young man.

"Oh Fates! How could this happen!" Draco wailed his Malfoy mask lay shattered amongst thoughts of baby crying and dirty nappies.

Harry took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Proffesor Snape had filled him on the plentiful amount of children Draco might be carrying yesterday, and it had dampened his spirits somehow. Not because he didn't want them, mind you the idea of having a room full of children made him want to smile. Just not in front of Draco though. But because the blonde was beyond all rationality and he couldn't blame him-FIVE!

"I can't have five children…I'm not made for it…I'm going to stretch like an ugly heifer!"

First a sow, now heifer…his godson, now stepson clearly enjoyed the animal analogies, Snape thought folding his arms behind his back.

Harry looked to his friend and mentor but the Wizard offered nothing but silence. Maybe the Wizard had the right idea? Folding his arms before him he waited till Lady Snape calmed his husband. Good thing he had made peace with the witch.

Later that evening

Harry entered the dark bedchambers slowly. Peering at the oversized bed he saw the mound under the covers and knew Draco was still sulking. Wanting to give him and himself some time, he walked to the bathroom and went through his bedtime routine.

When he stepped out it was to find Draco looking pointedly at him. "Enjoy your shower?" the blonde asked waspishly.

"Ah…yeah. Are you all right?" Harry asked hesitating a bit. Draco sounded like he wanted him to drown or something!

"Why shouldn't I be?" The blonde asked turning his back on his approaching husband. In nine months Harry would still have the body of an athlete and he would be as bid as a house and as emotional as a banshee.

"Since you didn't come down for dinner…" Harry stopped when he saw Draco's shoulder stiffen.

"I was asleep and you didn't wake me, so don't blame me for it." Draco defended himself shrilly.

"I wasn't blaming you…I was...never mind." Harry murmured slipping under the covers next to Draco.

Draco felt the bed shift behind him. When after several minutes nothing happened he turned to face Harry. "So that's how it's going to be?" he asked accusingly.

Harry looked at the furious blonde and moved away just incase. "What are you talking about?"

"This!" Draco shouted pointing at the now empty space between them.

"What!" Harry asked exasperated.

"Don't act like you don't know!" Draco shouted sitting up.

"I'm not acting! What in the blazes are you talking about?" He asked trying to calm himself before he got as emotional as Draco.

"FIGURE IT OUT!" The blonde wailed pulling on the covers and turning his back on his husband.

Harry closed his eyes impatiently. "Is this how you're going to be behaving from now on?"

Was that all Harry could say? "If you don't like it leave!"

"It's my bed!" Harry shouted and then bit his tongue. Shit! Now he'd done it!

The blonde's reply was not made to wait. "Yes it is. Thank you for reminding me of it." With that Draco moved off the bed.

Harry quickly caught his arm, "Don't go!"

Draco allowed Harry to pull him back. Once he was lying on the bed the blonde closed his eyes and curled into himself. "Where would I go? You own me remember?" the blonde asked sounding completely small and vulnerable.

Harry could've hit himself. "I don't own you. We are married. Look, I didn't mean it that way."

"Oh." Draco replied emotionlessly.

Not good with words Harry moved up behind the blonde and held him. "I'm sorry," he whispered.

Draco nodded feeling very emotional, "Show me. Please show me…"

Harry heard the emotion in Draco's voice and knew that he would. His one time nemesis was going to make him the happiest man in the world. He was going to give him what he had always wished for. If Draco was going to give him a family, then he would give him one in return.

"I will…I will…" Harry promised kissing the blonde's lips.

Draco moaned and thrust upwards invitingly.

"Are you sure?" Harry asked slipping his hands to his husband's hips. He wanted nothing more that to make love to his husband but not at the risk of Draco's emotional state or his physical one.

Draco groaned, "Get me while you still can."

Harry frowned, "Huh?"

"I may not get as big as a sow but with five kiddies inside me…" The blonde explained running his hands over Harry's rear, Damn Harry had a nice ass! "I'm going to give one a run for their money."

"I don't care how big you get…" Harry mumbled getting extremely hard.

"Promise?" Draco asked feeling Harry's member on his thigh.

"Uhu…" Harry murmured contently as Draco slipped his hand inside his pajamas and stroked him.

A month later…

"So how is he?" Severus asked over his tea.

"He's getting along but refuses to eat anymore than he has to…the vitamin potions you sent him are of great help, so thank you." Draco had decided that he would diet till after the pregnancy so it was a battle to get him to eat more than he wanted to. Harry, however, wasn't about to let him have his way on this one and with the Professor's help the blonde was gaining a healthy amount of weight.

"He's still worried over losing his boyish figure?" Snape asked with a frown. Draco was a narcissist if ever there was one.

"Something like that." Harry murmured wondering if he would be so cool if it were him that was pregnant and not the blonde. "So what's your opinion on what I plan to do?"

"Are you sure you truly want to do it Mr. Potter?" Severus Snape asked the young man before him.

"Yes… I think it's the right thing to do." Potter answered resolutely. It had been an idea that had popped in his head weeks ago and he would not stop until he made it a reality.

"The right thing is going to cause you a lot of problems…you're still getting bad press for my wife." Snape warned handing him a copy of the Daily Prophet. The paper was still running the story of Harry's wedding gift to the new Lady Snape.

Harry looked at the story and shrugged, "I don't care…they were wrong to take her houses away. They were not Malfoy property, but had been given to her by her Grandmother."

Harry had, as a wedding present, fought the Ministry and won back two homes which had been confiscated from Lady Malfoy when Lord Malfoy and her son had been arrested. Although Harry had received criticism for his actions he hadn't cared. The property hadn't been Malfoy property in the first place; it should've never been taken away.

"Very well, if you feel you must." Severus murmured. Harry Potter-the boy…no, the man -who-did-was-right.

"I must." Harry nodded with a twinkle in his eye.

It was Severus' turn to shrug. "Then so be it." Watching Wizarding England's reaction would be worth the harassment they were about to get. "Did you read about Fudge pushing the Dark Creature Bill?"

"Yes the man is an idiot…I'm voting against it." Harry growled. The nerve of Fudge! Trying to pass a bill that restricted werewolves and any creature of supposed dark abilities to certain areas and making them register like common criminals. Granted the measure had been used before the war, but Wizarding England had received quite a lot of assistance from "so called dark creatures". It wasn't right! Dark abilities! What about the ability Wizards had for casting unforgiveables? What was that?

"Doing the right thing again?" Snape asked dryly.

"Yes, plus I owe several dark creatures a favor; it's the least I can do." Harry answered.

Severus nodded in agreement.

That same day….

A tall and slightly muscular young man with blonde shoulder length hair and blue eyes stepped from among the trees and stood before the open field. His Wizarding name was Shaun Snape, but he hadn't used it in years. Rescued months ago, he now stood healthy and willing to do his part for those he considered his family, the pack.

The Ministry was up to its old tricks again and Greyback was edgy and getting ready for a fight. Shaun tried to calm and counsel his mate, but the truth was that the Alpha was right to be angry. Werewolves only wanted to be left alone, but it seemed that until laws were changed that would never happen. Greyback might be too proud to ask for help, but he wasn't. Touching his stomach protectively, Shaun looked behind him one last time and moved into the sun. When the Alpha and the majority of the dominant werewolves returned tonight, he would be half way to his cousin's. He had to talk to him first and then see Lord Potter. Someone had to help them, Greyback couldn't save them alone.



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