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I don't know what's got into Amber. The other day she was with me, I was with her, we were together, us against the world!

And we had plan! We were going to leave the city, finally move to the countryside. We were on route, almost thereā€¦ Then Amber had to go and rescue one person, and then three more and it's snowballed since then.

We were going into the country so that we could get away from the tribes and now she's talking about starting up her own. More than talking about it, she's started it already. She didn't even consult me. We were supposed to be friends but she just went up ahead with it anyway, assuming I'd back her up.

I didn't want to. I don't want to be in a tribe. I don't care if the mall is safe in relation to the city, it isn't the country! It wasn't the plan!

But I'm going to have to stay here. I can't make it by myself and I don't want to leave her.

So I'm going to have to stick it out here and hope that one day she comes to her senses and decides to keep her promise.