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"You'd better get moving."

A young man whose height did not seem to amount to the wisdom and age in his eyes stood in front of a dark-haired girl wearing a white gown. She cradled a sleeping baby in her arms as she looked at the hesitantly smiling face before her.

"I hate to ask this, but could you take him to the surface too?" The blonde-haired teenager turned his head towards a boy-sized form on the ground, missing an arm and a leg and surrounded by thick, deep red blood.

"What about you?" the girl asked timidly. She turned her gaze away from the pitiful creature on the ground and focused her attention on her black-clad companion. For some unexplained reason, she felt scared for the answer.

The teenager turned around, facing the ornate ballroom in which he stood. "I'll destroy this place down to the last plank," he said, "so no one ever gets the idea to create a Philosopher's Stone this way again." The last word was spat out with vehemence. Both bowed their heads.

"Very well. I'm sure whatever happens you'll find your way out. You've got strong legs. You'll get up and use them, won't you Edward?" Brown-red eyes looked at the teenager called Edward hopefully. The young woman's words were meant more as a reassurance for her than for the man. Golden eyes gazed back steadily, before he flashed her a comforting smile.

He never did answer her.

Edward stood alone, at the center of a large intricate alchemic circle. There were more alchemy circles on his forearms, forehead, and at the center of his bare chest, drawn in what seemed to be blood. "What my dad said about the Gate is true. Al's own body and mind should still be there, and now his soul is there too."

A pause. Then, "Maybe life has no equal trade. Maybe you can give up all you've got, and get nothing back. But still…" Edward gained a determined look in his eye. "Even if I can't prove it's true, I have to try. For your sake, Al."

There was a clap that reverberated throughout the room as Edward brought his recently gained right arm (at the sacrifice of his younger brother) to his left. He slowly pulled his arms apart and brought them towards the symbol on his chest. As soon as his fingers touched it, all the alchemic circles in the room glowed a pale blue, gaining in intensity and lightening until everything was engulfed in a blinding white light.

Outside, the young woman with the child clutched tightly to her body turned away from the collapsing building with tears streaming down her cheeks.

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