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Gibbs practically ran down the steps, "Tony!" he yelled, running past him to his desk, "Get the car, Now!" Gibbs ripped open his drawer, expertly attaching his gun to his belt. Tony almost beat him to the elevator.

Gibbs took the wheel, speeding through the traffic dodging left and right madly weaving through red lights and dashing past trucks on the wrong side of the road. Tony was thrown about like a rag doll and sensed immediately that something was very wrong. "Where are we going boss?" Tony asked as they hit the curb, his head narrowly escaping injury from the ceiling. "Abby has been kidnapped. Her assailant contacted NCIS asking for me." He swerved to miss a car. The silence allowed Tony to process the information. "What do they want?" he asked. "Me" He said with a low growl through his teeth. 'This is going to get nasty.' Thought Tony.

"I'll keep you safe Abs. I promise." He said as he kissed her on the top of her head, his arm wrapped around her. He gritted his teeth, pressing down on them violently. If anything happened to her he would never forgive himself. 'When I find that bastard, I'm going to kill him.' He thought. All the muscles in his body tensed, adrenaline pulsed through his veins. He was ready for anything.

The car stopped, Tony recognized the house immediately-Abby's house. Gibbs drew his gun, and Tony followed suit. Gibbs sidled up to the house, back to the wall, gun at the ready. He signalled for Tony to go in the front as he went around the back. Tony waited a few seconds, giving Gibbs time to scale the fence, before he kicked the front door in. Tony pointed his gun down the hallway, Clear. He poked his head around the first door way on the right, then entered, It appeared to be a living room. It smelt faintly of gunpowder, black silk hung from the windows. Tony paused in the room before returning to the hallway, the blood red walls caught his attention. There were clothes all over the floor and the furniture; mainly mini-skirts and stockings: all black. He moved closer to the wall, pointing his gun in the direction of the door to ensure he was still alone. The wall may have been painted the colour of blood but there was an unmistakable splatter of real blood on the wall adjacent to the door. Tony analysed it for a second, praying that it wasn't hers. There was a crash in the kitchen, Tony crouched instinctively on the floor gun at the ready. He skimmed down the hallway, back flat against the wall next to the the open door, peering around the edge of the doorway he peered around the edge coming face to face with Gibbs' gun. Gibbs relaxed, lowering his gun. He nodded to Tony and they separated continuing on to find any hiding assailants. They met in the hallway a few seconds later. "I think it's safe to assume that we're alone her boss." Gibbs nodded solemnly. "But, there's something you should see." Tony led him to the lounge. He pointed out the blood on the wall, Gibbs stared at the splatter, face almost touching the wall. He left the room wordlessly. He went outside and pulled out this cell. "Ziva, you and McGee get down here, bring some extras with you too. I want this house swept clean for any clue where he might have taken her." Ziva talked in his ear, something in the grass caught his eye. He shut the phone with a snap. Pulling on a glove, he bent down and picked up the object, a silver skull about the size of his fist. He turned it over and read the inscription. "1600hrs. East side of the bay. Alone. Or she dies first." "Tony!" he came running, looking quizzically at the skull. "Bag this." he said dropping the skull into his gloved hands. Gibbs opened the drivers side door and stepped in. "Boss?" "When the rest of you get here I want you to search everything in that house. When you get some answers call me, not before!" He turned on the engine with a roar then sped off down the road, leaving a patch behind him. Tony gazed after him for a moment, read the inscription and re-entered the house.